Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fr. John Unni's Welcome to the New Roman Missal - "It's Looming Like a Root Canal"

Fr. John Unni has quite a peculiar little introduction in his bulletin about the changes to the Liturgy.

If you scroll down to the last page of his bulletin, you'll find a piece written by Fr. NoNoMen. (That name must must cause chaos at St. Cecelia's rectory, eh?)

First Sunday
of Advent is looming like
a date with a root canal...
the new missal
is intended to steer us
back toward a more traditional liturgy. Those who
welcome such a move
look forward, as one commentator put it, to “a
new sense of dignity and
decorum,” promoted through “reforms such as
an altar orientation toward the East, kneeling
for Communion, and better and more dignified
vestments and furnishings.”

I must be missing something because Fr. Nonomen is approaching getting rid of the puppets and clown noses with more dignity and kneeling towards the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity like his annual colonoscopy.
As a priest who does not welcome these changes, I’m under pressure...
I am wondering, for instance, how to reconcile a parish staff grumpy about the changes with a largely unsuspecting parish populace. Or what to do when attempting to explain this Trojan horse of a translation and the pointed agenda it may be hosting. In short, how does one make a sale when it’s tough to believe in the product?
So, how to proceed? Do I and other likeminded priests simply refuse to comply?...
We certainly need to present these changes in context, encouraging such likely and important questions as “What next?”—that is, encouraging everyone to consider and discuss the long-term effects the changes might have on the church. We also must provide a new “word board” for the people in our parishes—a discourse that supplies the language necessary to articulate any number of personal responses, from individual noncompliance to letter-writing to informed acceptance. Most of all, as that amazing woman reminded me... we cannot forget to laugh;

Wow. I didn't realize the Trojan horse of an agenda...+I am not worthy to receive You but only say the Word and my soul shall be healed+...would have the Fathers Nonomen in such a tizzy, did you?


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Actually, a root canal is not a bad analogy. While a root canal takes some time, its purpose is to heal serious tooth disease. I'd say the clown masses are a serious disesase that requires serious measure.

breathnach said...

Pick and choose catholycs, who genuflect before Father Unni and all things "progressive", are gaga over the smells and bells of highly ritualistic
Episcopalian-ism. There it serves causes: homosexuality, women priests/bishops,environmentalism,multiculturalism among many other modish doctrines.

However, the recovery of liturgical forms within the RC Church must be shunned and denigrated. These are unhealthy reactions of the benighted and do not serve "progressive", worldly agendas.

The dictatorship of relativism and empty ideology is all the rage among the catholycs.

Carol said...

Janet, Breathnach, You can't help but read the changes and know they are about admitting our sin, unworthiness and humbling ourselves before the Lord. Pride is going to have a hard time finding it's place.

Anonymous said...

"Those who welcome such a move look forward, as one commentator put it, to “a new sense of dignity and decorum,” promoted through “reforms such as
an altar orientation toward the East, kneeling for Communion, and better and more dignified
vestments and furnishings.”"

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddd...... the problem with this would be what?

Would, per chance, the Church be going back to the storehouse and be brining out those treasures that are old to go along with the treasures that are new? (see Mt. 13:52)

Could this new translation of the ordinary form, along with "a new sense of dignity and decorum," be leading the Church back to the days of nearly 80% registered Catholics attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

Would anybody have a problem with this?

Catechist Kevin

Carol said...

Isnt it wild?

This is why the Church warns us that pride is a deadly sin.

Carol said...

Some thoughts I am reading about humility...

+It is based on truth. It is primarily a disposition of our will to restrain the tendency which we all have to claim an esteem and consideration which is beyond our due and to assert an independent of judgement and of the will that does not belong to us as creatures. The repression of this impulse of our unregenerated being to exalt itself, to exact consideration for itself as for itself, cannot be achieved by any self analysis, no matter how thorough: it can have its source only in a deep sense of God's all pervading sovereignty, and in a profound reverence arising from this; for through that reverence man will not desire to desire to assign himself more than I'd due to him, by reason of the position given him by God.+

This is what nonomen approaches with the dread of a root canal.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, this guy is an attention whore. Placing this article in a parish bulletin shows his committment to insubordination. Unni needs an attitude adjustment and some counseling to deal with his authority issues. And the Archdiocese needs to address his arrogance. How on earth can lay Catholics be expected to remain open and positive when their pastor is poisoning the well?

Veronica said...

Yeah, well, with all due respect to Father Unni and his ilk, the past fifty years have been an unending toothache for me, so I have no sympathy at his not relishing the prospect of a root canal.

Now they know how we felt in the sixties and seventies.

Too bad.

What goes around, comes around.

If he needs some names to contact to establish his own inde chapel outside the church, there are many who will oblige him.

Anonymous said...

I thought Unni already had his own independent church. He makes up his own prayers anyway, so what does he care about a new Translation?

tommy said...

"calling itself tolerance and prudent moderation, "wisdom of the flesh" is equally indulgent to vice
and indifferent to virtue.

Anonymous said...

It's quite a large bulletin and such a waste of money to devote two pages on Fr. Nonomen's drivel. (page 16) He doesn't even have the guts to sign his own name. But at least now we know exactly where Fr Unni stands. He's really sticking it to "the man" with NoNoMen.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to read Fr. Jonathan Gaspar's article on the Missal in this week's Pilot. In a subtle way, he takes on Fr. Unni.

Carol said...

Will do - thanks for the heads-up