Saturday, June 25, 2011

Have You Been Going to The Sacred Liturgy and Parishes Without an Invitation?

All Catholics need to be made aware of two very important clarifications made this week by Cardinal O'Malley about worship and our Roman Catholic Sacred Liturgy.

To our abject horror, it appears we have been uninvited guests at our local parishes and Sacred Liturgies.

For those who are new to the theological and Liturgical controversy in the Archdiocese, let me catch you up to speed on what brought the Archbishop's most recent clarification on Liturgies in Boston.

Once upon a time, there was a parish run by the Jesuits called the "Jesuit Urban Center". It is now closed. The Jesuit Urban Center was the premier spot for Catholics who wanted to be liberated from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The priests there focused their efforts on gay Catholics. Among other things, they had a dating ministry for gays and lesbians which was voted in 1999 as the "Best of Boston" in the category of gay cruising. Not a nominal feat considering it trumped online dating services, barrooms and clubs.

The parish subsequently was cut loose from the Catholic Church and the building was boarded up. The "ministry" transitioned over to St. Cecilia's where Fr. Unni has been operating it, now called The Rainbow Ministry.

Fr. Unni's Rainbow Ministry has been quite busy over the years. You won't find much of their history now on their website. Fr. Unni has deleted the evidence of how he has brought in speakers promoting sexual promiscuity, gay marriage, gay liberation theology. However, Boston Catholics were wise enough to retrieve and store information before he was aware that he would be under the microscope.

A few of the things stored have already been released and are documented HERE. Do take the time to read the bulletin linked in the post which should give you the gist of what Fr. Unni has been up to. Scroll down to page 2 and you'll see speaker Chuck Colbert who describes himself as promoting, among other things, 'gay liberation' and 'gay marriage'. Chuck Colbert's 'gay liberation' literally includes disrupting the Catholic Sacred Liturgy when moral teachings are proclaimed.

We have scoured St. Ceclia's website, bulletins, ministries and interviewed numerous Catholics who have attended St. Cecilia's. There isn't a shred of evidence he's ever proclaimed Church teaching on faith and morals.

That brings us to a few weeks ago when the St. Cecilia's Rainbow Ministry advertised a trip to the Gay Men's Chorus, which they described as a 'kickoff to gay pride weekend'. Along with that announcement was the now infamous announcement of the gay pride mass. Both of these announcements are in THIS bulletin.

When area Catholics raised concerns with the Cardinal, the Nuncio and the Holy See, the Cardinal 'postponed' the gay pride mass to July. They claimed the Mass was all on the up and up theologically. Why, any fool can see it was simply poor timing which led to the 'unintended' impression that Fr. Unni and the gay pride mass was celebrating gay pride. They simply wanted to schedule one Mass that was open to all parishioners. What a splendid idea.

I didn't know all the other Masses in Boston were closed to all parishioners, did you?

The organizers of the gay pride mass were very confused and hurt at the distancing of the mass from gay pride activities and not simply from all the years of the Cardinal letting Fr. Unni hoodwink them. They claim the 'archdiocese' collaborated with them on the planning of the gay pride mass:

“I am very hurt. (Having) worked so hard for all this stuff, it’s very difficult to stand by and watch this,” said John Kelly, chairman of the Rainbow Ministry.

Kelly and other members of the group say they’d been planning the Mass since January and said the archdiocese was aware of it.
Iandoli also explained the need for a Mass, “specifically to celebrate Gay Pride, because it is difficult to be proud unless you are both loved and supported,” he said.

Fr. Unni publicly characterized Catholics concerned about matters of the soul as hateful people who object to the presence of gays and lesbians in the pews. He positioned himself and St. Cecilia's as the sole priest in the diocese whose parishioners welcome the presence of gays and lesbians. It is heartbreaking to see Mr. Kelly and others be so exploited and hurt.

Moreover, it is very disconcerting to see all Catholic Masses theologically alienated from welcoming all. What a thing to sacrifice to protect a wayward pastor. It can not stand.

For those of us who have spent the better part of our lives loving our gay friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues while holding on to our witness of why we live chaste lives under circumstances defined by Church teaching, the Cardinal and his Administration have re-calibrated relationships and witness to be hostile to their presence in Church.

The hurt this misunderstanding inflicts upon gays and lesbians, to the witness and ministries of every priest and Catholic in the Archdiocese, is damage which cannot be measured.

The local Bishop, Bishop Robert Hennessey was present at the Mass when Unni did it, and the Cardinal's spokesperson delivered the message that Fr. Unni has the Cardinal's full confidence and support.

Last week, they released the following statement with the announcement the gay pride mass had been 'rescheduled':

The Archdiocese of Boston is committed to evangelization and to being a welcoming Church for all of God's people. St. Cecilia's is a wonderful example of the exceptional parishes in the Archdiocese which seek to serve the Catholic faithful with grace, dignity, respect, compassion and love and being devoted to the Gospel and Christ's saving ministry.

The reports that the Mass, originally scheduled June 19th, was cancelled are not accurate. Rather the Mass was postponed. As indicated in the statement of the Archdiocese on June 10, a Mass welcoming the wider community of the faithful, including gays and lesbians, will be held. The Mass has been rescheduled to Sunday, July 10th at 11am.
We respect the desire of those individuals organizing and participating in the prayer service. We know that the postponement of the June 19th Mass has been disappointing to them. Our hope and prayer is that we can come together as one community of Catholics sharing in the Lord’s divine love for each of us.”

I don't know where he got this notion, but the Cardinal is of the conviction that every other priest, Catholic parish and Liturgy in the Archdiocese of Boston reserves their parishes only to people whom they extend a welcome by invitation. (More on this in a minute were the Cardinal holds to this conviction again in this week's edition of the Pilot.)

What an absurd theological position to take on the Sacred Liturgy.

According to the Cardinal, Fr. Unni and St. Cecilia's in the Cardinal's shining example of what 'grace' looks like when you are teaching dogma and doctrine and celebrating the Eucharist.

Positively. Frightening.

Judie Brown speaks out about the sowing of confusion at Renew America. Earlier in the week she also issued a magnificent press release:


Judie Brown, president and cofounder of American Life League, issued a public statement regarding the most recent announcement from Boston’s St. Cecelia’s Church that the archdiocese of Boston had given permission to reschedule a Mass intended to celebrate LGBT pride.

"Even with the deliberate parsing of words, it is clear to the faithful and the public that this Mass is intended as an affirmation of homosexual activity. St. Cecelia’s own church bulletin confirmed this as true: “a Mass in celebration of Boston’s Pride Month.”

To allow the holy Mass and Catholic teaching to be subverted in this way demonstrates a heretical failure of Catholic leadership in the Boston archdiocese.

You can read ALL's press release in its entirety HERE.

Of course, the press hailed the triumphant return of the gay pride mass this week.

As is typical of the current occupants of the Chancery, the bigger the mess gets, the more they dig themselves into the hole.

I would like to be a fly on the wall in their think tanks.

His Eminence: What will we say now?

Terry Donilon:

"Let me also make abundantly clear, the rescheduled Mass is not an endorsement of gay pride activities. There has been much confusion about this issue and it has not been accurately covered in the secular or Catholic media.

Headlines such as the Globe’s “Mass Marking Gay Pride Is Back On” are completely wrong. This gives the unfortunate impression that we are allowing the Mass to celebrate gay pride week/month. We are not. The Mass was postponed so as not to tie it to gay pride activities. The rescheduled Mass will occur on July 10th at 11am and will be a welcoming Mass for all of St. Cecilia’s parishioners."

The fly: No, no, your Eminence - that is a PR disaster! Everyone knows it was scheduled as a gay pride mass to begin with, so when you use the word 'rescheduled', they're going to go right back to the bulletin notice and retrieve the definition of the character of the Mass originally scheduled.

Terry Donilon:
Tearing down the Church! Tearing down the Church!
Maligning and misrepresenting the Cardinal! Hate mongers who don't want to worship with gays and lesbians, that's what they are, Cardinal, that's what they are!
Fly, As you can see from the Cardinal’s statement below, he acknowledges that there has been much confusion. The Mass was postponed so as not to be identified with Gay Pride Week or Gay Pride Month. The Church has not and will not be put in such a position where it appears we are going back on our word that we will not support such activities. The rescheduled Mass will occur on July 10th at 11am and will be a welcoming Mass for all of St. Cecilia’s parishioners.

The fly: Yes, there is confusion Terry. You are the author of it.

Delaying it a week, a month, a year -you can't distance the Mass from the years of sex liberation and pride ministry Fr. Unni has been operating. The evidence is all over the internet. The bulletin is right there for people to read. It wasn't a Mass welcoming the wider community at all. You will look like a liar.

People are going to ask what makes the 8am or the 6pm Mass unwelcome to all of St. Cecilia's parishioners? What about next week at St. Cecilia's?

Do you want people to think Masses all over town are not open to all parishioners unless it is especially scheduled that way? Masses are reserved for invitees only unless an announcement is made? It is poppycock. Chicanery.

According to the lifesite article, even the Globe didn't swallow that whopper:

Archdiocesan spokesman Terrence Donilon on Thursday said he had unsuccessfully asked the Globe to change its headline.

Here's how the Cardinal's statement panned out:

Cardinal O’Malley statement published in The Pilot (June 22, 2011)

“The philosophical and political agenda of Gay Pride in relation to marriage and sexual morality is incompatible with the Church’s teachings. For that reason, Father Unni rescheduled a Mass of welcome for all his parishioners to a time that would not associate the Mass with the Gay Pride agenda.

I realize that Catholics who have same sex attractions are often criticized by their friends for coming to Mass and that the parents and friends of homosexual members of our Church are distressed that their loved ones feel rejected by their Church. We want all baptized Catholics to come to Mass and be part of our community, but we cannot compromise the teaching of the Church rooted in Scripture and tradition.

We hope that all Catholics will come to experience the love of Christ in our community and that in that love they will find the courage and strength to embrace the cross that is part of the life of discipleship.

It is regrettable that there has been so much confusion about this matter. I hope the statement on my blog of last week and The Pilot editorial “A teachable moment” will help people to understand the Church’s teaching. We must be a community that reflects both the love and the truth of the Gospel.”;

Imagine that. It was all a big misunderstanding. Fr. Unni was simply scheduling a Mass that was open to all parishioners.

Too bad Christ and the Apostles didn't think of that, eh?

What an epiphany on Mass etiquette. Do you think the Pope will make an announcement on Fr. Unni's idea to open up a Mass to all parishioners?

Maybe somebody should rush the idea over to Rome and they'll have enough time to make changes in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal.

I keep running to the mailbox to see if I've been invited to Mass to my local parish tomorrow. Does anyone have the Pilot? Is there a new section on who is getting invited where and when? A special invitation for malicious maligning defaming manipulating degenerates?

Can somebody crack the code? Is it a dispensation?

I don't know what to do. Should we stay home?

Coming from a Cardinal, these statements are regrettable indeed.

I have one more, rather sober observation about these developments.

This statement from a parish council member at St. Celicia's indicates a very dangerous situation:

And Iandoli offered strong words of encouragement to gay youth. “I urge you to come out,” he said “The closet is a hateful, lonely, silent, and unholy place.”As Iandoli explained, “If you can, come out when you are ready and when it is safe, I think your yoke will be easier, your burden lighter. The freedom that comes from being honest with yourself, accepting yourself, and sharing that information about yourself when appropriate will release terrible psychological pressure and give you new energy and life.”
This is not a reflection of Mr. Iandoli or anyone else who may currently be in the Rainbow Ministry. He sounds like a good-hearted soul who is just trying to bring people he loves back to Christ. I am certain this is an innocent remark made and Mr. Iandoli is unaware of the ramifications of mingling a ministry where mature men want to mentor the sexuality of gay youth inside of a parish setting.

However, aside from the bad theology, it is impossible to police it. What we have learned from former victims of abuse is that though 99% of it may simply older men who are trying to 'give freedom' or 'ease the 'terrible psychological pressure', this kind of a ministry is a magnet for a pedophile to slip in under the radar. They look for youth who are psychosexually struggling and the 'mentoring' escalates to give them personal sexual experiences.

One would think that after the last decade, the last place we'd invite gay youths to be mentored would be a parish in the Archdiocese of Boston.

We shouldn't be surprised, I suppose. The Dallas Charter is not about preventing abuse inside of parishes, it's about drilling children on the names of body parts so children can testify, should they have the courage to go to the police.

Growing up around Irish Catholics immigrants and their descendants, there's an old Sir Walter Scott quote they would never let you forget:

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.


Jerry said...

Donilon: “I can tell you unequivocally: this Mass is not a celebration of gay pride week, month - it is the welcoming Mass for the homosexual community and the wider community.”

YeeeeeHaw! Get that? It's not for gay pride, it's for homosexuals!! How STUPID does he think we are? (Don't answer that!)

Maria said...

You can't make this stuff up. What is so stunning is the number of people who buy it.

"Now how do people who are properly trained in the school of the evil spirit hide their designs? How do they falsify the truth? In two ways: in what they teach, namely, content; and in how they teach, methodology. Generally speaking it is far easier to recognize false content. It is much more difficult to recognize a methodology which will be consciously deceptive, because then the false content will be camouflaged. It is critically important, therefore, to know that error always conceals its designs: error is always deceitful. Error is falsehood, deceit is hiding the falsehood. People look for evil as evil, or error as error. They have been beguiled into embracing evil as good and error as the truth; so they have truths, partial truths, aspects that are true; but by the time you've swallowed the sweet pill you realize it is cyanide. Falsehood, then, is always cunning. The evil spirit is always the erroneous spirit. He tries, if he can, to deceive good people under specious designs. Note, therefore, that falsehood cannot succeed except through cunning. From the first fall of the human race to the last fall of the human race, from the first sin to the last sin that will ever be committed, it is committed because people have allowed themselves to embrace falsehood through being deceived by cunning. Falsehood would never take people away from God unless they were deceived into thinking that what is false is really true.

The spirit of error always seeks to hide. What I'm sharing with you is things to look for in people, people who are the agents of the evil spirit. They always seek to hide; they are never fully open. The spirit of error fears to be identified. So they will have commissions or committees or organizations or this group or that group. Who's behind it? Nobody knows. It tries to conceal, it avoids openness and frankness. It always makes evil look like good, or, as I prefer, it masks evil under the guise of good, always. That adverb is part of our faith. To be on one's guard is to have won half the victory".

John Hardon SJ

God love you, Carol. There is a resson we are called the Church Militant. As Hardon like to say: "there is a war on and we're all conscripted".

Maria said...

"All the successful misleaders of history - listen to this, this is a capsulized personality sketch of all the great misleaders in the church, of the Church - they have all been attractive people; they have all been appealing personalities; they have all been pleasant in their manners; they have been disarmingly sincere. They have often appeared to be extraordinarily pious".
Hardon SJ

Who comes to mind?

Anonymous said...

Maria, you are right, who could ever make this stuff up? It's a Catholic's worst nightmare: the present day church in general and the Archdiocese of Boston in particular.

By the way, Maria, did you ever find a better church to attend the Holy Sacrifice?


Maria said...

Veronica: Unbelievable, isn't it?
No, but I take on parents either pre-emptively by asking them to remove their children when they cry or misbehave as I am unable to pray--beofore they are screaming so loud I can't hear anything ; or, I confront them after Mass. Surprisingly, I have less and less angst as there are fewer incidents. They don't like me. That is OK.

I have decided that the priests don't care and neither does anyone else. Trying to go somewhere else simply leaves the problem behind me. So, I stay and tackle it head on, lol! Phones still go off. Some guy actually answered the phone in church, I kid you not.I am not up to that battle as I have my hands full, lol. Thanks for asking!

Carol McKinley said...

Oh my. Malicious, defaming, degenerates that speak mistruths and manipulate the words of the Cardinal. I'll have to go back and re-tool my fly on the wall conversation. I thought he said this only in private emails to people.

The best straight-faced liar in the business.

Anonymous said...

Maria, keep praying for me, and I will do the same for you. In fact, I will remember you in my Mass and Holy Communion tomorrow.

I, too, stay in my local parish, so weary I am of travelling around. I continue to wear my mantilla and kneel for Holy Communion on occasion (can't do it too much, it throws the EMs into spasms). It will be slow to change this parish after thirty plus years of a free for all. The new pastor just finished cleaning out the last of the employees from the church office and hired real Catholics this time!! What a concept...

Tell me, where do you get all of those John Hardon quotes? From his tapes or from books? If so, which ones? I can no longer afford to buy such things, but would like to know just the same, in case I should win the lottery or something!

God bless you, dear Maria!

Maria said...

Thanks, Veronica. No point trying to go elsewhere. Apostacy and the barbarians are like posiwon ivy: everywhere, lol. the

Carol: He was a liar from the beginning. This was a GREAT summantion of the problem. What people don't realize is that it has taken 40 years in the wilderness to get to the point where a Cardinal is trying to foist this nonsense off on the faithful. Who do these guys think they are kidding?

Anonymous said...

Where are you any better? You are a liar McKinley. And you delete links to articles which prove you to be a liar. You have defended the lying priest Fr. Corapi. When I posted a link proving that he was not a Green Beret you deleted that link.

Your defense of Corapi proves what you are. This is a cult.

Daniel Biedrzycki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maria said...

Daniel: Like Cornelius Connelly said: "Actions speak louder than words". What's next? Masses for those who have had sex change operations? The answer to sin is not trying to convince people that sin is not sin. The answer to proper catachesis. I don't hear any of that happening in Bean town. The crippled lame and the blind--all are welcome. I like Carol, have not received an engraved invitation. The salvation of souls are at stake.

Anonymous: Carol, a liar? You must not come here often.

Maria said...

Cornelia Connelly.

Carol McKinley said...


I agree wholeheartedly with you that the Cardinal himself is faithful to Church teaching in the matter.

That is not in dispute.

I don't want to dissolution you and I pray that God protects you always from anything that would scandalize you.

The problem is not the Cardinal's own personal convictions. The problem is that he has created hostile environments for those teachings to be proclaimed to the sheep in our parishes, schools and Liturgies.

The Fr. Unni situation is the microcosm of this environment. The diocese is nothing but a fundraising machine. Our priests are pressured to withhold the teachings of the Church. They are threatened and bullied when they get into parishes. Any moral teaching will have a priest in Boston called to the Chancery and told to be quiet.

There are only a handful of parishes left which teach the Catholic religion. They are all under the radar. All others have caved to the bullying of the Chancery thugs. This is how it works on the ground level.

Because of the rampant dissent, we needed a Bishop with a backbone. We don't have one here and as a result, theological thugs are trampling truth and the teachings of our Church in every venue. We are in deep doo doo.

The faithful have tried and exhausted all internal forums to rectify the situation - all the way up to the Holy See. There is no system in place to uproot corruption, in spite of all the hoopla over the past ten years.

The Catholic Church in Boston is as oppressed as China. Closer to the book of revelation than we want to be. Arm yourself while you are at the seminary. Prepare for it. Get a good priest mentor who knows how to weather the storm and who can play the cards in the situation with finesse.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Fr. Corapi really did to incur such wrath.

Hail to all my comrades and to our cult leader McKinley!


Carol McKinley said...

The system for uprooting corrosion is lifting it high enough into air and light. This takes them out of favor with the Holy See and they do get the phone calls to cease and desist.

This is what you see happening here.

Daniel Biedrzycki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Maria, are you referring to the Cornelia Connelly who founded the Holy Child Sisters? The one that was married to the man that couldn't make up his mind what he wanted? Her maiden name was "Peacock" I think?


Carol McKinley said...

St. John's Seminary is actually quite good. It was cleaned up by the former rector (before Bishop Kennedy) who was also run out of town for his orthodoxy. He left a couple of scathing letters on the way out the door!

Bishop Kennedy did a great job building on the work of his predecessor. You will great formation and support there.

The Cardinal is surrounded by buffoons he appointed. He is so seldom in town, he does not know what is going on. That is his 'style' of leadership. There are ramifications to appointing people who oppose the teachings of the Church. He ignored those ramifications for the first seven or eight years he was here.

In 2010, the day of reckoning arrived in blogosphere. Now, he finds the corruption under his nose splashed all over the internet.

It was a very hard decision to make to do this - but the system in place left us no internal forum to reconcile the errors being taught with the teachings of the Church. It was either expose it, or lose another generation of children.

I believe the departure of the present Vicar General and the appointment of Monsignor Deeley as the new sheriff in town is a sign the Cardinal realizes the faithful have drawn the line in the sand.

The Cardinal has very poorly served by his spokesperson. If Mr. Donilon were trying to sabotage the Cardinal, he couldn't do a better job. But the Cardinal's spokesperson advises him how to play the cards and speaks for him in the press. The Cardinal must be held accountable for those statements. He owns them.

Maria said...


Daniel --or anyone wanting a little background on the orgins of St Cecelia's viz. The Jesuit Urband Center, may refer to this article about Fr. Loftus SJ @

Fr. Loftus SJ is the former Director of the Jesuit Urban Center. This is not for the feinthearted. The article notes:

" Loftus’ pro-homosexual and dissident sympathies have not diminished with time. Indeed as recently as Lent 2006 Loftus used his Boston pulpit to impart homosexual propaganda and undermine Church teaching when, on Ash Wednesday he boldly promoted the Brokeback Mountain, a film known to be a work of homosexual propaganda. Loftus concurrently proclaimed his notion that it is not homosexuality which is the sin, but the "sin that is before us always is our refusal to grow into the freedom for which we were born."

Daniel: This did not all disappear w/ a new location and a new pastor. Like Carol, I am not implicating O'Malley. There are political forces that have infiltrated the church and some of them wear roman collars. And, yes, they have an agenda. Orthodox priests are held hostage by them. Oh, You will never guess whose articles always show up in St. Cecelia's bulletins? Yep, our friendly, charming and likable, homosexual acitvist, Padre James Martin SJ!

Daniel Biedrzycki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maria said...

Daniel: I read your rather scathing review of Carol's current post. In post, you questioned the source for the claim that The Jesuit Urban Center was the best place to find a gay mate. Here it is:

Best Place To Meet A Mate, Gay: The Jesuit Urban Center, South End. True, many happy couples found their love in the Ralph Lauren paint department of Homo Depot -- er, Home Depot. But Sunday morning Mass at the Jesuit Urban Center spawns more blessed pairings. The Urban Center's liturgy is both classic and contemporary; its mixed congregation is mostly gay; its AIDS and HIV support programs are some of the best in town; and its coffee hour is a great place to get phone numbers. 775 Harrison Avenue, Boston, 617-536-8440 ["The Best of Boston 1999", in Boston Magazine, August, 1999].

It would appear that the faithful have been begging the hierarchy of Boston to take care of the problem at St. Cecelia's and the Jesuit Urban Center for decades. Nice to denounce in words. Action is more forceful.

Carol McKinley said...


I don't believe you do understand.

The Cardinal has chosen to deal with Fr. Unni's apostasy by lying about the character of his ministry and the gay pride celebrations integrated into them - including the Sacred Liturgy.

The lie is exposed because there is no such thing as a Mass that needs to be especially scheduled for 'all' parishioners.

This is intellectual dishonesty that people can see through. Most disturbing that the Cardinal is playing along with the charade.

Those who are uncatechized, and especially gays, will conclude that unless there is a specially scheduled Mass, they are not welcome. Further, Fr. Unni has characterized his parish as the only parish where the priest and fellow Catholics openly welcome all parishioners.

The theology behind this is terrible. The lies being told are impossible for educated Catholics to believe. This leaves us to draw the rational conclusion that the Cardinal covers tracks with dishonesty. Something that is beginning to look like his mantra.

I am sure the Cardinal is getting crappy advice. But the point is, he is willing to go along with it. He is the party accountable for it all. He makes the final call on how to play the cards.

Carol McKinley said...

God is good and He will do whatever it takes to keep you in your innocence about all this during your formation at the Seminary. Some of us have a different role.

It is all good. Deo Gratis.

Carol McKinley said...

Thanks Maria. I couldn't put my hands on it.

Maria said...

Let us take a look at one of the "assisting clergy" @ St. Cecelia's:

We have:

(1) Fr. Jone Fuller SJ
Jon Fuller, S.J., M.D., was the founding president of the National Catholic AIDS Network and is assistant director of the Adult AIDS Program at Boston Medical Center. He teaches at Boston University School of Medicine, Weston Jesuit School of Theology and Harvard Divinity School.

He wrote an article called: Priests with AIDS.It can be found here:

He quotes Fr. Loftus SJ--you know, the one who was so fond of Brokeback Mountain.

This from St. Cecelia's bulletin:

Spirituality in the pub
Join us tomorrow evening, Monday, June 29 as we gather for food, drinks, conversation, and
a presentation on the topic, “Gay Marriage—
5th Anniversary” at the Harp & Bard Pub,
1099 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester (three blocks from the Savin Hill Red Line T station—Ashmont Line).

The evening’s presenters will be Rabbi Devon Lerner and Charles Martel. Rabbi Lerner served as the Executive Director of the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry (RCFM) in Massachusetts. During her four years with the RCFM, she helped increase the number of Massachusetts clergy
voicing their support of marriage equality from 400 to over 1,000.

Good to know, huh?

Carol McKinley said...

Working with HIV-infected men in and of itself is an act of mercy. But Maria's point is, I believe, that given all the circumstantial evidence, the duty of the Cardinal would be to say "Hey Father, you are teaching and preaching celibacy, right? You're not, in any way, promoting promiscuity and condoms, correct?"

Instead, the Cardinal and the Chancery look the other way. When people bring something scandalizing to souls to his attention, he circles the people bringing the scandal to his attention and bullies in the press and public square with PR spin.

When a charge of Cardinal O'Malley's is causing injury to souls or the Church, his tack is to lie about it, praise the person doing the harm and slander and bully the people bringing it to his attention and asking him to do his job as a shepherd. THIS is what is outrageous.

This is precisely the same tack the shepherds used to protect pedophiles. Nothing has changed. They are either incapable or unwilling to discipline their priests.

The Mass was originally scheduled as a gay pride mass. Enough noise was made by the faithful, that the Cardinal's superiors gave him some orders.

The Cardinal took the orders to cancel the Mass and approved a gay pride prayer service to appease Fr. Unni and then rescheduled the Mass outside of gay pride month. This all made it look like they were being obedient to the orders they received from above.

The Cardinal then sent his public relations people to use the words he used in the press against the people bringing the scandal to his attention. Of course, he takes an arms-length approach from the malignant words Terry Donilon uses to maintain the meek and humble shoeless friar public persona.

I've seen too much of it to continue applauding the charade. Love Christ and his Church and the souls being used and abused too much.

In reality, all the Cardinal has done here is to give John Unni the cover he needs to keep on going with his apostasy. Catholics who airing the dirty laundry of his administration are recipients of intimidation tactics.

There is no such thing as having to schedule a special Mass where every parishioner is invited. That is what ever Mass is and always has been in the history of our 2000 years.

The Cardinal abandoned his See to run a travelogue blog. All the people he appointed to run his diocese oppose the teachings of the Church. As they are running the diocese and we are revealing what is going on to the PEOPLE, he wants to boo-hoo about how holy and faithful HE is and how HE is being persecuted.

I am sorry, but I am not edified about his own personal journey to holiness. I would be if he were a monk in a Monastery but he is a shepherd of a very large diocese that is in trouble. It is not about him, it is about the people he is starving.

He needs to stop traveling the world like a prince and taking pictures of himself and sit in his rump in the chair to do his job as the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston. The days of being princes are over.

He needs to stop lying to cover up the tracks of his staff harming people and he needs to stop maligning people who are bringing it to his attention. When he receives a complaint and investigates it, his actions should lead to discipline of the priest and truth.

The faithful sees what he is doing on this one. Heck, the Boston Globe even sees what he is doing. He is not fooling anyone but himself and Terry Donilon.

Anonymous said...


Carol McKinley said...


So, did you know...

...A wheat wrap and pita bread is about 40 grams of carbs?

..Skinny cow desserts are about 40g?

...Fage yogurt with the honey on the side,30g?

...Cardinals continue to cover up their priests' abuses with lies in the press and attacking and maligning the complainants?

..Today we celebrate the Feast of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ?

peter said...

Cardinal Omalley and his petted
priest Unni are a scandal to the
faithful and should be removed.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Corapi Has Lost It
By Jimmy Akin

Fr. John Corapi has published a statement—also available in video form—in which he has announced that he is leaving active ministry as a priest.

He’s right.

He is. And he has.

Unless something extraordinarily improbable occurs, he will never again function as a Catholic priest.

And it’s his decision.

I’m quite sympathetic to innocently accused priests and the need to have better safeguards to protect them. I think there is room for potential criticism of how the Church has formulated its policy, or how it applies that policy in particular cases.

I also do not know whether he is guilty of the sexual and other misconduct of which he is accused. I have no way of determining that.

Frankly, from what is known of the situation, the entire thing sounds weird, and it did from the beginning. What was known about the accuser’s actions sounded weird (although that could have been due to imperfect representation of the facts), and Fr. Corapi’s public reaction was weird. This made if hard to judge where potential misdoing might lie. It could have been with either party—or both.

But at this point it doesn’t really matter which one was at fault or whether both were, because Fr. Corapi has taken it upon himself to end the matter by publicly abandoning his priesthood.

If his statement is any guide, this was not forced upon him. This was something he freely chose.

In fact, he may have chosen it some time ago, since his statement says that his autobiography, titled “The Black SheepDog,” will be published soon. If he began working on this project while he has been on hiatus then he may have chosen to leave the priesthood—or been preparing to voluntarily leave it as a contingency plan—for some time.

The name of the book is also worthy of attention: “The Black SheepDog.” This is a portmanteau of “the black sheep” and “sheep dog.”

“Black sheep” is obviously a common English idiom for a member of a group (typically a family) who either has fallen from grace or who is regarded by members of the group as having fallen from grace. That fits Fr. Corapi’s status given the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

What’s startling is that he would identify with this label and make it his own. It’s embracing an “on the run” identity that signals separation from and disobedience to the ecclesiastical authorities.

After all, not every person accused of sexual misconduct would embrace such a label. Many would say, “I’m innocent! I’m a white sheep, and I look forward to vindicating myself against the charges that have been falsely lodged against me!”

So the embrace of the “black sheep” label is itself disturbing . . . and unusual . . . a symbol of a “rebel” or “renegade” mindset...."

The question is is: why does Carol McKinley continue to defend a priest who has left the ministry and who identifies himself as a "black sheep"?

Answer: This blog and its author are part of a cult.

Jerry said...

Cult. Fringe. Anon, you are a hoot.

It reminds me of a little kid. Got to get attention. You can ignore kids, but anon needs special treatment. So, here it goes: get lost.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Akin - what a joke! The man needs a good dose of humility. Talk about cults and their leaders...

Maria said...

"God is allowing the Devil to be so successful because those who should be guiding the Church in sound morality are not doing so"!

John Hardon SJ

Anonymous said...

Let us face it, most Jesuits have lost it. The same false teaching and stench are trying to infiltrate the Church as a whole including Protestant denominations. I predict in the near future there will be another schism (which is already occuring) that will purify the Church. You will see the remnant of the Holy Catholic Church with a a large number of converts from other faiths. I thought of this today when I first woke up. A schism broke up the Church (reformation)and God will use another schism to bring it back together. Pray, pray, pray Gideon's army! This is my assessment.

Maria said...

Let us face it, most Jesuits have lost it.
Anoymous: How right you are! No argument there; however, John Hardon SJ has been declared a Servant of God. He paid the price for telling the truth. He was ostacized by his own beloved Society of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the Globe article referred to some "negative bloggers".

Is this the only one that the article was referring to?

Are there other blogs covering this issue as well?


I noticed Boston Catholic Insider hasn't had any posts about this.

Dan said...

Let me see if I understand this correctly, Cardinal O'Malley. You are now saying that those who are living in open, proud defiant mortal sin - of the most depraved sort, by the way - are able to receive Holy Communion? In other words, Your Eminence, it is now no longer necessary in your mind to confess your sins and do penance prior to receiving that correct?

And we no longer sin by thought, word and deed, is that right? We don't sin by thought or word, we have "orientations" now, correct? Like homocidal orientations, adulterous orientations, felonious orientations and homosexual orientations. Do I have your theology correct, Eminence?

And when these miserable sinners, committing the most unnamable of perversions, come to this "mass" they are to be "welcomed"...right? We don't admonish them to sin no more, is that what you are saying?

Your Eminence, if that is how you think then one or the other of these propositions is correct: you are either a)an apostate, or b)nuts.

Which is it?

Carol McKinley said...

Bran Hehir Exposed is covering developments also.

Maria said...

Dan: I remarked elsewhere--Why not have Masses to which Fornicators are invited in honor of "Fornitcator Pride?". Why stop there? Why not Masses to which pedophiles are invited in honor of NAMBLA, you know, pride in "man-boy love?".

Carol McKinley said...

Folks - DO NOT click on any link in my comments section.

I pull them down as soon as I get them, but there may be a lag time depending on what else I have going on.

Especially a suspicious looking link like youtu.be77xU38vv383 with bait saying this is what you'll see when you meet st. peter, etc.

Anonymous said...

Carol, a long time ago I learned that lesson...not to click on any links. One time I did, and lived to regret it!!


P.S. Want to wish all my friends here a most blessed feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus tomorrow! Let us pray for each other.

Maria said...

Hi Veronica: Same to you. It is so easy to give way to discourgement. Prayers for you, as well.