Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound


Anonymous said...

This blog is poorly written. And its author is a deceitful blowhard who is puffed up with herself.

susan said...


Carol said...


Yes, it seems like our visitor is here to spew venom.

I guess Mark's inspirational witness couldnt lift her out of the doldrums.

Well, I had a little fun, but I suppose all good things must come to an end.

Carol said...

Psst. Put this in your crack pipe and smoke it:1287 visitors today.

KankakeeLatin Mass said...

Dear Carol,

Would you kindly do me the favor of adding us to your "poorly written" blog. I wouldn't mind associating with your kind. ;-)

God bless!

Maty @


Carol said...

oops. I just realized the wrong video posted! I'll fix!

Maty, wow - what manna from Heaven those prayers were for me to read. Many readers here worship at the Latin Mass. I've added you to the blogroll and am looking forward to re-reading the beautiful prayers of the Mass.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon

Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves ... why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?


KankakeeLatin Mass said...

Thank you so much, Carol. So, we're neighbors now!

I guess I'll have to love you as myself.

For now, God bless!

Maty in Kankakee

Carol said...

Anonymous - what a fun trip down memory lane.

Always with the negative waves!

Maty-We could use as much love as you've got to give here!

KankakeeLatin Mass said...

You know what made me sympathize with you, Carol? On my blog,I also was called deceitful - more specifically, a "hypocrite".

Unlike you, however, I deleted the remark because it stings. Besides, the fellow was a liar and I don't post lies. :-)

You are now on my blog roll.

God bless!

Carol said...


Good for you for saying something to give glory to God.

The effect of sin is the inability to recognize the great deceiver. They know not what they do.

Here's my best advice, for what its worth:

I try to be objective about whether an allegation could deceive a reader who is uncatechized (or not in a state of grace) from a theological truth, or whether the allegation is just somebody spitting on me.

I take it down if it is the former and leave it up if it is the latter. (Unless I feel it it is prolonging the person from removing himself/herself from the stewing in their own feces. If they are really entrenched, you can actually contribute and enable if you let it go on and on).

Other times, I hit delete because I don't want to subject readers to the spirit that is animating the person. It is contagion.

There is merit to flustering the individual. If you can back them into the corner, they have to use their intellect to get out of it. They're forced to read your responses, think them through to come up with responses. Most of the time, in doing it, they have to process the truth. The further and further they have to stretch, you increase the chances they will realize their conviction is wrong (though they will never admit it to you - you release them from the captivity and offer them the chance to see Christ)

Carol said...

p.s. thanks for the add!