Sunday, November 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street/Obama's Class Warfare Riots

Does anyone really give a flying fig about the encampments of Obama's freeloaders?

Drunks and druggies, murder, public sex, crime, peeing and pooping in the streets, defacing our flag, inciting malice for our country, destroying small businesses.

Did I dream this, or did they actually dig up Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young? Are they all that's left of the druggies from those three days at Woodstock? The Age of Aquarius is back. They've all been waiting 40 years for this.

I don't see how this bunch of animals are helping the democrats political game though, do you? This works when there's a republican in office but it doesn't gin up warm feelings about the Obama Administration.

People who studied and work for a living are really not in the mood for people rioting for more handouts.

Maybe they democrats don't see it gaining momentum for them either. It looks like the unions have given the go-ahead to start arresting these thugs.


Anonymous said...

This is all a preemptive attack to deal with Romeny, if he becomes our canidate


kd said...

Great Video, must get it viral!


Anonymous said...

They are more like the SDS and the Weathermen, not the hippies. We were too googly-eyed for that.