Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Questions for Archdiocese Official Appearing with Barney Frank

From Catholic Advocate.

Questions for Archdiocese of Boston Official Appearing with Rep. Barney Frank
Contact: Matt Smith, Catholic Advocate, 202-521-9828

NEWTON, Mass., Jan. 3, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Catholic Advocate Vice President Matt Smith today issued the following statement regarding the panel discussion "Truth, Lies and Politics" being held this evening, Jan. 3, in Newton, Massachusetts at the Leventhal-Sidman Jewish Community Center. The event has been promoted in the Boston Globe as "Truth, Lies and Politics, a panel discussion featuring [Congressman Barney] Frank, journalist Robert Kuttner, and Father J. Bryan Hehir [Archdiocese of Boston Secretary for Health Care and Social Services]. Author Leonard Fein moderates the program exploring the relationship (or lack thereof) between politicians and truth-telling."

"Father Hehir has an opportunity this evening to represent the teachings of our Church. The question is: will Father Hehir himself speak the Truth tonight?" asked Smith. "Will he speak the Truth to Congressman Frank about marriage being between one man and one woman? Or address Congressman Frank's 100% pro-abortion voting record? These are pressing issues of 'truth-telling' between politicians."

According to Freedom to Marry, a pro-same sex marriage organization: "We need more Barney Franks in public life, not fewer, and fortunately we will always have his indelible example to work from." From their own website, "Freedom to Marry is leading the campaign to overturn DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act] and is working across the country to win marriage in more states and educate the public about why marriage matters to same-sex couples and their families."

Smith added, "With Congressman Frank's retirement at the end of this year, will Father Hehir take the opportunity tonight to publicly speak the Truth that faithful Catholics do not need more representatives voting like Barney Frank in Washington if we are going to make progress on the settled issues of life and marriage?"


Here is how the story panned out

With Hehir sitting beside him, Frank bitterly explained how his career was poisioned with lies political competitors can buy with money.

The truth teller would have politely found the words to convey the message "Cry me a river", but what did Hehir say?

Hehir told the audience it was important to talk about moral truth in campaigns.

The conclusion: Poor Frank. His stellar career was victimized by people who use money money to tell immoral lies about honest politicians.

Hehir is a master at positioning himself and using just the right sentence to stamp the imprimatur of the Catholuc Church on immorality and sin, with the full support of the Cardinal.

A fellow Catholic disclosed to bloggers that when he called the Chancery to express his concerns, he was told the Archdiocese is unconditionally loving Hehir and Frank.

Carol called the Chancery and politely told them to put a muzzle on the moonbattery. To their credit, there was an apology. Boston bloggers had hoped Monsignor Deeley, the new Vicar General would bring sanity and honesty, and affirmation of the Deposit of Faith.

Though we are not yet ready to sing Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss, he is not getting off on the right foot.


Anonymous said...

And Hehir urged voters and the news media to insist on accountability and honesty from elected officials.

“Telling the moral truth about how we make decisions is equally important for people whose faces we will never see, whose names we will never know, but who are touched by American power,’’ said Hehir. “It is a consequence of being an American.’’

Hehir always avoids giving context and definition to the ambiguous statements he makes to validate the political careers of moral thieves and creeps.

Do you think Cardinal O'Malley will plug this event on his blog?

Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

Carole, I'm assuming you were referring to the below response from the Archdiocese?

Did you find out the identity of the person?

You should circulate this ridiculousness to your email list!


I called the Vicar General’s Office this morning. His secretary very politely listened to my concerns and then asked if I would mind if she asked me a question. She asked how many children I had. I told her 3. She then asked what were their ages, so I told her 11, 9 and 7. She then asked if I loved my children unconditionally.”

After hearing this, BCI was feeling, well, rather outraged. So were other readers. One, objectively observed:

“One can unconditionally love one’s children, and still discharge the duty to speak out against the child’s behavior. To do otherwise is to abdicate one’s vocation as a parent.

The unmitigated gall and lack of professionalism of a chancery employee to ask you about your children when you called to state a concern and ask for recourse to the VG, has no place in the Church’s discourse. If a person calls with a legitimate concern, and is gracious but firm, the person receiving the call needs to listen, take a message and follow through by giving the VG the message with any request that the call be returned.

Msgr. Deeley, heads up. Someone taking your calls is overstepping her role and making you look like a lightweight. (The same would be true if the person who answered the phone were male, obviously).”

Tim said...

Does anyone know where and how the Cardinal lost his balls with Hehir and the lavander mafia?

Organic2012 said...

And you defended John Corapi, ex-priest whose website has disappeared.

Your cult is disintegrating.

Carol said...

Dear Chicken Little:

One thing you say is absolutely right on. When Catholics on the internet responded to individuals putting pictures up of Fr. Corapi (he is not an ex-priest) and saying this was evidence he was guilty as charged, I upheld the constitution and civil rights of the accused, common sense, decency and charity of letting factual information take place in a canonical and/or civil trial.

This has obviously traumatized you as you keep coming back to the comments section to repeat your messages that Corapi didn't deserve more than a trial by moonbattery in blogosphere and the sky is falling - but I've got more bad news for you: I'll do it again in a nanosecond if any other priest is subjected to injustice and/or hysterical women.

Furthermore, nobody here has any concern about the Catholic Church "disintegrating". Christ handed Himself over to be executed to purchase salvation through His Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against It. Period.


susan said...


Well if that user name doesn't just say it all!...no doubt one of the dirty, stinky, "99%"-half-of-1%...loser.

Carol said...

LOL. I didn't even notice the name!

There is some kind of inbreeding happening with nasty, bitter, mean people. They delight in kicking people into a gutter and peeing on the people who show any kind of justice, compassion and charity.

The organic food isn't doing you a it of good, lady, eat a donut!

Carol said...

p.s. Organic - Here's something for the vengeance is yours crowd to look forward to: The savages Obama put in Egypt announced today they want to hang Mubarak.