Friday, August 19, 2011

Catholic News Agency's Smear Campaign on Voris and RealCatholicTV

The Catholic News Agency has fallen to a new low. They're now trying to dig up dirt to run smear campaigns on Catholics who have had enough of the counterfeit church they've been raising in the US for the last forty years.

I guess the National Catholic Reporter thugs were busy trying to ridicule Fr. Z?

If you read the thread of comments - and I would encourage you to leave one there - it didn't exactly have the outcome they had hoped for.

Voris didn't file his annual reports with the Secretary of State. Big whoop. It happens all the time to people running nonprofits. They run on a shoestring, they're not savvy in entity compliance. In fact, the IRS revoked the non-profit status of about 30,000 entities last year.

The Catholic News Agency also dug up some kind of online video games that Simon Rafe created that has sexual content. Ok. The man has published an apology for the scandal and sought the Sacrament of Confession. I'm not sure what he was thinking but I've had a few interactions with Simon and he has always been zealous and orthodox. I'm sure the matter will be dealt with internally. Prayers for all.

There's been a few sniveling reactions across he internet. They go something like this: 'Good enough, this is what Michael has been doing to others. Who is he to think he is beyond reproach." The vultures flock to the comboxes and good times were had by all.

How disingenuous. It's the equivalent of trying to dig up dirt on a policeman and then when you find something, all the thugs in town gather to ridicule a man who has been protecting the common good.

The concept of confronting theologians with errors so that Catholic children will be taught the authentic faith and led to resist temptation is some kind of vice to them. Trying to take a person down who is protecting children from error is virtue.

This is the same thing the Bernadin crowd has been doing to us for decades. Asking to have our religion taught to us and our children results in character assassinations and thuggery.

You know what?

Knock yourselves out. We're all going to keep going. Our children deserve to have their religion taught them them and by the Christ, they will. Go bleep yourselves.

Oh, and by the way - no bull in Madrid was sold out.


Caroline said...

It was only a matter of time before the wagons started circling around him...of course they showed up...And re: the comments around the internet;

'How disingenuous. It's the equivalent of trying to dig up dirt on a policeman and then when you find something, all the thugs in town gather to ridicule a man who has been protecting the common good.'


Anonymous said...

And we have a "fair and balanced" defense of Mr. Voris and RCTV from none other than (gasp!)..........

Catechist Kevin

Adrienne said...

Kevin beat me to it. Mark Shea defends Michael Voris? The end is surely near...

Anonymous said...

Adrienne, I thought the same thing.

We can only hope that he is seeing the light and having a change of mind and heart!!

There's hope for everyone! Perhaps that Akin man will be next.


Maria said...

Hey guys:

Carol is a recent nominee for Catholic New Media Award. Please go vote for her. If anyone deserves this award, Carol does!

Darknight said...

Thank you for this generous and compassionate blog post. My apology can be found here

At this time, I ask for your forgiveness and prayers.

Anonymous said...


I am dissappointed that you have not covered World Youth Day in Madrid. There is much that we should be proud of....we have over 500 young people for Boston in Spain.

Carol said...

Darknight, Thank you for linking to your apology and request for prayers. I was relieved to see you sought the Sacrament that reconciles us to God and Sacramental Grace. You have been good to us here in Boston. I know where your heart is. Keep Romans 7 handy as you continue to make peace with God and and those around you. You can count on the prayers.

Carol said...

I'm sorry anon for not covering World Youth Day. It has been a whirlwind week. I have not even had a chance to read these edifying stories and pictures. Tonight is the vigil - I'll be sure to post something over the weekend.

Freeing up the deposit of faith is near and dear to my heart and I felt called to work on dust up that could impede this work. Been working behind the scenes on this...sorry. You're absolutely right on.

Carol said...

BTW - not only did Mark Shea defend Voris, Elizabeth Scalia and Kandra defended him.

That triple header was definitely the work of the Holy Ghost.

Anonymous said...

"BTW - not only did Mark Shea defend Voris, Elizabeth Scalia and Kandra defended him."

Now I'm suspicious. They must have a trick up their sleeves.

susan said...

UN-BE-FRICKIN'-LIEVABLE!!!! I leave town and the internet for three days...isn't CNA usccb owned? WTF is wrong with a vast swath of the shepherds???? I'm makin' a BIG donation to Voris right now (and they've always been VERY up front about the fact that it's not tax deductable!), AND where do I go to vote for Carol in the CNM awards...somebody got a link?

susan said...

And just to be clear, the "Real Catholic TV" is NOT tax deductable (St. Michael's Communications is)...I just particularly like to give to the former cause it seems to be the greatest source of irritation and upset to the left that wrong? :)

BTW...a few years ago I STOPPED giving to ANYTHING that has USCCB beside, in front of, behind, or in little letters underneath its name!!! Until that vipers nest is cleaned out, NO MORE!

Maria said...


Here you go. This is the link to Catholic New Medis Awards. You have to register.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

From Stephen Dalton, responding to one of Voris' critics on The American Catholic Web site:

Mr Denton, Voris’s criticism of our Bishops is just. These men allowed known sodomites and child molesters to run riot for years. Michael didn’t know what Rafe was doing, but when it was brought to light, appropiate action was taken right away by RCTV and St Michael’s Media. Our Bishops never did anything like this. They covered up, paid off, and continued on the road to damnation for years until the secular media laid bare their sins and hypocrisies. Yep, St Michael’s had their problems, bt they took care of them. Too many of our Bishops and their profesional Catholic toadies still refuse to do anything about the queers, heretics, social justice nuts, feminists and other wackos embedded in the Church structure. ntil then , God bless Michael Voris and his bad hair cut or bad wig! His head is on straight, even if his hair isn’t!

If you aren't banned by Mark Shea, please send this to him and to the rest of the Register's poppinjays.

susan said...

Thanks Maria, will register and vote tonight. Carol SO deserves this award.

And Joseph, EXCELLENT, concise editorial you found.

scotju said...

Susan, I'm the one who wrote that "concise" editorial you liked so much.
Shea's "defense' of Voris wasn't really a defense; it was more like damning him with faint praise. One only has to carefully read his so called "defense" especially thr 7th paragraph of it, to understand why this is so. Also, the remarks that he made after his "defense" on various blogs show He's the same ol' bombastic buffoon and intellectual blly that He's always been.

Concerned Catholic said...

Now that M. Voris is taking positive action on these issues will CNA, CNS and other Catholic news outlets now please move the spotlight on to U.S. Catholic Bishops? The RC Bishops in America have paid out $1.2 billion (of hard-earned money donated by the laity) in settlements to victims of RC priest sex abuse and at least 6 Diocese and 2 Archdiocese filed for bankruptcy as a result. Homoeroticism, transgenderism, greed, and corruption have spread like plagues in the Church and across our nation and who can deny that a majority of Americans are devoid of a sense of sin? Catholic politicians in America mislead the public by misrepresenting the Faith in word and deed on a regular basis. Only a tiny fraction of Catholics participate in weekly Mass and monthly Reconciliation--check the data for yourselves! Due to an unresponsive RC Hierarchy, the laity, prompted by a love of Jesus and concern for the Church, exposed a corrupt “homosexual superculture” among priests in the Archdiocese of Miami, a "gay" culture that’s growing among clergy that receives support from members of the hierarchy as well as from those directly involved in the training of priests, as well as Church sponsored “gay” masses throughout the nation--we are talking about “chosen” and consecrated souls handpicked by Jesus to be His shepherds on earth! How is this possible? The RC Faith is being passed on to younger generations in fewer and fewer numbers. Disturbing trends in parishes are on the rise with many becoming increasingly unbalanced: Majorities of elderly filling pews but only small fractions of youth participating in masses. When the dwindling number of priests, religious, and laity of new generations are taught the catechism they are increasingly receiving a weak and distorted version of the RC Faith. Consequently, the lack of reverence during Mass and dwindling mass attendance is so deeply rooted and widespread it is the norm now and no longer the exception. Catholics are supporting and/or practicing greed, violence, materialism, secularism, contraception, abortion, stem cell research, and disordered sex practices at unprecedented levels--check out the data from several reputable research institutes for yourselves!

Yet, most of our RC Bishops remain silent and unresponsive during a time when their bold leadership is needed the most. Catholic news sources would you now please put the spotlight on RC Bishops so that they will be prompted to take positive action too. Hopefully RC Bishops turn away from silence, inaction or even blatant coverups and start to follow Voris’ example and respond to very unpleasant revelations of infidelity within the Church by thoroughly investigating turpitude, addressing these matters publicly, and taking corrective action. Jesus Christ calls the Church Militant to be bold defenders of the faith in thought, word, deed and prayer. Jesus called RC Bishops to be fearless generals on the battlefield leading us in spiritual warfare against “evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” Each and every RC Bishop must live up to that calling and for those unable the Pope needs to replace them by Bishops who will. Preventing the loss of souls to satan and hell demands nothing less.