Sunday, February 12, 2012

Obama says he's done negotiating with Catholics

The compromise meets our concerns, he said.

Though the Catholic Church has told him it hasn't, and has made that public, Obama is making like a ventriloquist in speaking for the Catholic Church. A compromise has been reached, he says.

Aren't both sides usually involved in a compromise?

Nobody from the Catholic Church is involved in the compromise, so how can it be reached betwixt the parties?

Kinda creepy.

Like a dictator creepy.

Do you think the dictatorship has commenced?


Maria said...

But,Carol, Sister Carol Keehan said all is well. Didn't you hear? The heretics now speak for the Roman Catholic Church ;)

Karen said...

I have had such a growing, profound sadness over this situation and what it is doing to our beloved Bride of Christ. I am incredulous that we are at this point, and yet it was inevitable that we would be precisely here due to the lack of solid catechesis and the silence of our priests and bishops towards our fellow 'Catholics.' They are still silent with regard to Carol Keehan, Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius, et al. I don't understand what they would have to lose at this point if they were to publicly deal with them, especially since Obama and his administrative tyrants use their 'Catholic' views to justify their 'conscience problem solved' decisions. It's all the MSM wants to quote. How do they expect us to follow if they do not lead by example? My only consolation (aside from God and his remnant win in the end, of course) is that I know I am not alone thanks to all of you here and elsewhere that remind me that we are all in this together. I'm more convinced now then ever that I'll end up in jail at the very least if Obama is successful with this and his reelection. I've never prayed so hard in my life!

Carol said...

I don't know Karen...I think something is happening here.

This son of a bitch and bastard, the son of the liar from the beginning - oh, he is going to jail or kill us all. Whomever he doesn't jail or kill, he will enslave to the machinations of his evil empire. We're going right back into bondage. I didn't really think it is too late until the last week. My last hope that it isn't too late is resting upon Santorum..or Gingrich.

Maybe all that is left is martyrdom to seed this dry earth. I hope not! But the rising of the dead at the USCCB, and everywhere around us, is kinda breathtaking.

We best start praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and using every piece of armor we have - maybe God, in His Mercy, will let this cup pass.

Karen said...

Carol, Praying for the best, but planning for the worst. I pray for strength, courage and wisdom the most. What to do with my own health insurance if Obama is successful is very much on my mind and will require a great deal of prayer and discernment. I hope that it does not come to having to drop the policy...The truth is, many options could work to satisfy conscience protections easily, but it is clear that Obama wants this to be the way. He wants the state to BE the religion (despite his words to the contrary) and will have us all have a hand in his baby killing by commingling our premiums. I think his feeling is that we might as well get used to things to come sooner rather than later. What has happened is sinister beyond words. What other coverage has no copay or deductible? In fact, maternity coverage has already suffered in advance of his plan. Hmmm....No pay for contraception/abortifacients, or mucho dollars needed for having a baby. Eugenics and social engineering is on our doorstep. Stunning! Anyone here part of a Super PAC that can produce a commercial detailing "Obama's 32 month report card" by Rich Carroll (posted on A Shepherds Voice)? I would imagine that many may turn away from him if they saw that! I want to wake up from this nightmare!

Carol said...


You think??!!

Obama is getting mixed up between the officials of the Church and Carol Keehan.

That is rich!

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

"Done negotiating"? When did he ever start? At least he's dropping the pretense. At any rate, if the USCCB is really waking up, they'll immediately purge the cancerous elements (CCHD, etc) from their midst.

Anonymous said...

Just to show how done he was, the HHS Agency actually implemented the regulations unmodified: