Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back-Biting Spite-Filled "Professional Catholics" Piling on Fr. Corapi

Voris on the malicious stampede of Catholic Bloggers on Fr. Corapi:

I love it when Voris gets mad!

I also wanted to share this spectacular comment from Susan in my comments section which deserves a more prominent place:

For the last few days I've been reading, with abject horror, the vitriol and rage in rash-judgment that has saturated so many Catholic blogs; by the bloggers and readers alike. I have eliminated many from my 'favorites' bar...and refuse to bump up their numbers in the future. The Tenth Crusade, Sancte Pater, and a few others have been a breath of fresh, blessed air in the midst of the evil miasma...THANK YOU!

I have left comments in a few places about the sinfulness of the mob-stomp of this man who has done much good for the Church. So much accusation and hatred thrown at him; it's literally taken my breath away, and we don't know the facts yet. Good Lord, no wonder vocational acceptance is as scarce as hens' teeth! If this man stepped away from the practice of his priesthood, can these rock-throwers not for one second consider and rumminate on the intense pain he must be in? We forget that our priests are human and sometimes have a breaking point---PRAY FOR THEM. To say to him, "be a doormat, lay down and shut-up for the rest of your life" is not just an injustice, it's evil! To not bring evil into the light and condemn it when given the opportunity, is evil, especially when it's left to fester and prey on others.
He's NEVER said anything against the Church or Her doctines and teachings; he has however spoken out against an injust and evil system set up within the Body of Christ...the Dallas Charter is just the tip of an iceberg, and believe me, we're gonna be losing a WHOLE lot more good priests (who will sadly be vilified from within). He has NOT left the Church; he is not promoting schism or heresy...if I'm wrong, show me. He is however saying that there are some bad bishops, and open up your eyes people, there are..."Have I not chosen you the twelve, and yet one of you is a devil?"

I don't know the details of this case yet and will not pass judgment until the facts (not rumor and inuendo and raging accusation) come out. But I do know that this is a man who has helped MANY people come into or back to the Catholic Church, and taught the doctrines and Catechism with unflinching, unfailing, orthodox clarity...I have NEVER heard him utter a heretical word including thru this mess. HE DESERVES OUR PRAYERS...he is a priest of God, and a brother in Christ.
Thank you (whoever runs this site) for your reason, your balance, and your Charity. God will sort all out (Romans 8:28), and therein lies our hope.
May the peace of Christ be with you, and may we truly live out John 13:35.
God bless you for your good work...

Fr. Corapi clarified today that he is not leaving the Church, nor the priesthood which leaves an indelible mark upon his soul

I'm linking to Terry's blog because the picture he has up is hilarious!

I think it’s a bit too easy to arrive at an erroneous conclusion when you base it on a fallacious presupposition. For instance, some very kind and fine people assume that I have “left the Church.” Please, understand this, I have not left the Church. I love the Catholic Church and would not “leave the Church.” I have resigned from public ministry, which is rather anticlimactic to be sure since I was out of it anyhow due to the suspension or “administrative leave,” which is tantamount to suspension. There are elements of this that you don’t know about, and that’s not your fault.
Once a man is ordained a priest he remains a priest for all eternity. Holy Orders is one of the three sacraments that imprints an indelible mark on the soul. What the Church can give or remove is “faculties”, which authorizes the person to publicly administer the sacraments.
The leadership of the Church has made it clear to me they don’t want me anymore. They have a right to do that and I have to accept that. So, I’ll do what I can outside of the Church. I’m not leaving the Church. I am simply doing something else in life so that I won’t wither up and die, and so that you can still derive some benefit from my gifts from God. It may not be as good as before, or it may be better. The only thing I know for sure is that I’m not going to disobey the Church and attempt to “minister” as a priest, and I’m not going to lay down and die. I’m not ready to do that just yet. As a matter of fact, you might be pleasantly surprised at what’s in our future. Stay in touch. We may not have the old meeting places anymore, but we have some new ones and I would like to meet you there. - Blacksheepdog

The way Fr. Corapi has been treated, and not just by the Bishops, does indeed take one's breath away.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Susan (and Carol), I'm going to take a different tack, here. While I don't believe in "piling on," I don't think that blind defense is the answer, either. The facts are these: We don't know the facts and we probably won't for quite sometime!

The problem with blog comments is that the very medium encourages quick, shoot-from-the-hip assessments often based on scant information -- and tremendous emotion. In addition, given the pain that the clerical sex-abuse crisis has caused, most Catholics ("professional" and otherwise) want to put the crisis behind them ASAP. As a result, people like Susan react to an extreme not w/moderation, but with the equal and opposite extreme.

Let's not forget that even the theologically orthodox can commit grave sin (and, no, I'm not condemning Fr. Corapi). If the clerical sex-abuse crisis didn't teach us that, then it taught nothing.

If Fr. Corapi is indeed a victim, then he is a victim, in the final analysis of

1)a hierarchy that has failed to address clerical sex-abuse forthrightly for centuries (just look up St. Peter Damian)

2)a priesthood that, all too often, places group loyalty ahead of morality and ethics. If the priests had weeded out the clerical miscreants from within, innocent priests would receive more protection.

3)an institutional attitude that places the protection of institutional prestige and those who enjoy it over the commands of Christ and His Father.

Until those three things change, we will have more Fr. Corapis, whether innocent or guilty.

Carol McKinley said...


All I can say is, you are grossly underestimating what is transpiring with accused priests. It's not your fault, you seem to have been lucky enough to escape the cowardice and corruption.

You're also mischaracterizing the response of Catholics disgusted by the tsunami of sad and bitter men and women - scalia, kendra, shea, akin, among others, who crush the bruised reed for selfish or nefarious reasons.

The Little Way said...

Well, his comment gives me more hope, but I hate that whole "Blacksheepdog" persona or whatever you want to call it. He's still a priest and he should sign his name as such. That would help alleviate some of the confusion. Then again it occurs to me that he may be deliberately vague to throw his attackers off, including his accuser. All I can and should do, at this point, is pray, and I have no intention of stopping, especially for Father Corapi.

Adrienne said...

I watched the Voris video earlier today and thought perhaps he had a microphone hidden in my chandelier. Much of what he said was word for word (including "professional Catholic) following what I have said around the dining room table.

@Joseph - Susan is not "being extreme" in her response. It's exactly the same response my husband and I have had and neither of us could be considered wild-eyed fans of Corapi, or anyone else for that matter. We are 65 and 66 years old and would be considered quite a bit beyond well catechized.

Shea, Scalia, Akin, and most disgustingly of all, an ordained deacon, castigating and casting stones is just as Voris said - disgusting. Their arrogance is galling.

@Carol - I printed out your original article for my priest friend to read. He and I had a long discussion about what was going on. He sides with you...

Anonymous said...

Michael Voris taking others to task for their "tone?"


Carol: If you actually read what the bloggers are saying it is to look at the facts as Corapi is presenting them and comparing them to:

Whatever legal records are available

Whatever historical records are available


The available testimony of others.

Very often - on a number of accounts - Corapi's version has been found wanting - to say the least.

Bottom line: This is happening because of Corapi's public statements. He's the one with the splashy new persona who's made the big pronouncements and public accusations.

People are going to comment on that.

To posit some sort of "professional Catholic" cabal against Corapi is idiotic. EWTN is being pushed to the brink financially by this. If they were as cravan as you all say they would have coddled and protected Corapi and taken his side.

Carol McKinley said...

I have read the conspiracy theories the bloggers are using to whip everyone up into a frenzy. They are taking things out of context to infer guilt.

It sounds to me as if being persecuted for his orthodoxy has had him on the edge for some time. This was obviously the final straw.

I find their conduct sinful and slanderous. Not to mention personally despicable.

They do not know the facts of this allegation. Fr. Corapi is proclaiming his innocence. The woman is hawking his rosary beads. Her colleagues have publicly expressed their observations that she is mentally ill.

What the bloggers are saying and doing did not gel for me. My history, thankfully, confirms I don't much have an agenda other than the pursuit of truth and justice.

EWTN pulled the trigger too quickly. I'm sure it was very hurtful to Fr. Corapi and people who were tuning in to hear him for so many years. At the end of the day, they really can't be blamed for this mess. I don't think rational people hold it against them.

I will say for the record that EWTN owns the Register where both Akin and Shea post their venom. They better take a good look at who is representing them because disgusting their base and supporters - and we are clearly disgusted - IS going to affect their fundraising campaigns. Perhaps that is where the problem is coming from. They may want to think about cleaning house at the Register. For what its worth.

I'll keep them in my prayers and ask readers here to do the same.

Daniel Biedrzycki said...

It's very tragic how badly people have treated him. Now, there is legitimate criticism that can be made, but far too many simply get into a smear campaign. Though I disagree with some such as Jimmy Akin, I think they are eloquent and reasonable in how they assess this situation. Others...just lose it. I myself have posted quite a bit on it on my blog, but have decided to leave it be. I get too heated up about the whole thing, so I'm moving on. Most of us bloggers have said what we wanted to. It's time for the majority of us to begin writing about something else. This is just sowing conflict everywhere.

Susan said...

Joseph, I'm gonna say this as kindly as I can...I've read most all of your comments on this site as regards Fr. Corapi, and have noticed a recurring don't seem to read or grasp what you're commenting on. I stated quite clearly (and ad infinitum in every comment I've made) that....well, here, lemme copy my quotes (right outta the post you're commenting on)--number one:
"we don't know the facts yet."

And then there's this esoteric phrase:
"I don't know the details of this case yet and will not pass judgment until the facts (not rumor and innuendo and raging accusation) come out."
I then went on to state some FACTS both about his past, and the hurdles he faces within a tragically flawed system. I imply that he deserves the benefit of the doubt unless and until evidence against him is shown. That's not "blind defense" That's rational common-sense and prudent Charity.
Don't know where you think that what I've said is an "extreme'...I think most objective readers would find it fact filled and logical.

And, in response to your numbered points:

1) Does this not point to a need and responsibility (in justice) to fix it? The horrific Dallas Charter only exacerbated the problem by exponential degrees.

2) The priests can't weed out the miscreants...only the bishops can, and their track record on that for 5decades is pretty abysmal; in fact, read "Goodbye Good Men", "The Faithful Departed", and this MOST excellent article for a head-spinning eye-opening.

3) can't decipher what you're saying in #3---who is your object here; the bad bishops, Fr. Corapi,...?

Your last line is your most cogent point...we ARE going to have more Fr.'s a given. As long as the Fr. Pfleger's and Fr. Jenkins are ministering "in good standing", while their orthodox brothers face removal and indefinite exile for the whiff of a charge of farting, it's gonna get tons worse before it gets better.
I will say it again....PRAY. And open your eyes.

Susan said...

Carol (and Joseph), sorry about my last post...way too snarky. Not myself lately. Think I'm gonna take a break from the 'news' and concentrate on prayer. The enemy is afoot.

Carol McKinley said...

Susan, not to worry. We don't get indignant when zeal and love shows itself in a soul. There is nothing to apologize for...I am awestruck by your eloquence and love for our Lord. Don't hold back here.

Dan, Do as the Lord calls you to do. This donnybrook is not about Fr. Corapi - it is about the abuse of power and human beings and a flawed and unjust process. Laity needs to step forward and say - enough is enough. Forgive us if we carry on when opportunity presents itself.

Carol McKinley said...

btw - Susan, Joseph, Veronica, Jack, Jerry, Kev, Adrienne, Joyce, Kelly, Chris, Janet,Ron, Maria, Tancred, Terry, Jasper, Maria, Lynne, the Boston Blogging Community, Voris - and all who contribute to the knowledge and love for our faith in the com boxes here and elsewhere - Blessed Feast of St. John the Baptist.


Susan said...

Carol, what a lesson in kindness and grace you are...all wrapped up in the armor of a warrior. Keep up the good fight my sister. We are indeed in perilous times as the princes and principalities of this present darkness are making themselves seen...ominous signs. What a great glory to have the Faith, the Eucharist, the joy of Christ that NO persecution or trial can steal. To have that Hope in His promises to KNOW that the last dot has already been placed, the last t crossed (literally :), and the victory matter how much the darkness blusters and rages, the Light has overcome it; and the darkness comprehends it not. We're just called to remain faithful witnesses on the field. Thanks for being such a beacon in the darkness...this site is a blessing. I will hold you and this apostolate up in prayer today before the throne of Love at Adoration. God bless you!!!

Carol McKinley said...

Susan - Wow. I find myself reading your comments more than once to take it all in. (The parts about our faith of course and not about me, of course!)

We're sure glad you found us.

Kelly said...

Blessed Feast Day to you as well, Carol! My prayers for all of us as we fight the good fight, each in our own way. +JMJ+

Anonymous said...

Lays it all out:

Mike Voris...not a "professional Catholic?"

Really? Sells DVDs/charges 10 bucks a month for premium access to RealCatholic speaking in England and Ireland...

sounds professional to me.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Susan (and Carol), I'll admit that I'm not following this story closely because, frankly, I don't want to. I stay as far away as I can from anything smelling of sexual scandal -- that included former Rep. Weiner and former Pres. Clinton.

I wrote my post because I want to try to create a sense of perspective. First, what happens if Fr. Corapi is innocent? The reed-crushers (an excellent term, btw) will have bloviated for nothing. Second, what happens if Fr. Corapi is guilty of sexual misconduct? A lot of people will have felt betrayed and become even more angry.

I realize that I'm speaking very hypothetically, here.

BTW, has anybody addressed the possibility that EWTN might be trying to bump off the competition? I don't know the relationship (if any) between EWTN and Fr. Corapi, but that might be a factor.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Carol, a most blessed Feast of St. John the Baptist to you as well. It would do all of us good to do as he did, decrease while Our Lord increases.

We can all be voices crying out in the wildnerness though. Come to think of it, that's how I feel these days with my own voice echoing back.

Whether Fr. Corapi is innocent or not matters little to me. What does matter is the way this entire thing has been handled. But, you know what, I am glad, because these people (Akin, Shea, Scalia, that deacon and many others) have shown their true colors and, more importantly, people have seen them for what they really are (and are not).

Quite frankly, the entire thing reeks of sheer hypocrisy. I can't take much more of it anymore. Yes, the devil is afoot. Lately he has us at one another's throats more than ever.

People never used to be so vicious and vile. Not sure what has caused it the past fifty or so years, but we are all in need in one way or another.


Anonymous said...

"BTW, has anybody addressed the possibility that EWTN might be trying to bump off the competition? "

What competition?

Mother Angelica should have blown the whole network up before she left. If she had all her marbles these days, she'd be devastated at what has happened to EWTN.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Carol, a blessed feast to you, as well.

Susan said...

And a most blessed Feast of St. John the Baptist to all the T.C. readers! In honor of this precious Saint, and because I'm quite sure he had (has!) a rockin' sense of humor (I think every Saint, no matter how serious their mission, was given the joy of the gift of humor to one degree or another), and would like everyone to take a break and laugh for a moment...I'm sharing something that mightily tested my 49 year old bladder in the watching :)
For those who don't know this lady, she is smart, F-U-N-N-Y, and clean in her delivery (praise God!) When she refers to "Left Brain", that is the nickname for her husband. It's called "Don't Go Rafting Without a a Baptist in the Boat"... Enjoy! (but trust me, take a quick bathroom break before you watch it :):):)

The Little Way said...

And a Blessed Feast Day to you, too Carol!

Carol McKinley said...

"Lays it all out:

Mike Voris...not a "professional Catholic?"

Really? Sells DVDs/charges 10 bucks a month for premium access to RealCatholic speaking in England and Ireland...

sounds professional to me."

What exactly do you that list 'lays out'?

It's a bunch of nothing stringed together to infer something sinister.

He was accused of being a drug addict and he said he's willing to do a urine test to any malcontent who'll be man enough to step forward using his name - and he's so sure of what the results will be, he'll cut a check for one hundred grand if he doesn't pass it.

To me, this only verifies that allegation too, was hogwash. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Permit me also to assist your intellect on the differences between Voris and 'professional Catholics'.

When a Bishop is abusive and/or corrupt, a professional Catholic whose donors offer them money to look the other way - or worse, launch attacks upon the credibility of the people telling the truth - they take the money and carry out the plan.

When Voris is offered money, he says no thank you and serves truth and Christ in the situation.

Is that clear enough on the difference?

breathnach said...

I am not heavily invested in Father Corapi's preaching apostolate. I've watched some of his EWTN programming and have heard some of his audio tapes. He's solid and orthodox in his approach.

However, I have to contrast the way his situation has been handled with the kid glove treatment of someone like heterodox star Father Unni..."full confidence" offered immediately by his superiors etc. etc.

My antennae are up and I'm not disposed to assume that the process regarding Father Corapi has been fair.

breathnach said...


Regarding "professional Catholics"---Dale Vree, the former editor of "New Oxford Review" related an incident that sheds some light.

The NOR is constantly facing financial shortfalls and aggressively seeks funding from it's subscribers. Several years ago the situation became so desperate that he sought support from a "professional Catholic" foundation. He was required to pitch NOR, at a lunch meeting, to a functionary that was reviewing the potential assistance.

Vree very quickly realized that he would have to adopt a neo-conservative line regarding foreign policy and a down the line endorsement of "greed is good" capitalism if he hoped to see any funds. Thankfully, Vree walked away and decided that constant fundraising from his subscribers was preferable to "professional Catholic" serfdom.

paul W said...

I fear there are many such
"professional catholics" in
the Boston Archdiocese.They
need to be uprooted.

Unni who violates Church teachings gets a golf with
Omalley's henchman. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that this McKinley cult continues to defend the lies.

Read this kiddos...

The McKinley cult has worked overtime defending Fr. Corapi when even his own community issued a statement saying they were saddened by his attitude.

The McKinley cult continues to lose credibility. The cult is crashing down!

Carol McKinley said...

Mark, is that you? LOL.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Mark is trying to connect conspiracies and dots that are not there. His conduct is despicable. I have lost all respect for the man and what is left of his following of which you are a shining example.

Carol McKinley said...

Catherine, your comments disappearing is not a mistake. I don't know this blogging priest, don't know his credentials, fidelity to Church teaching and I don't have the time to check it out. There are a few theological errors in his post and so I am not permitting the link to be posted here.

God Bless.

Catherine said...

Ah! Now I understand where you are coming from and your concern for the truth speaks volumes... Hasta la vista

Carol McKinley said...

When I see theological errors in posts, a big red flag goes off that tells me person's judgment. I am not obligated, nor should I, post opinions of people whose theology derails along the way.

If that speaks volumes to you, that's the way the cookie crumbles!

Jeanette O'Toole said...

We are indeed in perilous times as the princes and principalities of this present darkness are making themselves seen...ominous signs.

I agree with you on this score, Susan, however, I think if someone does not see darkness in "The Black Sheep Dog" logo (or the "Special Announcement" video), they aren't looking or listening closely enough. The fact that John Corapi has yet to use the words Jesus or Mary in any of his posts/audios, etc., since he became "The Black Sheep Dog" should also set off alarm bells everywhere, and yet many are still saying they'll wait to see if JC is guilty.

Guilty of what? He has already caused serious pain, division and confusion amongst Catholics and it's only been a matter of days.

I am encouraged by courageous orthodox Catholic bloggers, EWTN (Raymond Arroyo & Joan Frawley Desmond), Catholic priests (Fr. Joe) who are addressing this situation, asking for prayers, and, in essence, warning peoples to not follow "The Black Sheep Dog," nor pray for its success.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee ...

Carol McKinley said...

Jeanette, what you are saying is just not true. It is false.

I have no stake in this other than justice and charity, as I am not a groupie of anyone except for Christ.

Fr. Corapi HAS invoked Jesus Christ, has reaffirmed his devotion to Jesus Christ's Church and the Sacraments and his priesthood. To continue to post this false information is an urgent matter for the confessional, for what its worth.

EWTN and those associated with their newspaper who are calling people not to follow Fr. Corapi have a personal stake in their crusade to paint Fr. Corapi as guilty. The cash that is leaving their apostolate as the result of their behavior.

I am appalled by the use of their media outlet to connect the dots of wild conspiracy theories against a man who has so devoted so much to truth and Christ's Church.

Reasonable and prudent Catholics who are in the truth are disgusted by their behavior.

What you see written all over blacksheepdog is man who is deeply and profoundly hurt. You have to have the ability to look beyond the surface of things to see it. The lack of ability to do so is not an excuse for the conduct we witnessed over this debacle.

For them to whip up a frenzy with slander and ask people to abandon him, marks the end of my respect for them.

Invoking our Lady at this request is manipulative. We have agreed in the past on other matters, but the lack of compassion to see what is going on with Fr. Corapi and the use of his actions borne of hurt and anger to call a stampede against him is not going to be tolerated here at TTC.

I'll let this post stand as I have rebutted it. But I do not have the time to continue further rebuttals and future posts taking this tack will be deleted.

Blessed Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ.

Maria said...

The Price We Have to Pay
John Hardon SJ

"What is the price we have to pay for proclaiming Jesus Christ as Incarnate Truth? The price is high. It can be summarized in the three verses of the eighth Beatitude.

Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are you when men reproach you, and persecute you, and, speaking falsely say all manner of evil against you, for my sake. Rejoice and exalt, because your reward is great in heaven; for so do they persecute the prophets who were before you (Matthew 5:10-12).
The key word in the eighth Beatitude is the word “prophets.” The biblical term for prophet is nabi. It means someone who speaks, acts, or writes under the extraordinary influence of grace to make known the mind and will of God.

Strange to say, Jesus is telling us to proclaim Him to others as the prophets of the Old Testament proclaimed the one true God. No less than the prophets of old had to pay dearly for proclaiming the truth, so we Christians must be ready to pay even more dearly for proclaiming the Incarnate Truth who is Jesus Christ.

Just before His ascension into heaven, He told His disciples that they would “receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you shall be witnesses for me in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and even to the very ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). As I never tire telling people, the original Greek of the Acts of the Apostles reads “you shall be my martyrs.”

That is the price that we must expect to pay for proclaiming the truth, who is Jesus Christ. This is the verdict of two thousand years of Christian history. No less than the Church was founded on Calvary the moment Christ died on the cross; so the Church has grown and developed only through the cross.

How many times we may have heard the expression, “The blood of martyrs is the seed of Christians.” The secret is to believe that this is the only way that authentic Christianity, which is the Roman Catholic Church, can be propagated effectively".

Carol: Unlike Scalia, Kandra, Shea and their ilk, whose motive is approval and applaude, you understand, with Fr. Hardon, that there is a price for proclaiming the Truth. When priests and Bishops and bloggers decide to pay the cost, we will see and hear more Truth.

Jeanette O'Toole said...

Carol, I have to add to you personally, even though you don't want to print my posts, that we feel it's of utmost importance that all peoples pray for John Corapi. Tom and I have been doing so every weekday (through the Seven Sorrows of Mary) since we found out he was Fr. Euteneuer's spiritual advisor. What should be avoided however, is "The Black Sheep Dog," as it's coming from a dark place, which Corapi has shown by his own words/voice/diagrams. So I hope I made myself clear in that regard. We are not stampeding on John Corapi.

Carol McKinley said...


I read about three paragraphs of Tom's article. It made me sick to my stomach. If it was the intention to be prayerfully supportive, it missed the mark on my read of it. As did your post here.

As far as the 'blacksheepdog', when people are spinning in betrayal, sadness, anger - the things they do reflect their pain. I am trying to say that what has happened to him is one of the worst things I've ever seen. He must be in terrible pain. Quibbling about whether you like the name he chose, at best, does not comport with reason, understanding and compassion.

Jeanette O'Toole said...

Fr. Joe's post on this subject might be easier to read (and definitely more thorough), but Tom's commentary on his post is very good, because there are those that understand, even though they themselves are in pain over this sad situation.

If Corapi is innocent, it would have all been known in good time, but IMO it's a cop-out to exchange his Roman collar for a dog's, just because he doesn't want to suffer, which is ultimately a gift if you "work it" the right way.

There's nothing Christian (or maybe I should say Catholic) about "The Black Sheep Dog" that I can see, and BS-Dog has not mentioned Our Blessed Mother or Jesus since he came out as such. I was not lying about that; I cannot find those words anywhere in his video/posts/audio. For any Catholic, this should be of great concern.

And there's always the possibility that Corapi is not 100% innocent, even if his accuser is mean, unstable, and an alcoholic, as he states, but "The Black Sheep Dog" had been in the works for almost a year before his accuser even spoke out anyway.

It's the same ol', same ol'. There's always more to the story than meets the eye, and maybe we'll never know the full truth.

Fred said...

I'm new and very happy to have found your blog. It is great to hear others that feel as I do about many bloggers reaction to Fr. Coropi's problems.

They remind me of what I heard Fr. Robert Barron call "schadenfreude" (taking pleasure in another's misfortune). I've un-friended the worst of the lot.

Please pray for those of us in the Archdiocese of New York.

Carol McKinley said...

Fred, Thanks for letting your presence be known and warm welcome!


As I said above, Tom's post was so painful for me to read, it made me physically sick.

Imagine a woman who was caged up like an animal in the basement of some man's home for ten years and when they finally are set free, they say things like men are abusive, I'll never go near them again, I don't believe there is a God, because I prayed to be set free for the first five years and nothing happened.

You're like the person in the peanut gallery who capitalizes on it to characterize her as a pagan. What Tom and others on the payroll of EWTN did positively disgusts me.

People who have control in some, dare I say most, of the dioceses in the United States are either cowards or corrupt. Some are both.

Of course we want our priests, under all circumstances to - even through the terrorizing - to stay the course and offer it up in redemptive suffering. If Fr. Corapi's own experiences and personal limitations made him throw in the towel and he saw a way to stop the madness by holding his accuser responsible, those carping over a man in terrible pain is sickening.

What you and others do not realize is, there are many men who may hear the call to priesthood at an early age whose mothers are diverting their attention to something else. The false church they are erecting is as Catholic as the public church in China. Find a priest in a parish who is flying under the radar in this crucible while we still can.

Your and Tom's capitalization of this situation has saddened me. Spreading false rumors about Fr. Corapi's departure from Christ and His Church is fodder for the confessional.

Carol McKinley said...

pps - for the final time - the fact that Fr. Corapi has been disgusted with the situation for a year or more is not unusual. Many priests I know feel the same way here in Boston and want to excardinate. They are swimming in a cesspool that makes it impossible to preach and teach the faith and they feel like their vocations are being wasted.

The conspiracy theories and conduct in this matter which you and Tom are caught up in and are depositing around the internet are not of the Holy Spirit, but of another spirit. Again, as one Catholic woman to another, find thee a confessor and when you come out, with conviction of the heart, ask Christ to let you see the truth about what you are doing and to see the Corapi situation as he sees it.

Carol McKinley said...

p.s. - I've asked you not to deposit the opinions that makes my soul weary here at TTC. There are plenty of places to crown Fr. Corapi with thorns on the internet and I would ask you again to restrain yourself here. I will delete future posts that characterize the brood of vipers as Christian charity or prayerful support. I am not up for the duplicity and I am trying not to be lured into the vortex of spite you are caught up in. Leave us in our innocence.

God Bless, Carol

Carol McKinley said...

By the way, it is also duly noted that you destroy Fr. Corapi's presumption of innocence at the end of the characterization of yourself as just being pious and prayerful about the situation.

Sorry, but I will not salute it.

JoAnne Meyers said...

I think that a whole lot of confusion would be eliminated about what Fr.Corapi is doing would be eliminated if you would read the article by Bishop Gracida on his blog..Oh and by the way, Fr. C does not belong to a religious order like the Franciscans but a society of apostolic life.

Mark P. Shea said...

Just noticed these comments. Dunno if anybody will see this or not, but FYI, the "anonymous" above was not me.

Mark Shea

Mark P. Shea said...

Just noticed this thread. Dunno if anybody will see this but, FWIW, the "anonymous" above was not me. Scout's honor.

Mark Shea

Carol McKinley said...

I did not scrutinize the location IP addresses of comments but most if not all were posted by Adele Darnowski and Jeanette O'Toole.

Mark P. Shea said...

By the way, Carol, gotta love that ol' concern for charity while you play uncritical host to a lunatic who prophesies, "You are a deranged bastard who is going to Hell...the sooner, the better!"

Carol McKinley said...

I apologize. I do try to go back and delete posts that say things like this but as the blog is getting busier, and working full time, I am finding it harder and harder to babysit and deleting falls between the cracks - and I forget.

I don't want a blog that is stilted and phony charity but some remarks are clearly going over the line and I'm not managing those as well as I should. I have comment moderation for a bit and will work on reigning it in.

I'll mention the error in a post on comments so that it will clarify for those not coming back to this thread.

Mea culpa.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Mark, I apologize for accusing you of something that you did not do on this thread. I was wrong for over-reacting.

Mark P. Shea said...


I forgive you.

Carol: Thanks for your thoughtul words. I hear you about the difficulty of policing a blog for civility. Let's pray for each other.