Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Appeal Filed in Fr. Gordon MacRae!

Please add this spectacular news to your prayers!!

More detailed info on the appeal HERE.

God Bless all those involved in the correction of this grave injustice.


Lynne said...

This is wonderful! Maybe *now* he'll get a fair trial.

Dorothy Stein said...

I agree, but this case may also help break down the barrier that has been built by SNAP demanding that every Church entity and every media outlet blindly accept at face value every financially motivated claim brought against priests. $2.5 billion has changed hands in the last decade, and so many priests have just disappeared in the night with their civil rights obliterated and their names shattered. Father Gordon MacRae has stood up to these bullies, and pursued the truth at great cost to himself. We should now stand with him. I admire you for posting this announcement on your site.

susan said...

How AWESOME....maybe this good and holy shepherd will finally have justice...pray for him; he's been a real sacrificial lamb.