Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blogger Blackout, Vacationing with Good Friends and Taking up Golf!

How about that blogger blackout?

Though there are many bloggers masterminding world events, whose readership were undoubtedly stricken with panic, I was content in the knowledge that Tenth Crusade readers were not among them!

I apologize the blackout prevented me from posting I would be on vacationing on the Cape taking some golf lessons with a group I have been blessed to call friends for over 40 years. It was spectacular. (Watch yourselves on the fairways on the South Shore.)

A few highlights from last week...

It's déjà vu all over again with MadMitt making an ass of himself.

How'd that work for him?

He thinks he inoculated Romneycare by saying Commonwealth Care doesn't exist, taxpayers aren't bankrolling healthcare, Massachusetts is making money on 'mandates' and he's off to South Carolina to 'court the evangelicals'?

I can't imagine the nasty infighting in 2008 with the evangelicals over Romney didn't take them to school.

Huck's out. That's a crying shame.

Boehner cried. I really like this guy!

Did the Catholic crusade in blogosphere for Bin Laden's sainthood have any remarks on whether Jesus loved stash of pornography in the bunker?

Hope y'all had a great week.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Check the Newsmax on my Facebook page. Gingrich supports the Obamacare mandate. He's disqualified himself as far as I'm concerned.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Carol, regarding OBL and porn, I'm not surprised. OBL must have been a very lonely, angry man. Hitler also was accused of being sexually deviant (though he was never connected with porn). Let's face it; happy, content people do not plot to murder millions.

I'm just wondering how many more people like him are in Islam. I'm not necessarily talking about potential mass murderers but people who are lonely and angry, especially men, who take out their emotions on women. It seems that the religion cultivates such behavior.

As far as Huckabee goes, I'm glad he's not running. Don't be fooled by his "Christian" facade, Carol; his arrogance is exceeded only by his stupidity. As president, he would be far worse than Obama (and I have lost no love for our current Commander-in-Chief).

We've already had one excessively ambitious, former Arkansas governor as a president. We don't need another.

Jack O'Malley said...

Glad you're back.

I just assumed you were the victim of the blogger blackout. But golf??? I took up golf once many years ago but I just didn't have the knack. If a wrist shot had worked off the tee, I would have been in like Flynn. BTW, does Ray golf?

The thing about golf is there are no bench-clearing brawls. Come to think of it, that's true of hockey today too. Tant pis as they say in Hab-land.

I'm not surprised about the stash on Sammy ben Laiden's computer. Mo "ham mad" (the "Profit", motto: a piece be upon him) was a porno addict avant la lettre. His catamite "pearl boys" were the the quintessence of eternal bliss. Forget the Beatific Vision. Underage boys are Allah's reward to the "believers". But that is nothing compared to his secret cravings for a beer and a ham sandwich. Beats camel's urine and goat testicles.

I agree about Huck. But the Newt? He's been married more times than Nelson Rockefeller. May yet die in the saddle. The evangelicals hate him. I saw a pic of him in a yarmulke. Now he's Catholic because he married his squeeze. I once dated a Jewish girl and an Orthodox Ukrainian girl. I'm still Catholic.

Well, at least in a manner of speaking, that is. O'Malley of the brown robe and laceless shoes might contest that claim. BTW, is Seán developing a, how shall I put this with proper deference to the office, oh yes, how about the official language of the Church, is he developing an abdomen cerevisiale? He seems to have acquired a distinctly unascetic girth. Must be all the Jack Connors times he's coerced into attending. Like chitlins with Obama. Calories. Calories. Barak Hussein at least works out.

So what's with this "Instruction" on Summorum Pontificum. If O'Malley doesn't allow a TLM at Gate of Heaven in Southie, we can have him hauled before Levada? Light the faggots. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Domine Deus, restauretur Ecclesia Vera Tua!

Carol McKinley said...


Really? How peculiar. He isnt my horse but I thought his convictions would at least permit us to vote for him if he turned out to be the candidate. I will check it out. I agree that's a game ender!


I really like Huck and I believe his faith to be genuine.


Did you take lessons?

Jack O'Malley said...

No - just some pointers from guys I worked with who were fanatics. To be honest, the half-dozen times I played I didn't really care for it.

I did discover I could send a divot farther than any of the guys though. Damn ball stayed right where it was.

Carol McKinley said...

LOL. I had several of those myself. It's a lot of things to try to remember and put into practice. I think you've got to have good fitting clubs or you're toast.