Monday, May 16, 2011

Trump Out, Gingrich Hearts Healthcare Mandates, throws Ryan under the bus and, of course, Romney is...WINNING!

Busy day in Washington!

Gingrich hearts mandates, throws Ryan under the bus and then takes it all back.

Sitting under the lush palms and blue skies of the richest Americans' favorite resort — during off-season when the rich wouldn't be caught dead here, I hastily add — I naturally couldn't wait to watch Mitt Romney's PowerPoint presentation on health care.

But duty beckoned and, several pots of coffee later, I can only add my own voice to those who concluded: Poor Mitt Romney — though for different reasons.

Romney is in a bit of a pickle, or so it seems at a glance. He's running for president in part against Obamacare but has to acknowledge, as the president so often does, that Obamacare is modeled largely on the health-care plan that Romney created while governor of Massachusetts.

Thus, tieless and professorial, Romney took the stage Thursday before a smallish audience at the University of Michigan and executed a pre-emptive strike against those who can't stop talking about the similarities between President Obama's and Romney's respective plans, including the insurance mandate that conservative Americans find so repugnant.


And, if nobody gives him money, he'll finance his nibs himself!

Where does that leave us?

Pawlenty and Santorum. Maybe Mitch.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Mitch said he'd pick Condi Rice for running mate. She's unabashedly pro-abort.

Carol McKinley said...

We can scratch that guy off the list.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

Can you give a brief description of what your experence with Romney is? Did he betray pro-lifers when he was Governor? I know about the Romney care deal...


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

I suggest you strongly consider Sarah Palin, unless she declares that she's not going to run. Palin has one thing going for her that no other candidate has: flat-out guts. She also has a genuine appreciation for this country's unique heritage and legacy, unlike most candidates who give lip service to those ideas. She might need more seasoning, as it were, but her fundamental values and personality are just what this country needs!

Carol McKinley said...


Romney worked against us here during his tenure. I have a few posts I'll dig up that summarizes our experiences. It is preposterous to suggest he was in any way, shape or form a pro-lifer with a moral compass. He spent his entire time throwing us under the bus and working with the other side to advance their agendas.

Joseph, I agree Sarah Palin is a woman who hold authentic convictions of the heart on our issues. I thought she already announced she was not running. I see her as serving in the role to agitate and inspire. She holds the republican party's feet to the fire. She does it does very, very well. Nobody does it better. I hope she stays in this role.

She is a marked woman and I don't see it as in the best interests of her family for her to run.

Jerry said...

Hey guys - Mitt's got Cindy Crawford stumping for him. Maybe we want to take a second look.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carol.

I saw this guy Tim Pawlenty on Hannity and I like him. No flash or nonsense. Seems like he did a good job in Minnesota and stuck to his word and made tough decisions.


rubyroad said... has a very comprehensive report on Romney - lower right-hand side of their page.

Kelly said...

Pawlenty or Santorum are the only two I can even begin to feel okay about,on that list.