Saturday, January 28, 2012

Obama's Catholic Church Birth Control and Sterilization Mandate

It's amazing, when you think about it. After we exhaust ourselves for decades asking Bishops to discipline those teaching in Catholic settings and getting their tin ear, it took a President's mandate to get them on a horse to lead a crusade.

Though I searched and searched for outrage from Cardinal O'Malley and not surprisingly came up empty, all kinds of good things are happening.

Bishop Jenky has restored the prayer of St. Michael after Mass.

Archbishop Gomes is rallying Catholics to fight against it.

Cardinal-designate Dolan is calling for action.

I thank them. Pray for them. Pray more of them follow their lead.

But, what action do we really want them to take?

We're calling the people who spent decades positioning themselves to take away religious liberty to ask them to pretty please rescind it?

I don't have a crystal ball. All things are possible with Christ, but IMHO, I don't have a lot of hope Christ will see the wisdom of making the fix this easy for us.

So, we speak out, oppose it, make a lot of noise and the Obama Administration does nothing. Then what?

In case anyone out there is suffering from the same case of amnesia affecting the luminaries at the USCCB, it was the Catholic Bishops who suppressed teaching and manipulated uncatechized Catholics into voting for and electing Obama. They published hundreds of thousands of booklets that gave Catholics the nudge and the wink to elect Obama. They solicited Sr. Carol Keehan who was rewarded with a magical presidential pen. They crowned their american pope at Notre Dame.

It was all good.....right up until the time the Obama Administration cut out funding to the USCCB. When the Obama Administration stopped lining the wallets of the Bishops, a stampede of them came out riding horses named Outrage and Sob Stories.

It's got to smack. Forty years of paying Bishops to suppress the teachings of the Church to elect their american pope, and as soon as it's done, they stop the extortion. The money is going, going, gone. Cry me a river. It is the best thing that happened to us in 40 years.

I'm sure you'll find this rich: Top Bishop feels betrayed by Obama. But he said he would respect Catholic Conscience rights. I was bouyed. Bishops are pushing him to something more than keep going to the White House to be patronized. He doesn't know what to do.

Let us not lose sight of the right action item.

It's critical to talk about our religious liberties, for Bishops to stand up and be counted, to engage what is left of the faithful. It's a small crowd but we finally have the harmony of the Bishops and we should take full advantage of it.

Speaking out, isn't enough. We have a deadline approaching whereby these Bishops will have two choices. They can go along with the mandate or they can refuse to go along with the mandate, come what may. Come shutting down hospitals, schools. Come jail. Notify the President. Notify the lawyers. Notify the doctors, bankers. Notify the indian chiefs. That's the right action item.

Excluding Cardinal O'Malley, who would and does force Catholics to, you know, harm and even kill other people through contracting executioners and providing the victims a ride to their death, Catholic Bishops can't go along with it.

Send out notices to hospitals to plan on emptying their beds by the deadline date and handing out pink slips. Send out notices to schools, colleges and missions that every administrator is to refuse the cooperate in the execution of this mandate or they will be fired.

We are at an intersection of religious liberty in our country. Stand up and fight.


breathnach said...

The urban ethnics who have dominated the American hierarchy (especially of Irish extraction) for 150+ years have been sociologically identical with the Democratic politicians who have humiliated and abandoned them. They are both cut from the same cloth. They lack commitment to the Faith. They prefer back room deal making and splitting of differences. The clerical sexual abuse crisis, the implementation of Vatican II and the current religio/cultural war have shown how woefully inadequate this group is.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit it - I have been one of those who have been on the "the-chickens-have-come-home-to-roost-for-the bishops" bandwagon.


After reading the blogs, news reports, and other items related to this issue, I believe there will be a lot of good to come from this. (you know, God always brings good out of bad situations)

For the first time in a very long time - you will begin to hear from Catholic pulpits why Catholics should be - *need to be* - open to life.

It is not just "the Church is against contraception, sterilizations and abortaficients" - it should be "this is why the Church emphasizes life!" (John 10:10) In short, because our Blessed Lord does.

I am not whacking you breathnach and Joseph D. Oh no, I agree with you both.

I believe our priests and bishops will dust off the Magisterial documents on those life issues, and "pew Catholics" will too! :)

Actually reading these documents is truly liberating. (like Humanae Vitae and Evagelium Vitae)

I for one am convinced this is what Jesus meant when He said,"You shall come to know the truth, and the truth will make you free." (John 8:30-32)

Catechist Kevin

Maria said...

I was thinking about you today, Carol. Happy Feast day to you and the Angleic Doctor. I went to the Dominican House of Studies this evening ( in my never ending search for a Church that honors God in silence :) for the rosary and Vespers. Quite of the Lord and His angels was there...

I have been saying--NOW they are outraged? Forty years too late to this war. It is as though God has backed the Bishops into a corner, exposed their betrayal and now forced them to take a stand and, sadly, they have no moral force.

Maria said...

This is an interesting take on the situation at the Vatican Insider.

Revealed: Bishop Boyce Could Face Charge Over Controversial Knock Sermon [
Ireland] · Donegal Daily ^ | 1/19/12. Posted on 01/30/2012 7:10:43 AM PST by ...

Maria said...

Whoops. Mea culpa. Reading too many articles.

(1) U.S.: Battle over objection dossier drives Obama away from the Vatican @:


There is real persecution coming. This could be a "cleansing of the tmeple". The Bishops and the laity will have to fight for the faith. Let us pray for those Bishops, who have not lost the faith, that they might have fortitude and courage.

StevenD-Jasper said...

Sorry to say but Cardinal O'malley is weak. He can't even stand up to Jack 'Obama' Conners, one of his lead financial advisors.

Jack O'Malley said...

I agree with Jasper. O'Malley is a figurehead and a nonentity. Cardinal Connors runs the show.

In the language of Romanità: un vescovo senza coglioni.

And good thoughts from Catechist Kevin. (I had even been persuaded by his "Anonymous" moniker before I realised it was he (whose respect is to be commanded) who had signed the comment).

I would say though, as I did on another Boston blog, that the USCCB should corporately excommunicate Kathleen Sebelius for this stab to the heart of the Church. She is an apostate who has been "requested" previously by Cardinal Burke not to receive Communion. "Requested"? What does ball-less Burke mean? Nay, rather demand she absent herself! In other words, excommunicate her.

But the weight of the eunuch bishops in the person of Detroit's Vigneron is directed against Michael Voris and his much needed apostolate Real Catholic TV. He, an orthodox layman trained in theology in the Eternal City. He, who decries the hypocrisy of the episcopate! He, who defends the Magisterium and Tradition! He, who calls the poltroon prelates to public witness to the True Catholic Faith! Those deniers who hide behind the purple and the red watered silk: purple and red which testify to the embrace of a bloody death to defend the Church established by the Incarnate Son of God!

Yet it is not Real Catholic TV that lacks the authority to call itself "Catholic". It is rather the post-Vatican II ecumenism-enthralled modernistic masonic-inspired protestantised reformation liturgically-licentious pseudo-church that has usurped the Throne of Peter that lacks both the power and the authority to compel allegiance to the Word of God. And the neo-catatonical Benedict XVI is but an aging vacillating pope in a zuccheto of what he once was as a peritus in his secular necktie.

Vae victis nobis fidelibus.

Maria said...

It is rather the post-Vatican II ecumenism-enthralled modernistic masonic-inspired protestantised reformation liturgically-licentious pseudo-church that has usurped the Throne of Peter that lacks both the power and the authority to compel allegiance to the Word of God.

JACK--You MADE my day, LOL!! We just have to wait for them to die off, I am afraid :)

Anonymous said...

Catechist Kevin says:

I am rather late with this entry - but here it is anyway.

Thank you, Mr. O'Malley, for your kind words.

I appreciate that. :)

Catechist Kevin