Monday, November 14, 2011

Highlights of Newt from Debate

BTW - he's surging in the polls.


Anonymous said...

If Newt was on left side of a table and the other 7 candidates were on the other side of the table, there would be more brains on left side than on the right!!!

Anonymous said...

Carol, what's your take on today's revelation that the serial-adulterer Newtie collected 1.6 mil from Freddie Mac in, um, "consulting fees"?

(Probably needed $$$ to pay off his $500K debt at Tiffanys).

Just sayin', dear!

Carol said...

Now, now! Do I detect a green-eyed monster?

I absolutely, positively, could not give a flying fig about anybody who worked to earn money!

Carol said...

I don't think you are getting it. People don't care about the people who work for their money, they care about the people who want to camp out in the streets so we will give them the money we are working for while they riot during the day and sleep in tents.

Anonymous said...

Carol, now it turns out Newtie has collected $37mil as a corporate shill, buying our senators and reps!

Why am I not surprised?

And, quite frankly, Carol, how do you and I get our snouts into these lucrative feedbags?

Carol said...

I don't know how else to say, I don't care how much he's made!

You don't really care either. Because if you did, you'd be outraged over the wealth and frau-frau of Barack and Michelle. The wealth George Soros and Nancy Pelosi would be on your hit list.

How do you get rich? Go to school, work hard, be ambitious, network, climb the ladder, chase your dreams.

I'd rather see a civil war than hand our country over to the communists and thugs George Soros is paying to destroy it.