Sunday, February 12, 2012

What is going on in Syria?

How sad is it when the world has become so chaotic that you can't keep up with the madness?

I kept reading headlines this week with the intention to catch up to the news and just saw this.

Of course that's what is happening. As if we didn't know.

What is going on in Syria is the same thing that is going on everywhere else. Obama's allies and friends are using terror and violence to take over another country.

Mighty nice of Doug Kmiec and Sr. Carol Keehan to coerce American women to line up and take their free pills to kill the Mystical Body of Christ and their children. It's an ugly job cleaning up the blood if Obama and company have to stoop to this level.

I think they'll come for us at some point. Right after they get the Jews would be my guess.

Wake up America. For the love of Christ, wake up.

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