Monday, September 26, 2011

Accurate Historical Information about the Crusades

Everyone and their brother with an ax to grind against Catholicism repeats urban legends about the Crusades.

Here's a half hour from Michael Voris with accurate information on the Crusades. Comes in handy when you run into somebody who learned about Catholicism through Huffington Post and Dan Brown novels...or Saint John's Seminary during the glory days of Woodstock.


n.b. You will note that comment moderation is back on. The Tenth Crusade is being pursued by individual who believes there is an implicit blogging commenters freedom granted by the United States Constitution. I am apparently transgressing this constitutional freedom when I delete posts opining that Catholics are butchers and mass murderers who do not give to or serve the poor. He has threatened to call the blogging police. I am barricaded in my home. Send Ramen noodles.


Liam said...

Voris gets a couple of worthy points in (the most important being that the Crusades did not arise ex nihilo but in response to Fatimid extremism earlier in the 11th century), but his history of the Crusades (and, more importantly, what led up to them) is a very very partial truth for the periods in question. It wouldn't recommend it for history.

It should be noted that, both in the initial Islamization of Christian areas, and the re-Christianization of Islamic areas that were formerly Christian, the process of conversion in both cases is generally agreed by experts today to have taken several generations before a point was reached of majority conversion of the conquered peoples. It was not largely a convert or die thing (precisely because the conquerers in each case had an advantage in eeking out profits from the unconverted in a variety of ways).

I would say that this process changed *after* the Crusades, in the wake of the Mongol and then Timurid and related invasions. After what we call the High Middle Ages, one does see a more genuinely bloodthirsty style. And, unfortunately, Christians were not immune to it, either.

Accurately portraying the Crusades is not something that will cover Christians in glory. Just a bit less mud and blood. It's still very messy and not very edifying.

breathnach said...


The Boston Globe is transitioning to an online paid subscription site.
The frustrated Unni-ites (and their legions of anti-Catholic fellow travelers), who filled the Globe comment boards with anti-Catholic screeds, are now looking for other outlets.

The idea that an orthodox Roman Catholic blog must become an open target to be deconstructed by these haters is laughable.

The utter absurdity that the First Amendment grants access to private forums of speech and free association speaks volumes about the state of education in our country.

I know you are watching the calories but if you need Cheetos or Doritos just give the word and we shall resupply you!

susan said...

I got some twinkies and ho-ho's from about 20 years ago...still fresh as a daisy. Will send tomorrow.

susan said...

oooo, ooooooo, and wine...lots and LOTS of wine.

Carol said...

Liam, Are you aware of the history of Muslim violence against Christians, women and children? They control the masses with public executions for immorality. They publicly lash women for driving a car.

You want to focus on the violence used against these madmen to free their victims? Cry me a river!

Carol said...


Ohhhh... THAT explains the new influx of detractors!

Thanks for the doritos and cheetos offer! I'll let you know when the coast is clear!

Liam said...


I was making a historical point in response to Voris. If you read what I read, I specifically note a change after the High Middle Ages. My main point is that, if one wants to propose a historically accurate view of the Crusades, it's still not going to cover Christianity in glory.

Carol said...

What I am saying is, for the centuries of people rescued from this butchers and murderers, it indeed DOES cover Christianity in glory.

War is never pretty. But the dynamic of making the actions of freedom fighters dishonorable is something I just can't get on board with. There are always a few sociopaths in the crowd and their actions are despicable. They are war criminals.

The crusaders saved generations of Catholics from Muslim terror and slavery. I see the glory it gives to God very clearly.

Michael said...

The anti-Catholics and the cafeteria, cultural catholycs have distorted the Crusades into a propaganda weapon to wield against the RCC.

Voris is correct to highlight that they are using a distorted version of the Crusades to undermine the Church.

There can't be a nuanced discussion about the Crusades until the agenda has been revealed for what it is--a propaganda effort against the Church.

Academics like Thomas Madden are doing the heavy scholarly work but their efforts won't get popular resonance until the lies are dealt with . Thumbs up to Voris.