Monday, January 16, 2012

Cardinal-elect Dolan Homily on Sexual Immorality

Does anyone who thought he would be no better than Kicanass have any more questions?


Maria said...

Whem he takes on James Martin SJ and America Magazine, in public, I will be more convinved. His silence is deafening.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

If bishops are really concerned about sexual immorality, then they should formulate (or encourage others to formulate) curricula that give young people the moral and ethical skills to deal with their sexual emotions, especially when they are with the opposite sex. This goes far beyond abstinence, contraception or mere rhetoric. It involves activating the mind and the will, and giving young people skills to counteract what they hear, see and face.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Well, he can preach it, but can he inspire his flock to live it, get the sinners to repent, and excommunicate those who are brazen unrepentant sinners, especially those who are rich and powerful?

Anonymous said...

Who leaked this sermon to the press so bloggers like you could pick it up -- i.e. talk is cheap. Now that gay marriage has passed in NY (while the bishop was out of town) and for that the pope gives him a red hat on Epiphany (and MD O'Brien gets one too - Catholic Gov O'Malley & Catholic Cardinals O'Brien & Wuerl got Gay marriage in the bag for MD this year) let's talk about sexual morality, but let's not mention Catholic, adultery committing Governor Cuomo w/his handout for communion or his concubine's homosexual acts committing brother... or the homosexual antics at NY NY's St. Francis Xavier parish while Bishop Dolan looks on..."These people worship me with their mouths and honor me with their lips. But their hearts are far from me, and their worship of me is [based on] rules made by humans." Isaiah 29:13

StevenD-Jasper said...

well, thats a first, good for Cardinal Dolan, I will be praying for you.

On another note, young women (like in the link) should not be dressing this way. I mean, I'm going into church and teenage girls come filing in front of my family wearing skin tight jeans. Mens minds start to;s just not right or helpful..

Anonymous said...

Bishops encouraging a curricula that gives young people the moral and ethical skills to deal with their sexual emotions:

Anonymous said...

More bishops giving encouragement:

Carol said...


You are confusing the role of a parent with the role of a Bishop and the role of a pope and the role of a bishop.

There is 2000 years worth of a deposit of faith to assist parents with forming and managing their own children's emotions on human sexuality. A bishop could not possibly assume that role as each child is able to process information differently and at different times. That discretion and duty is parental.

It is NOT the role of a bishop to come up with doctrine and guidance. That's the role of the Pope and the Holy See.

There is 2000 years worth of documents and assistance already teed up.

I really do not want to get into the dynamic of having to circle back into my comments section to correct your mischaracterizations about the Catholic religion with you Joseph. We have been there, done that. You do not want to or are unable to hear the answers. Your comments often attempt to grant constructive permission to yourself and readers to worship god in any image and in any manner they wish, including the abandonment of Christ's One Holy Catholic and Aspostolic Church and Her Sacraments. Your hostility towards Christ's Church is apparent in many of your comments.

I have repeatedly asked you not to leave your comments here and I would ask you once again to comply with my wishes.

TheophilusSpunk said...

Yes Joseph, Carol doesn't like comments from those who are not part of her cult/inner circle of three or four people. She is a fanatic. And fanatics don't like to consider the views of others.

But the McKinley Cult isn't taken seriously anymore. If indeed it ever was.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

It is NOT the role of a bishop to come up with doctrine and guidance. That's the role of the Pope and the Holy See.

Carol, if you really believe that, then you have absolutely no basis to criticize anything that bishops do because it's not the bishop's role to come up with "guidance."

And, since the Pope is also a bishop, he falls under your assertion, as well.

Also, re-read my first post. I also suggested that bishops encourage others to devise curricula to give young people moral and ethical skills to deal with their budding sexuality.

On a more substantive question, can you tell me what is so wrong with curricula that encourage young people to develop those skills? Where do you see that taking place? In the home? In the schools? In this culture? Seriously?!?!?

The Catholic Church is not the only religious institution that should encourage developing such skills. But Catholics, all too often, are more satisfied with rhetoric than with action.

I am merely demanding that Absp. Doyle put his money where his mouth is. You demand the same with your own archbishop. Praytell, what exactly is the difference?

Anonymous said...

We at Non-Faithful Catholic Schools have been telling this story for awhile now. We even went so far as to post on my Alma Mater, both HS and College to prove just how far down the scale the "True Religion" has slid so these schools can get their "subsistence" payments from the government. Dolan is a farce as a Bishop. He ran when confronted by real adversity and shook hands with the Devil for political gain. We have listed it all. Rome is totally asleep at the switch.
Jesus Is Lord!

Anonymous said...

Catholics, all too often, are more satisfied with rhetoric than with action.

This accusation, especially in the context Catholic teaching on human sexuality deserves a thorough, thoughtful and provoking one word response: poop.

Carol said...

Anonymous-LOL. My sentiments exactly.


The Catholic Church has a head. We do no operate willy-nilly with bishops and priests and lay people formulating doctrine.

The Holy See 'formulates' doctrine and dogma on sexual ethics. Bishops, priest, lay people have taken the formula and written millions of things over our 2000 year history. To use it in the Catholic Church requires being put under the microscope and approved with a Nihil Obstat or Imprimatur, meaning everything in the resource is consistent with Catholic formula given by the Holy See.

Hundreds of thousands of these materials have passed said inspection and are available.

Catholic teachers have used these resources to school billions of Catholic children on Catholic ethics over our 2000 year history.

The job of nurturing Catholic children's emotions falls upon the parents. There are many resources to help parents that have Nihil Obstats and Imprimatur. There are classes in theology of the body. Catholic parents do not want teachers, priests or even bishops nurturing our children's emotions because they are not qualified. Only a parent is qualified to nurture their own children's emotions.

Watchdog ministries like mine are reporting leaks on our ship and appealling to Bishops and the Holy See to seal the leaks on the magnificent Ark created by Christ Himself. The LAST thing we want is the chaos of individuals making up doctrine. It's exactly what we want to and shall avoid.

We really don't have the time to respond to the skullduggery of pretending our 2000 year history of works doesn't exist.

Carol said...

I get 5,000 to 7000 unique readers a week. 15-20 thousand a month. Close to 300,000 in 2011.

No doubt chump change compared to many other Catholic websites, God Bless them, but I'll tell you something, it's a mother ass load of people reading a blog of this nobody.

susan said...

"mother ass load of people"...right up there with "Michelle Obama's padunkadunk"

McKinley, you are a wordsmith extraordinaire! :)

susan said...

...and anonymous, you're right up there pretty close to Mt. McKinley too; though I do think a slightly more exacting expression would have beed "BULL-poop".


Jack O'Malley said...


So many unique readers? You've got to get yourself one of those paypal donor buttons and and amazon wish list. ;-)

Maybe you even need a bird feeder in the backyard and a few photos of your evening meals. WDTCRS? What does the Carol really say? Hey, you could do an exegesis of Christmas carols.

"Don we know our gay apparel" means presider Unni putting on his Sunday frilly frock? There are possibilities here.

BTW, does it occur to anyone that a priest ensconced in the wilds of Minnesota might better serve the sacerdotally-deprived Church in a traditional parish somewhere within the precincts of civilization? Of course, a ministry to our avian brethren and to the culinary arts is not to be disdained. Jeez.

BTW, I agree with Maria and Jasper and you, too, Carol. I'd only mention that Dolan's chewing his eyeglasses as he was lectured to by a tribade or sodomite as he sat in what used to be called the sanctuary, was not exactly the reaction St. Paul would have had in the same situation. But then, hey, howaaya Governor Cuomo, and Ms. Semi-homemade. Great to see ya. So what's for brunch today?

They all eat with an episcopal voracity, now, don't they?

susan said...

ooops, "would have been" (not wordsmith I)

Carol said...


Very thought provoking.

I often worry when my readers don't have access to the thoughts in my brain or what I am eating or doing. I am not one for birdpoop so a feeder wouldnt work but perhaps i should tweet.

Anonymous said...

5,000 to 7,000 readers a month....That's a load of crap. Your Google listing would reflect that.

Your are a deceitful person who is into self-promotion and nothing more.

This blog is a farce.

Carol said...

Whatever makes you sleep better at night baby, but it is what it is.

Carol said...

BTW, these numbers are not all that impressive. What I get in a week, Fr.Z gets in a half day.

Why dont you get a blog for your gig. You could put pictures of us all up with distorted features and claim its proof we are deceitful, deceptive,liars who are sleeping around. Call it Kangaroo Court. This would be a smash on Patheos.

Carol said...

Thr Anchoress could tether it to the wicans and wizard blog.

StevenD-Jasper said...

"Your are a deceitful person who is into self-promotion and nothing more."

Hey Anon,

Why don't we have this conversation face to face? Would you like to meet? I'll give you my address. Then, lets see how much BS you spew.

Carol said...


You must be a wonderful protector of your family!

This poor individual takes issue with people who wont take their unflattering pictures and anonymous gossip as testimony for convictions.
I reckon a career in tabloids isnt panning out. She is unworthy of your virtues. Im going to hit the delete button.

God bless you.