Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Catchphrases for Catholic Sitcom


Friends don't let friends do liturgical dance.

The Liturgy is a sex and pride free Sacrament.

Don't touch that Chalice.

Sissies are afraid of Confession.

Cardinal Come Home.

Kneel down and shut up.


susan said...

"Do ya feel holy? Well do ya...punk?"

(to the tune of the Dr. Pepper song)
"I'm a Catholic, she's a Catholic, he's a Catholic, we're Catholics, wouldn't you like to be a Catholic too?"

(in your best Schwarzenegger accent)
"He'll be baaack"


Tom said...

"There's nothing wrong with the Catholic Church that a good Inquisition won't cure," said the late John Schmitz, philosophy professor, California state representative and senator as well as the 1972 American Party vice-presidential candidate, running on the slogan, "When you're out of Scmitz, you're out of gear."

Anonymous said...

My favorite Trinitarian sitcom: "Three's Company"

"Father Knows Best"

"Free Will & Grace"

"Land of the Lost"

susan said...

"Free Will and Grace"!!!!!!

That's just SO good on SO many levels!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Susan. Glad you enjoyed it! Obviously, the names 'Will' and 'Grace' were no accident on the part of the show's creators.