Monday, August 8, 2011

Life is Precious and Beautiful

I started my vacation with a double-header of life is precious/can change in an instant news.

I learned of a death of a co-worker from many years ago--prayers for the repose of Patti's soul--and the second piece of news was about a local couple who owned a yummy gourmet bakery here in Pembroke which fell victim to Obamanomics.

The people who ran the bakery and their employees are a group of exceptional people. Along with offering tasty food, desserts and delicious coffee, they have the gifts to pull a community together. It was a family.

Back in June, the owner and chef is recovering from a hit by a drunk driver going the wrong way on the expressway on his way home from his new job in Boston. He was on his motorcycle and lost his leg. It is no doubt more than luck that he has the potential to live a long and happy life with his wife, family and friends.

I would encourage you to read about Patrick HERE, where you'll find a young man whose determination to live life to its fullest will inspire you.

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