Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Open Letter to Sr. Carol Keehan

To: srcarolk
Sent: Wed, Feb 15, 2012 9:08 pm
Subject: Your new statement


Dear Sr. Keehan:

Would you kindly clarify the context of your latest statement?

I am particularly interested in a clarification of who "we" is in the following sentence?:

The impact of being told we do not fit the new definition of a religious employer and therefore cannot operate our ministries following our consciences hasjolted us.

You and your employees?

Why should YOU be afforded protections every other jolted Catholic business owner is not?

By your own hand, you will now, like the rest of us, have to contract with your insurance company to provide the uncatechized and the poor with tools for the destruction of their immortal soul. Not only will the carrying out of each act of destruction involve YOU and the uncatechized/poor soul you have led into temptation, the contract will require the hiring of a third party to commit the act. You've managed a trilogy.

It would be better for you on your day of judgment to simply keep a free stack of pills in your office and hand them out to souls who will fall into the temptation you have laid before them. The evil you have brought upon Christ's Church and our country is incalculable.

If the objective was the ethnic cleansing of the promiscuous and the poor, all that would be necessary is for the pills to be provided for free right at the pharmacy. This entire thing is a charade.

God sees what you have done. Sunt mala quae libas. Ipse venena bibas.


Hey kids - it looks like Dug in Deep is over at Fr. Z's slinging the malarkey we didn't buy here. If you have an account with Fr. Z, please set the record straight and drive it out!


Maria said...

Carol:This seems oddly off topic; however, I not altogether this is. At America Magazine, at the bottom of their blog "In All Things", you will find this endorsement of James Martin's book "Between Heaven and Mirth:

"Between Heaven and Mirth" will make anyone smile."
--Abp Dolan

As long as Bishops like Dolan endorse homosexual activists who openly defy Church teaching and encourage others in a sinful life, how does a faithful Catholic stand w/ said Bishop. Tough question...

Maria said...

Post Script--Have we heard a single Bishop take Keehan to task, in public? One?

Maria said...

If they were doing their job, Keehan would not be in her job at this point. Sorry. This entire farce have about driven mad.

Lynne said...

Maria, who are the homosexual activists?

Maria said...

James Martin SJ.

Maria said...

Lynne--You must not read America Magazine, lol. Have a gander. Start reading "In All Things", one the blogs at America Mag. It will become clear to you.

Lynne said...

Maria, oh dear! I was afraid you meant him. I tend not to go to blogs that are overwhelmingly liberal/unorthodox but I'll take a look... :-)