Sunday, January 15, 2012

Huffington Post's Latest AntiCatholic Rant is Bigoted and Bizzare

Wayne Beson has his panties in a twist over statements made by the Catholic Pope on gay marriage.

It's antigay. It's bigoted. It's bizzare. The Pope is a joke. His reign is an abject failure. It's outrageous. It's secrecy. Rejecting gay marriage means you are a liar and a lunatic, so which is it: Is the Pope a liar or a lunatic. It's arrogant. Just look at the crusades and the pedophiles. Enablers of child abuse. The pathological homophobia is being fed down the food chain. Pathetic "prayers". Blowing holy smoke where the sun don't shine. Attacks on innocent GLBT families.

Feeling the love yet?

Somebody around this place is insensitive, indecent, intolerant, reprehensible and out of touch.

Here's an epiphany pal, that would be you.

Let us cut to the chase. You don't want to see same sex sex on the list of sins that impedes your redemption. I don't blame you. It hurts to think something we are doing is rejected by God. We all know it in some form or fashion somewhere along our lives in big things and in little things. In ways that we use our tongue or our libido harms others and hurts God.

In my CCD teaching days, I used to liken premarital sex to robbing a bank.
Their first reaction was indignant. God doesn't see teenagers who have sex like the terrible people who rob banks!

I would express my shock at their thoughts that God sees people who rob banks as terrible people. I would invite them to see that God sees robbers as poor people who do something desperate to feed, house and clothe their family. People who need money. God never sees anyone as a terrible person - just people with needs, desires and wants.

I would continue the story. A man who loses his job or gets caught up in the web of substance abuse and has no way to feed his family. His children are hungry and he decides to rob a bank. He gets a gun. He needs somebody to drive the getaway car. He asks around. One of his friends agrees to drive him to the bank. This person then becomes an accomplice to breaking the commandment Thou Shalt Not Steal. If anyone gets hurt or killed, an accomplice to Thou Shalt Not Kill.

When we have desires to sin, we can very rarely pull it off by ourselves. We invite accomplices to assist us in fulfilling our needs and desires. If we carry out our own lustful desires, we invite a victim into sin. We hold out the apple and if they bite, you are both thrown out of paradise. Naked. With nothing.

The object of your desire is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Inviting them to partner in your sinful wants, needs, desires is leading them into temptation. An accomplice to Thou Shalt not Commit Adultery.

The state is not in the business of the salvation of souls. Just because something is legal, doesn't mean it isn't harmful to you or your neighbor. Want to live with your lover? Knock yourselves out. Give to Caesar what it Caesar's. But if you die before you give what is God's to God - you're in for an eternity of suffering in a place with some unsavory characters. The Catholic Church is going to stand in that same public square and call out to the sheep. There is nothing hateful or unconstitutional about it and we will do it - come what may.

Let us face it. The John Unnis of this world are the worst enemies of Christ's Church. Inside of His Sanctuary, he becomes his own hero and a hero of the Chancery bean counters by fueling contempt for remorse and the redemption of the Catholic Church and the fruit is Wayne Beson.

Can you feel the love?

Can Christ?



Maria said...

Not by accident, and not for nothing, that James Martin SJ writes for the HuffPo. I feel like Alice in Wonderland? They actually sang "Let Peace on Earth Begin w/ me" this morning at Mass. Oh, Baptist gospel too. This is what happens when no one believes in the Real Presence: we get homosexual priests fighting for "their rights", in public, and and middle aged women offering their pop music to God oh His altar, in His house, His house that more and more seems like a house of pagan worship. We might as well be Druids...

Anonymous said...

The folks at HP forgot to mention that the pope supported Hitler and changed the Church's teaching on condoms. I wish they would get their facts straight!

Carol said...

These comments really cracked me up. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh. I noticed the Nazi hysteria missing from the piece but completely forgot about the condoms. LOL.


The Mass I've been going to is sophomoric but at least there is no dissent and the priest is not bringing his pets! I can get there and still practice mystical prayer at the Sacrifice. Homilies are geared towards the village idiots. I bring my own stuff to read to feed myself before Mass, after, during the week. But every week, I tell myself I've got to haul my fanny out of bed and get to a Mass where I'm being fed. We do have a few priests who do it locally but it means finding out ahead of time what Mass they are saying, re-working my schedule. It's not a lot of inconvenience when you think about the benefits but I keep procrastinating. Ugh.

Maria said...

It is a "bitter trial" as Waugh desribed Mass for himself in the sixties. Strange, but I fins myself offering my attendance at Mass as a sacrifice for it is virtually impossible attend Mass, anywhere, where silence and reverence is observed...

Anonymous said...

The Pope never changed the Catholic teaching on condoms. It still stands that the use of condoms is sinful. An interview in German was poorly translated and the Pope's response was miscontrued and exaggeratd by the Liberal Media. Read the Catchism and all the encyclicals and you will see there are no changes in that area.I did not know the secular liberas were so misinformed, dumbed down education I guess.