Monday, July 18, 2011

Fr. Tad: Gay Genes, Sexual Attractions and the Call to Chastity

Was the Pilot welcome at Fr. Unni's digs this week?

Fr. Tad has an excellent article called Gay Genes, Sexual Attractions and the Call to Chastity.

"Sherif Gergis summarizes this idea in a recent article: "We do not pretend to know the genesis of same sex attraction, but we consider it ultimately irrelevant to this debate. On this point, we agree with same sex marriage advocate Professor John Corvino: 'The fact is that there are plenty of genetically influenced traits that are nevertheless undesirable. Alcoholism may have a genetic basis, but it doesn't follow that alcoholics ought to drink excessively. Some people may have a genetic predisposition to violence, but they have no more right to attack their neighbors than anyone else. Persons with such tendencies cannot say 'God made me this way' as an excuse for acting on their dispositions.'"

I was born to use the word bitches when I see them. Doesn't make it right!


susan said...

This is a GREAT quote from Fr. Tad...certainly a man given to our Church for these times (he just gave a wonderful talk on bioethics at Christendom College's Summer symposium this past weekend).

Ann Barnhardt has an OUTSTANDING essay at her site on the militant homosexual issue and the pre-eminent importance of fighting it in the world today. The roots of the major secular "isms" are all intertwined, and all aim at the destruction of the Church. It's a good read, and a good reminder of exactly what the end goal is, and what's at stake.

Anonymous said...

This man is such a great gift to the Church and evidence that there are still priests who believe in the Gospel, whole and entirem without apologies. Deo gratias. Thanks for the link, Susan.

susan said...

Maria, amen to that. Glad you liked Ann's essay. For others interested in it it's her piece written on July 19th entitled "It's far more important than you think" (she's added other pieces since then).

and Maria, may God bless you for your fire and spirit and guts and
'zeal for His house'...the Tenth Crusade contibutors are a joy and an education to read...both Carol's posts and the commentors.