Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cardinal O'Malley named to head pro-life committee

Nothing passive-aggressive about this, is there?

At the most critical time in the political history of the United States, the USCCB yesterday positioned their most talented gum it up man to cripple the prolife movement.

"OMalley will be charged with the task of heading up all pro-life educational and legislative efforts they undertake including pushing for legislation to end and limit taxpayer funding of abortions, ensuring that Obamacare does not fund abortion, ensuring that Obamacare does not fund abortions, and promoting the conscience rights of pro-life and Catholic groups and medical workers to not have to be involved in doing, referring for or paying for abortions. "


All the proabortion lobbyists he has appointed here in Boston have a front row seat to sabotage national efforts.

When the proabrtion Romney illicitly forced Catholic hospitals to give out abortifacients, he complied.

He, himself, contracted abortionists to provide abortions and gives them a free ride from Catholic hospitals. Catholics who pointed out his collusion in the murders forced Catholics to abandon their conscience protections, and was actually inconsistent with Church teaching, were treated to a character assasination on his blog as liars and people who do a disservice to the Church. He claimed subcontracting abortionists and driving babies to their executioners was consistent with Church teaching.

He was proven wrong, of course, but this is exactly the kind of discretion the USCCB needs.

My favorite part is when he mentions the spectacle of the Kennedy funeral was staged by him so he could talk to Obama. I guess he never heard the good news...they have invented the telephone.

Give us a break. Really. What do we have to look forward to? An episcopal prom for Barney Frank to discuss the sacrament of marriage?

Will somebody please drop a dime to this potato head and explain that a victory doesn't come in listening unless the party comprehends and takes the steps necessary to protect the unborn from being massacred?

Patron of the Universal Church, intercede for us.


Kelly said...

Oh this is JUST what we need--first Father Pavone is hijacked, now this. WHAT is going on with these guys?

(security word--butpea)

susan said...

You took the words right out of my mouth Kelly....Fr. Pavone is sidelined for, what is becoming more and more apparent, NO reason; priests and seminarians in a midwest state are FORBIDDEN by their BISHOP to pray in front of abortuaries (and this during 40 days for life!); Dolan high-tails it outta New York just as the homosexual 'marriage' issue and vote gets to it's apex; and now O'Malley in charge of Pro-Life??? Holy crap!!! Seriously, what the heck is the agenda at work?...I don't wanna be a conspiracy suspector, but what on earth are the faithful supposed to think? I really do not get it.

Karen said...

I think that the USSCB continues to lose credibility for decisions such as this that speak for themselves. Choosing the Cardinal is just par for the course. I'll put a positive spin on this...with a national audience, more of the faithful will see in Cardinal O'Malley what those here in Boston have been talking about....a good thing, right?
Carol, as an aside, I came right here after reading about the decision. I knew that you would be on top of this! I must say that I admire your restraint...well done!

Maria said...

Man, oh man, oh man. Smoke of Satan? It is a raging FIRE.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the latest?

Dan explains why he quit - the poor man.


But look who the Archdiocese and USCCB is using as a resource to malign Avila

Paulist Father Bob Bowers of Boston wrote a letter to The Pilot’s editor, saying that Avila’s article interfered with the “pastoral ministry and care for GLBTQ Catholics.”
“This article directly and intentionally causes pain for gay Catholics, their families, especially their mothers, their friends and their worship communities,” he wrote. “We call upon the editorial staff of The Pilot to immediately halt all such articles and publications and concentrate instead on the Gospel of Love, to promote understanding, compassion and healing.”

Bob Bowers whose criticism published in the Pilot is referenced in the USCCB press release is a priest with a long history of homosexual relationships and advocacy for promiscuous sexual behavior among gay Catholics. He is one of the most prominent sexually active gay priests in the archdiocese - along with Steve Josoma, Walter Cuenin, Ron Coyne - who have lived with their gay lovers over the years. To the best of my knowledge, the man no longer has faculties.

About 20 years ago in a parish dominated by Irish Catholics, he and his priest-lover were both assigned to the parish and were speaking about each other as partners openly in the parish. They were finally railroaded out when they performed a gay marriage. The incident is very well-known here in Boston.

I found this online:


"This is truly a tragedy for all in the Archdiosece of Boston. However, when I see Fr. Steve Josoma being such a vigilante, I am reminded of how he was chased out of St. Brendans. Fr. Steve verbally attacked and threatened a group of parishoners for whom he blamed for his demise. Telling one woman she would "rue the day". In fact, Fr. Steve Josoma performed a homosexual marriage in the church even though it was against the doctrine of the Catholic Church. That is the reason he was told to leave St. Brendan's and never come back. Fr. Ron Coyne was guilty by association. Fr. Josoma managed to alienate several parishoners and his friend, Fr. Bob Bowers wrote scathing letters to several parishoners in St. Brendans. So, please do not quote Fr. Josoma and Fr. Coyne, they went against the doctrine of the Catholic Church.

Mary, Dorchester"

He is currently working at the well-known homosexual haven here in Boston - the Paulist Center, and does 'outreach' under the name of 'bob bowers' - no fr or even reference to the fact he was ordained.


He routinely speaks at events for gays,, including at the local parish here that scheduled the gay pride mass a few months ago:


He is a bum.

Another Boston Catholic said...

How much longer can the USCCB make decisions such as this on Cardinal O'Malley, and the one on railroading Dan Avila, before the faithful wonder how the heck we can keep trying to bring back fallen-away Catholics?
Honestly, I understand why many people left. If you didn't have the gift of belief in the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, if you didn't understand Church history - that this is the Church Jesus founded - why would you hang in here?
What a joke these USCCB actions would be termed if they weren't so tragic for souls.

Dymphna said...

More and more I get the feeling that the pro lifers are being stabbed in the back.

Anonymous said...

Pavone has been sidelined for the(re)election of Obama so Cardinal Sean and the rest of the homocath country club wolves can live large. The appt of O'Malley to head the prolife committee is a new low by the USCCB - as the great state of Massachusetts votes to legalize "assisted suicide" aka murder. How many of your MA Catholic nursing homes are routinely killing the elderly (and gaining the children's consent)? If you stay in this church, don't be surprised when God holds you accountable.