Monday, August 15, 2011

A Familiar Catechist...


susan said...

Is this our "Catechist Kevin"??? Wow!...he's just great...I remember seeing his original show. Converts make the most AWESOME Catholics! husband's another case for that point...he puts me to shame.

Carol said...

Indeed it is!

He rocks.

Anonymous said...

This is one of those "aw shucks" moments, Carol. :)

I did not know that you were going to put this up on your blog.

Thank you, and Susan too, for your kind words.

We start our faith studies tonight over in our neck-of-the-woods.

The topic: "Learning to explain and defend the faith."

I found an anti-Catholic Jack Chick tract the other day at a local business. This will be our take-off point. ;)

Catechist Kevin

Jack O'Malley said...

Thanks for this, Carol. I have bookmarked it to watch later.

I also sent Marcus Grodi an email asking him if he would like to invite me on the program if I return to the Church. I could be billed as "Jack O'Malley, former Traditionalist". I need some more convincing bona fides though. Is there an SSPX church / chapel / storefront / garret in the area I could join?

Maria said...

Kevin: I so wish that I could watch this; however, I inadvertently deleted my audio input device and thus currently have no access! Like Jack, I have it bookmarked. We think highly of you around her :)

Anonymous said...


Perhaps Carol could privately email me your snail-mail address and I could send you out a copy of the DVD for viewing at your leisure? :)

Would this be okay with you? (have done this in the past with others from California and Northwest Pa.)

Do not worry - you will *not* suddenly start receiving a whole bunch of new mail from Catholic groups asking for donations. ;)

Carol, I'll send a private email to you about this.

Catechist Kevin

Lynne said...

That was wonderful! Kevin was a great witness (and I love being able to connect a name with a face).