Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mr. Romney: Did you force Catholic Hospitals or Did they Volunteer to Hand Out Abortifacients?

The Boston Globe asked the Romney spokesperson to explain the discrepancy between the facts of record and Romney's assertions.

1. They evaded answering questions about the alleged volunteers:

Asked about Romney’s debate statement, Romney spokesman Ryan Williams did not address Romney’s claim that the requirement was voluntary, but stressed Romney’s opposition to the law.

It seems to me that they are trying to evade answering a critical question. Did the Governor force Catholic Hospitals into handing out abortifacients or did the the Cardinal volunteer?

And, it gets curiouser:

2. They lied; and 3. It appears Romney looked and looked in 2005 but could not find laws that provide Catholics with legal exemptions:

“Governor Romney – as Planned Parenthood complained at that time – fought at every stage against a state law that would have required Catholic hospitals to provide emergency contraceptives despite objections based on religious conscience,” Williams said. “Facing an 85 percent Democrat legislature, he vetoed the bill and explored using his executive power to provide an exemption from the law based on conscience.”

Well now...I'm confused.

This explanation still leave us guessing whether Romney has figured it all out, or whether he is still...clueless.

Are we to assume that since the 2005 exploration, the GOP put the Constitution under Romney's nose?

If he didn't know the laws existed in 2005, and how to use them, how could he possibly have the intellect to put all the pieces together now?

Furthermore, he is not giving an accurate account of events in 2005.

His own health department and numerous attorneys on his staff and lawyers who are experts in the area of religious freedom, showed him the laws that provided exemption. Many meetings and phone calls took place. Yet, in spite of the discovery we know happened, what Romney did was use the power of his executive office to issue an edict that Catholics were not to be afforded their legal exemptions. Because, he had feelings in his heart of hearts that Catholics should be forced to give out abortifacients.

Why be evasive, Gov. Romney?

Did the Catholic Church volunteer or did you have a widdle feeling in your heart of hearts and issue the same illegal edict against Catholics you now say you oppose?

Catholics voters have a right to know.

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