Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hello Stanley Cup, Goodbye Weiner

It's been quite a few days, hasn't it?

The Congressman who thought woman was a species made to venerate his weiner finally waived the white flag. Hey, when Nancy Pelosi, who thinks decapitating infants alive is moral, is disgusted with your conduct, you've pretty much hit the bottom of the barrel.

Just when you think the story can't get any weirder, a heckler disrupted the press conference.

"Bye bye, pervert."

Can't argue with that.

I sure hope Weiner finds his way to God and redemption in all of it. God makes everything new again.

May God shower blessings on his pregnant wife and unborn child.

Sports fans in Boston had a spectacular day yesterday. Hockey has had quite a come back, given a few years ago the whole league fell apart.

I slept through it and I'll be playing golf on Saturday when 'floating rally' takes place in Boston, but I will wear a Bruins shirt tomorrow.

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