Friday, April 15, 2011

The Voris Vortex

A few days ago,our friend Jasper linked to post written by Elizabeth Scalia cutting Fr. Pfleger and Cardinal George slack while denouncing Michael Voris.

The conclusion she wanted you to draw was that there isn't a distinction between the evangelization of an apostate priest misleading souls and the wimp of a Bishop who would assign him to pastor innocent children at a school - and those warning people about those errors and faithfully proclaiming Magisterium.

"The Church isn't a Democracy", she says.

That is exactly the point.

When somebody has a hold of a parish and is turning it from the recitation of teachings from the Catechism to the drivel of Al Gore and Joan Chittister, righteous people do not let other souls get led into an abyss.

It isn't a battle of opinions, it's The Institution that guides salvation.

If Elizabeth Scalia wants Catholics to support the appointment of Fr. Pfleger to a school where he will poison the minds of thousand of children while directing her complaints against people who want the Bishops to reign in dissenting 'opinions', she is the one trying to make the Church a democracy.

Picture your parish as a ship with a priest at the helm, and all the passengers trusting his guidance. As he is steering into an iceberg ahead, you warn him, expecting him to change course. But he doesn't and so you warn the passengers.

Have any thoughts about passengers who would object to the warnings and carry on about the ship "not being a democracy"?

You'd think daffy, try to convince him/her to get on with us as we run for the lifeboats, right?

The controversy started when Michael rejoiced in the fact that practicing Catholics are finally leaving parishes steering their parishioners into hell. We are leaving parishes that have turned the deposit of faith into a mission of Al Gore and Greenpeace and finding parishes teaching the Catechism.

This is precisely what St. Paul advised us to do. Moreover, it is what Christ Himself instructed when He said told us to shake the dust off of our sandals and hightail it out of town when Truth is not welcomed.

As usual, one of the Archbold brothers has a very sensible round up HERE.

(There is also a good dose of the histrionics going on around blogosphere in the comments section.)

Lisa Grass, who did not want to listen to the Vortex but rather made a judgment on 'the name', has been saying things like she didn't want to be part of "a schism" and she is discontinuing her support of Michael Voris and Real Catholic TV. She has posted this which seems to indicate she does not believe Michael 'instructed people to leave the Church' but in other places in blogosphere, her comments seem to take the opposite position:

I'm not interested in being a part of a schism. I haven't watched this video. The title is enough for me to stay away.

But what is going on here, Carol, is that Michael is sowing the 'seeds' of schism with things 'like' demanding people leave over things that are not heresy. That's the problem.

Is it heresy to sit in a parish listening to drivel about picking up litter and being nice to people in the parking lot on our way out of Church while avoiding teaching the Catechism year after year?

You bet it is. It is the worst assault upon the souls of Christ's people in our 2000 year history. They have erected a counterfeit church. (Boston is way ahead of the curve. Cardinal O'Malley has put the final pieces in place for the full blown schism.)

It is time to acknowledge what we have on our hands, what we have done to a generation of Catholics and to Christ. It's time to stop giving them the money to operate it and get to a parish where there is a priest who is in communion with Rome, teaching what the Church teaches and keeping you and your children and (everyone in the pews around us) in a state of Sanctifying Grace.

It certainly isn't 'schism' to find a solid priest and parish for our families. I'm sorry to see Lisa getting caught up in the estrogen storms and gross mis-characterizations in blogosphere.

Mark Shea chimed in to say blogging blowhards are not Bishops or the Magisterium.

This is true. But saying it in the context of inviting people to dismiss an apostolate that is serving the Magisterium with faithfulness and courage and truth U really wouldn't rank among the smartest things Mark has ever written.

We have been watching priests say invalid masses. We have sat among our peers week after week knowing they do not have the tools to receive the Blessed Sacrament in a State of Grace and their lives are spiraling in the spiritual chaos of unworthy reception of the Eucharist. Our children are confused. We have been giving them our money to operate the schism which persecutes and silences priests who teach the authentic faith. We are sitting in parishes run by schismatic and this generation is floundering. The world is drowning in the spiritual toxic waste.

Does that sound to you like "standing with Jesus"?

If that's all I can give Him (and my children), shame on me. There is a Messiah and we are not it. The idea that we are serving the Divinity of Christ or the Eucharist by supporting the farce is delusional. Our presence is giving their false teachings legitimacy.

It's time to pick up and go. Find an authentic Catholic parish. By their fruit you shall know them. Head for the bunker. The gates of hell shall not prevail but we have simply got to get off of the boats taking our families and friends there and tempting through the gate.

God Bless and protect Michael Voris and his team. Lift them up in prayer so that they keep their hand to the plow.


Dymphna said...

I was so disappointed in Mrs. Scalia and as for Mr. Shea, well, I usually don't speak of him.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't surprised at all.

There is a lot more I would love to write, but I will leave it at that.


The Lady of the House said...

Excellent points, Carol.


Tim M said...

Dear Carol,
You want to see what's going on, check out mine and Rockin' Traddy's Blog about the goodies in Scranton and at Marywood University, or should I say Al Gore Tech? We have great problems in a lot of Dioceses today. Voris is one way to get the Truth. Support him with everything you can. What would have been a small gathering in Scranton is now turning into an International event. We have been picked up by Blogs in England, Brazil, and even Mother Russia. It is truly heartwarming to see how many are truly Catholic in these times of great distress. Jesus Is Lord and He will prevail. We must spread His word as He asked and "shake off the dust" of those who would try to cause us grief.
Jesus Is Lord!
Tim M

Jerry said...

Mother Russia?

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

The comment, "The Church is hot a democracy" and fears of "schism" are nothing but rhetorical smears used to devalue opinions (and lay imput, in general) and intimidate those holding them. The only way people in the Church can expres themselves effectively is either to leave or to refuse to donate money, since no effective internal procedures to adjudicate legitimate grievances exist in the Church.

As far as schism goes, the Church already is in schism; most people just don't realize it. That schism is manifold: between "progressives" and "traditionalists," between those who demand more accountability and those who defend the system, come what may (Donahue, Absp. Dolan, to name just two), and between those who embrace JPII's immenant canonziation and those who demand more time to study the issue.

Like many others, I have had extensive, intense disagreement w/Mr. Shea. Sadly, he seems incapable of learning anything from his own mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Does all this men that I can, in good conscience, go to a sedevacantist chapel?


Anonymous said...

Joe, right on about Mark Shea. A bit too arrogant and big for his own britches for me.


Jerry said...

Hi Veronica.

"Does all this mean that I can, in good conscience, go to a sedevacantist chapel?"


1) They're in heresy and schism.
2) Their orders may be invalid because they've resorted to bishops of questionable ordination.
3) They don't pray for the pope in the Canon, which is a liturgical abuse not even seen in the Novus Ordo.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jerry.

I find many in the Church that are heretics and schismatics as well. In fact, some of them sit with me in the pews on Sundays and we've had a few (actually more than a few) as pastors. They may not have formally renounced their obedience to the Pope and Church doctrine, but in practice they have.


P.S. At least the sedevacantists are honest in their approach unlike the SSPX who acknowledge the pope yet ignore everything he says under the guise of being faithful to "Eternal Rome"...whatever that is.

Jerry said...


You're letting all the evil box you in. Try to find a Latin Mass you can live with. Find a low Mass that is short. Or find one at a big church so you can duck out during the sermon and pray a Rosary without being noticed.

The Good God has allowed this - no, He has sent us this punishment - so that we pray harder and work harder to make the best of it. The graces are there to let you close your ears and eyes and still hear Mass, and meditate on our suffering Lord in your heart.

Understand that most of the bishops and priests will be burning in Hell in a few short decades. Don't take solace in that, but work all the harder to be sure that you don't join them.

Jerry said...

The SSPX stretches the concept of "supplied jurisdiction," yes. Are they still running their own marriage tribunals? At some point, Pope Benedict will be to blame for not addressing the legal issues. He should have had those bishops kneel before Him, ask forgiveness for the 1988 consecrations, and promise not to make any bishops.

However, the faithful may go to SSPX Masses and receive Holy Communion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Jerry, but I don't know how you deduced that from what I wrote. Sometimes I think of just not writing anymore, so easily does what I write get misunderstood. It also could be that I express myself poorly.


Anonymous said...

Just saw your second comment.

The last contact I had with the SSPX was almost a decade ago. Back then, they still had their own marriage tribunal. I don't know if they still do. And they were still trying to convince me of their "common error" argument, which I didn't buy.

As for their bishops kneeling before Pope Benedict XVI and asking forgiveness for the '88 consecrations...what a lively imagination you have, Jerry!!


Can you?

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Don't know where the "Can you?" came from.


Carol McKinley said...

Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts on this. (Joe, I owe you an email -- I have not forgotten. I wanted to find the time to do a bit of research before I answered and it's been one heck of a few weeks. Forgive me--and I will answer you. I was delighted to read your email)

Veronica, I know you've said before where you are is just empty of anything that is authentically Catholic. I've got to believe that some hospital chapel, some obscure place -- there are a few. God does not leave us abandoned. Ten years ago here in Boston, we had to go 50 miles. It's better now. It's actually much better. A really good priest is still every 50 miles or so -- but there are some fine parishes within 10 to 20 miles. Places where you'll hear about sin and redemption, where there is little to no nonsense. Some of our priests have had conversions.

You know what really gets to me about the hoopla? These are people trying to claim they want to love and be open to everyone and to just have dialogue. But they throw grenades at people who want to dialogue about a Church that teaches truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We can't even say that children don't belong in a parish being taught by the schismatics and to get up and find a solid priest.

Who are they kidding?

Jerry said...


My second comment is a footnote to my first. You had recently indicated that you were uncomfortable with both FSSP and SSPX. And now you're looking at the sedes. Hence, I sensed you're getting discouraged. Sorry if it's a poor deduction.

BTW, I'd gladly kneel before the Holy Father.

Carol McKinley said...

Jerry, your comment on the sedes is excellent. Thanks for your wise observations.

I'll tell you something -- I think the blogging disease of being too big for one's britches might be contagious. I was in a few com boxes of contagion. Keep your eye on me, will ya? If I start acting like a horses ass, slap me around.

Jerry said...

"I think the blogging disease of being too big for one's britches might be contagious."

Ha! I know what you mean. That happens to me over at Bryan Hehir Exposed when "David" (a.k.a. Melanson) sets the ball on the tee for me.

Did you get a chance to read about cholesterol? I'm convinced that it's one of the biggest hoaxes played on the public at large, i.e., eating cholesterol does not lead to arterial plaque.

Maria said...

First rate post, Carol. Charity dicatates my silence on this matter. No horses ass you, my friend...

Jerry said...

To second Maria, no neighing heard here, either.

Carol McKinley said...

I think I swallowed a few mouthfuls of hay on facebook. Boy, you probably have to recognize it right at the beginning or that spirit really has momentum?

I don't know but - keep your eye on me because I really, really, really don't want to take that on. That is the God's hones truth.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Carol, no problem on the e-mail. Take your time. Keep up the good work. Somebody has to do it.

Veronica, people like Shea will eventually destroy themselves. His credibility, from what I gather, has already diminished substantially.

Maria said...

Does anyone else besides me find it a bit creepy that it is a bunch of Protestants turned Catholic who feel it necessary to "instruct us"? EWTN and the blogosphere seems replete with their ilk.

Anonymous said...

Bless you heart, Maria. No. It is not just you. I have thought that for many years which is why I no longer listen to any Catholic radio and, since I don't own a television (if I had known PeeWee Herman shows were going to be rerun [not to mention the Mod Squad, another old favorite of mine], maybe I wouldn't have ditched the set twenty years ago...), it is easy not to view EWTN.


Marion Veronica Marino said...

During lenten season the peace and Justice Committee (kind of new to parish) introduced The" Stations of the Cross for Migrant Workers"They incorporated documentary film on the plight of illegals.I have compassion for these people but I do love the traditional Way of the cross.Prior to lent shown at mass was a film on "Human Trafficking" and were asked to pray for it's end and also to report to Bishop or committee if we saw anything suspect. Committee also urges us to write our senators in regard to illegals for health,immigration,education and housing. Reasearching it appeared to me very political and Bad Socialism.They blame citizens and government for not handling the immigrants with dignity. I TRY and follow the Beatitudes ,St. Francis of Assisi prayer Faith,Hope and Love and yes Charity.This weeks bulletin The Peace and Justice Committee Announce and I quote -- "Earth Day":April 22nd Come and participate in a Good Friday reverent cleanup of our church grounds as we remember our crucified Lord resting in the earth,while all creation awaits it's renewal in Him" Meet by the fountain in the courtyard at 4:00PM (immediatly after the 3"00pm Good Friday service)Bring the whole family and participate as long as you wish Garbage bags will be provided .gloves recommended Above this announcment for April 29 Peace and Justice will be showing documentary film called "Which Way Home" It features unaccompanied child migrants on their journy to reach their parents in the U,S.A.I am praying for guidance from the Holy Spirit for I am confused and disturbed it does not feel right with me and on the other hand maybe I am wrong. Not all Catholic parishes have such a committee but douw in Fl and mid west they do.They appear to disguise themselves a do gooders but research tells me different I must find another parish this is getting the better of me. Any input greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Marion Veronica

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Maria Veronica, my whole problem with the Church's stance on illegal immigration, let alone any "Peace and Justice" committee's, is that the definition of "compassion" is completely one-sided. Do Church leaders and activists take into consideration illegal immigration's effects on employment, crime, health care and government funding, let alone the state's right to regulate its borders? In Southern California, where I live, many hospitals have had to close their emergency rooms because illegal immigrants have strained their resources. How does that help people who truly need care?

Since the Church's stance effectively advocates open borders, are Church institutions willing to spend money many of them don't have to educate, house and provide care for these immigrants? Or is it all another rhetorical concession to "political correctness," especially since the Church (from the Pope on down) places no responsibility on these immigrants' homelands (most of them Catholic, btw) to take care of their own citizens before they flee?

Maria said...

Veronica--Nice to know I am not alone.I am sorry that you have such a difficult time. Pray for direction about where you should worship. Pray for vocations to your dioceses and ask that your diocese be blessed with well formed, faithful priests. Know that you are not alone...

Joseph: Amen. The Church, like the world, looks to the world, rather than the supernatural for solutions to these problems. We need to depend more on God and less on ourselves and the body politic...

Maria said...

Veronica: Does your parish have Adoration? If not, I would organize. Devote a day to priests. Fr. Hardon, at his website, the real, has materials. If you start it, people will follow. Parishes have been transformed in this way.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the suggestion. I will look into it. We have a 24/7 Blessed Sacrament Chapel which is very small.

One time we tried to have a Rosary after the daily Mass, this was quite a few years ago. The priest that was there at the time gave his okay, but said we had to wait fifteen minutes after Mass until everyone had time to visit with each other before we started the Rosary. Well, needless to say, after everyone finished with their visits, no one wanted to stay any longer for the Rosary. He didn't want the Rosary before Mass either.


Maria said...

Oh, Veronica. This is just so unbelievably heartbreaking.

(1)Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration: Handbook @

(2)Eucharistic Adoration - Worship of the Eucharist Outside of Mass - Part 1@

The second artile has tons of articles about Echaristic Adoration. Maybe if you undertook this you would have the real joy of actually seeing God change your parish.Imagine how wonderful that would be...

Carol McKinley said...


Obfuscating the Rosary and Eucharistic Adoration is actually quite common. I was told these are devotions that are 'too scary' for the parishioners. You read that right.

Believing Christ's Divinity is truly present and spending time with Him just can't be something the priests can put up with because it looks looney to people who don't believe.

Meditating on the Sacred Mysteries and responding to the Blessed Mother's call to pray the Rosary is 'scary' to them for the same reason. They've packed the pew with non-believers to get money out of them and they can't have us upsetting their donors.

I can't tell you how different the quality of life is when you get your fanny out of this internal schism and into an authentic Catholic Church that is zealously in communion with Christ's One, Holy and Apostolic Church. it's got to be there somewhere.

Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open to you.