Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chuck Colbert's Nastygram to Roman Catholics

First, a housekeeping item. We'll be getting the video of Fr. Unni's homily up shortly, but the quality is still not good.

My thoughts on Chuck Colbert's article..

Quite the nastygram against Roman Catholics.

I know Chuck as a reasonable, kind, compassionate man. I am dumbfounded by the chicanery and religious bigotry manifested in this article.

Let's start with common ground in Chuck's article: Catholics have not done a good job preaching and teaching moral theology with respect to homosexuality. Our vocabulary and pastoral approach needs some work. We can teach or witness with conviction and love while being sensitive to vocabulary that pours salt into wounds.

Our parishes and schools are training camps for evangelists. We can't enable but we can acknowledge that gays and lesbians have been hoodwinked into believing the Roman Catholics hate them and we can be sensitive to that reality.

I was speaking to a gay man recently about the controversy and he asked me to try to walk in his shoes. I wasted no time telling him that we have all walked in his shoes in one way or another.

Long before secular/cultural discussions on homosexuality took place in the public square, women were the victims of the same kind of cultural brainwashing.

Everyone loves a good crusade against the oppressed. They had a good run painting women as slaves to marriage and motherhood. The village idiots jumped right on the bandwagon. They went from teaching young girls how to recognize a decent, loving, loyal and responsible man and reserving our sexuality for him, to teaching young girls to hop into bed with emotionally crippled and irresponsible men.

Here's some savvy advice to teach your daughters: If you're thinking of a sexual encounter with a man whom you worry might be carrying sexual diseases from all the women he's slept with - He's a jerk. A twisted soul who will only bring you misery and heartache. Run. When you are far enough away, take a good look in the mirror to figure out what is causing you to be attracted to men who treat you as their human doormat and receptacle for their defective libidos. You've got some problems with self-esteem and self-respect that need emergency treatment.

I digress.

The point is, stomping on the moral compasses of naive people has all been said and done before. Long before Unni, priests with pony tails and bongs in their closet hoodwinked a generation of women into believing our sins were virtues and that Rome just didn't get it.

When all was said and done,the men carrying out that crusade had as much respect for women as Charlie Sheen. That disrespect is something women share with the current cultural lilliputians.

Meanwhile, what may account for conservative Catholic vitriol over St. Cecilia’s ministry with gay and lesbian Catholics?

A local psychotherapist offered an observation.

"What this entire experience has taught is about the venom that comes from these ‘Catholic’ bloggers towards gay people,” said Charles Martel, a licensed clinical social worker in private practice.

“From a psychological perspective, their level of anger and rage reflects that the issue of homosexuality seems to be something that they have unresolved personal conflicts about, and clearly are struggling with,” he added.

What Colbert fails to disclose is that the Rainbow Ministry is a dating support club for gay Catholics operated by gay marriage advocates in the basement of a Roman Catholic Church.

How's this for irony: I actually think it is Unni and prelates like him, including Bishops, who hold contempt for gays. Gays are the only sinners in the history of the Catholic Church whom they cultivate taking pride in immorality and sexual sin, knowing they are robbing them of their salvation.

They are spitting on them and telling them it's hydrotherapy.

You want to talk about self-loathing latent homosexuality, you need look no further than prelates and their Chancery-enablers robbing lesbians and homosexuals of Paradise.

Catholics holding them accountable for victimized gays are actually not the boogiemen.

What's next for the Rainbow Ministry? "We are in the process of reaching out to Waltham House," a center for homeless gay and lesbian youth, said Charles Petit, a parishioner, adding, "We got a letter from them, asking us to come out and talk about why this church is different from other Catholic churches. We're thinking about having a barbeque.”

But what is "different" from St. Cecilia's is never clarified in Chuck's article. He dances around it.

Permit me to tell you what it is: Fr. Unni is amoral and immoral man who is spreading his own errors and enticing and enabling others to spread theirs. Surely Colbert realizes Catholics are duty-bound to evict Cardinal O'Malley's friends with benefits ministries from the basements of our Churches.

As far as I am concerned, the Cardinal's support of a ministry operated by older, sexually active gay men and their recruitment of teenagers confused about the messages the culture is feeding them by promiscuous is a violation of the Dallas Charter and we are in the process of reporting it as such.

There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the organizers have no idea of the dangers of bringing young men confused about human sexuality into a ministry in the basement of a Catholic Church that will be a magnet for a pedophile. Nonetheless, the Bishops know or should know and a formal complaint that Cardinal O'Malley is violating the spirit of the Dallas Charter will be filed.

Fr. Unni has already destroyed his career. Rome will no more elevate an immoral man with a history of advocating promiscuous sex than they would a woman.

One more thing Chuck is right about - we have never been angrier.

Not even when the Cardinal made a contract with the Commonwealth to hire abortionists to execute infants and promised to give them a free ride to their subcontractors were we this angry.


Anonymous said...

"Mayor Thomas M. Menino also attended the worship service. “Father Unni is trying to bring everybody together. That is what our Catholic Church is all about,”

Chuck Colson must of been hard up if he has to resort to comments from Mumbles Menino, poor Mumbles doesn't have a clue.


Anonymous said...

"Rome will no more elevate an immoral man with a history of advocating promiscuous sex than they would a woman."

Carol, I am not sure how to take this - are you serious or is this tongue in cheek? Rome has elevated immoral men...all the way to Cardinal and beyond.


Anonymous said...

Calumny. "...a ministry operated by older, sexually active gay men and their recruitment of teenagers confused about the messages the culture is feeding them by promiscuous is a violation of the Dallas Charter and we are in the process of reporting it as such."

You are an evil, evil woman. You invent lies about good who want to help young people who have been thrown out of their homes because of their sexuality--they are not pedophiles, nor are they looking to "recruit" anyone. You are such a bad person.

Hesketh said...


Compassion.... Bless you for reporting this "ministry" that is a breeding ground for sexual exploitation.

Imagine a "ministry" that was founded by "well meaning" men who reached out to nubile young runaway women and girls. A ministry to "affirm" these broken young women in their sexual choices. We all know that the vice squad would be on the case very quickly.

Carol said...

Anonymous, lay off the coffee. I didn't allege that the group of promiscuous men reaching out to sexually confused teens were therefore pedophiles.

I'm saying the last thing a group of promiscuous men in a ministry known for hooking up sex partners should be permitted to do is go to a house of sexually confused teenagers to convince them to join their basement ministry at St. Cecilia's. The reason being that is exactly where a pervert will go once you get them there. If it's one thing we all know, a priest who advocates promiscuity doesn't have the skills to monitor who is sleeping with whom.

This is definitely a violation of the Dallas charter and a dangerous situation for sexually confused teens.

From what I've read there is already a controversy about a pedophile abusing a young man in a nomatterwhatness ministry John Unni is involved in.

As far as 'recruiting', I don't have the article in front of me, but it said something like they were hauling up to the home to tell the teenagers all about how different St. Cecilia's is. If the objective isn't to get them into St. Cecilia's, singing its praises wouldn't be part of the tome.

Hasketh, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

So, are you going to organize a protest at B.C. High the night that Unni is honored by the Society of St James for his wonderful ministry?