Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dictatorial Religious Bigots Storm and Terrorize Santorum and Supporters

In his victory speech, one of the first things Gingrich talked about was the insurgence of dictatorial religious bigots in this country. Incredibly, as he was saying it, they showed up to terrorize Rick Santorum and his supporters.

As Santorum finished his speech, a group of Charleston occupiers began to shout, "Santorum, Santorum, you bigot, goodbye". The chants quickly turned into a protest where occupiers were pushing and shoving throughout the crowd.

One Occupy protester threw red glitter at Santorum and ran out of the room.

To the frustration of supporters in attendance, the occupy protesters made no friends as more entered the room and threw green and purple glitter into the air as they chanted obscenities.

Some Santorum supporters fought back, pushing an occupier's head and shouting "Get them out of here!" as protesters were forced outside of the watch party.

A source with the Occupy movement said the attack was planned at the very last minute saying they "couldn't resist."

Their plan was to chant "Santorum, Santorum, You Bigot, Goodbye." In the tune of the song 'Na Na Na Goodbye.'

Yeah? Well don't count on it pal. On exit polling, seven out of ten Gingrich voters said religious freedom drove them to the polls. The margin of votes, the counties historically won. I think something just happened.

Gingrich is the only one with the audacity to talk about these Philistines in the public square. To name it, say we're not going to take what you're doing to our country sitting down.

He's got the slingshot loaded and he is firing, hitting them right between the eyes. Stunning them. He is exactly what we need for this time in our country's history.

Somewhere in his past, he's slept around. Ok. But since that time, he's converted to the Catholic Church. He has access to the Sacraments of the Catholic Church. And, it's as clear as the nose on your face that the Holy Spirit is manifesting Himself through him.

Did the Democrats let that stop Ted Kennedy, even when he drove a woman off of a bridge and swam away rather than try to save her life?

Of course not. They loved him. Believed in redemption. Knew the power they needed him for, and he his career went on.

Fifty-four million babies are dead. Our country is stewing in the sour fruit. Anarchy and religious bigotry is being characterized as political heroism.

There are many blacks here in Boston who sympathized with the "occupy" message, tried to join.

You know what happened? It became clear the 'occupy' movement was loaded with racial bigots. Many black leaders spoke out about it here in Boston. Next time they show up, check it out. All mad whiteys. And, I mean 'mad' in every conceivable way. This anarchist movement has nasty underpinnings.

Coming home from work the other day,something red caught my eye on the periphery of my vision above a store window. It was a confederate flag. People are putting symbols of ethnic cleansing in their windows under the guise the citizens of this country will protect it as freedom.

And, the scary thing is, if we don't pounce on this chance to stop the anarchy, maybe they will.

Romney was an enemy of religious freedom in his tenure in Massachusetts. He is the author of Obamacare. He is the author of forcing Catholics to pay for abortions and hand out abortifacients. He is the author of gay marriage. We cannot vote for Romney, come what may. Because what we would be doing is endorsing 40 years of the GOP paying off people like Anne Fox of MCFL to say this IS the prolife agenda. (Shame on her!)

Paul is crazy.

Rick Santorum is a good guy. I would love to see him politically flourish. It is despicable the prolife movement didn't get behind him. But it is what it is and he is too meek to fight this kind of battle. We need a warrior.

It's time for Rick and Ron to bow out and for all of us to get behind Gingrich.


Lynne said...

It would be interesting to see Santorum as head of HHS in a Gingrich administration...

Carol said...

That would be an awesome appointment.

We are really dreaming now Lynne!