Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gingrich on Sovereignty and the Law

I only tuned into the debate for a few minutes but was lucky enough to catch Gingrich taking a sniveling Pelley to the woodshed about the Law. What a shining moment.

Sign me up.

It never dawned on me before, but I think Bish is right in the comments below that the Obama's class warfare occupy riots is the DNC get-ready for what they think will be a Romney nomination. There isn't a dime's worth of difference between Romney and Obama - except Romney fiscal agenda is taking care of the rich. The only people in the GOP who are behind him - are the rich. Even if Romney's affect was not weird and he was a prolifer and a conservative - which he most emphatically is not - his nomination is going to result in an increase in the class warfare riots. Fugghetabout Romney. He is a loser.

We've got to face the facts. What we are left with, is Gingrich. Judging from his performances, I think he is a candidate I could actually even get enthusiastic about. Apparently, I am not alone as he is rising in the polls.

The man of the moment appeared utterly at ease as he signed autographs and posed for pictures with people on the Furman campus amid football tailgaters on a beautiful fall weekend. He jokingly explained that he has no need to attack Romney. So many in the party aren’t with Romney at this point, he said, that all he needs to do is get most of them, not try to take people away from the former governor.

This is absolutely spectacular:

I am in kiddies!


susan said...

goll-lee he's looking mighty presidential. World-class mind there; if we can just keep him off couches with nancy pelosi and shilling for global warming, we might actually have a fine candidate in Newt.

and btw...what the heck does "I am in kiddies!" mean? it some kinda new slang that I am so out of the loop on?

Carol said...

I am in, kiddies! Another version of "Kiddies, I am in!"

BTW - the children loved the smoothies. I made a huge batch for the next few days!