Sunday, November 20, 2011

Occupy Moonbats Seizing Homes

Crap, this is getting insane.

Who'da believed in America that thugs could take stampede the private property of others to seize it while the police are castrated?

Might be time to upgrade the FID card from mace to weapons.


breathnach said...

Carol, I am appalled These renegade cops should only be armed with pixie dust spray!!

The leftist, enabling academic elites at UCal need to take a page from the leftist Harvard enabling, academic elites and lock out their spawn.

breathnach said...

Carol, I forgot to mention-- I invariably vote Green or Democrat. However, the hateful academic elites locking out (Harvard)and pepper spraying (UCal) our children are forcing me to vote Republican!!!!

Lynne said...

or move to a state which has a better concept of gun ownership and the castle doctrine.