Thursday, February 23, 2012

Did Romney Lie About Cardinal O'Malley Volunteering with Emergency Abortifacients at Catholic Hospitals?

Excellent article and chronology at Boston Catholic Insider.

KING (Moderator): Governor Romney, both Senator Santorum and Speaker Gingrich have said during your tenure as governor, you required Catholic hospitals to provide emergency contraception to rape victims.

And Mr. Speaker, you compared the governor to President Obama, saying he infringed on Catholics’ rights.

Governor, did you do that?

ROMNEY: No, absolutely not. Of course not.

There was no requirement in Massachusetts for the Catholic Church to provide morning-after pills to rape victims. That was entirely voluntary on their part. There was no such requirement.”

I've spoken to numerous prolife grassroots leaders since last evening about Romney's assertions that Cardinal O'Malley volunteered to give Catholic doctors, nurses and pharmacists an order to hand about abortifacients at Catholic Hospitals.

Romney certainly lying about his public interpretation about how he would enforce the law. The official public policy machine of the Massachusetts Bishops, the Massachusetts Catholic Conference, is on the record defending religious exemptions provided to us through both state and constitutional law.

Yet, when Romney made his assertions last night, I smelled the sulfur of Bryan Hehir, who was the Cardinal's representative and spokesperson for Caritas Christi and Secretariat for Health and Human Services.

While the Mass Catholic Conference and prolife Catholics were testifying against Romney's unlawful mandate, is it possible that Cardinal O'Malley sent Bryan Hehir under the radar to tell Romney that he would voluntarily order Catholic Hospitals to hand out abortifacients?

Is this what Bryan Hehir was eluding to when he testified to the 'fair adjudication' of Catholic conscience protections in a society?

Romney has made very serious allegations against Cardinal O'Malley.

Were our conscience protections adjudicated by Cardinal O'Malley?

I think we have a right to know the answer.

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