Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Would Obama consult al queda for Homeland Security policies?

If the man is this stupid, maybe the answer is impeachment

I think its safe to assume Obama knows the expertise and authority to advise him on an acceptablle solution to giving the uncatechized and poor ethnic cleansing pills is the heirarchal appointee of the Pope, not Sr.Carol Keehan.

I can appreciate the Register's article, but don't the Bishops have to say this publicly in order to officially declare who has the teaching authority and Deposit of Faith?

Isn't Carol Keehan implying she is the Pope's go-to gal for the Deposit of Faith?

This is the moment to establish unity and clarity.

The Bishops need to publicly declare that Sr. Carol Keehan is a know nothing, without the authority to speak for the Catholic Church.


susan said...

Take a look at :43--1:40 on this clip as regards sister carol....and tell me what a TOTAL squish and politician this potato in a mitre the whole clip if you really want to wretch...and he is getting ready to don a red hat. wretch.

breathnach said...


I don't think BHO or Sister Carol Secularist are stupid.

This is a well considered tactic right out of the ideological playbook of the Left.

BHO and Sister Secularist are working consciously and diligently to marginalize and (completely) castrate the hierarchy's potency as a voice in the public square.

As Susan commented Dolan is a willing patient in his own neutering.

The BHO, catholyc Left, Media axis are playing hard ball while Dolan and the USCCB are playing TBall.

Carol said...

He likes her very much and respects the work she does? She's in a tough spot? She's going to be more open than 'the bishops' because she needs the money from Sebelius? An email telling Keehan he is disappointed?

What a lame description of what this woman has done to our Church, our Country and the unborn. It's a complete undermining of the woman's fiat as a nun.

I'm not happy he's letting her witness off with that pathetic excuse of a Catholic fiat in our vocations.

On the other hand, he is ponying up for one hell of a fight, in all the branches of the government and in the press. I'm liking that!

All I keep thinking is, we would be toast if we hadn't derailed the election of Kikanas.

We had no idea what kind of a disaster God used us to avert.

I see the Holy Spirit at work, giving us every opportunity to unravel this mess. Dolan seems to be doing his part. I think we need to hold his feet to the fire on Keehan. I'm holding onto the ope it's an indication it isn't too late.

breathnach said...

It's no coincidence that George Stephanapolos attempted to blind side Rick Santorum with the ridiculous "what if a state wanted to ban contraception" in an earlier GOP debate.

The Left are determined to obfuscate this entire presidential race around any issue but BHO's record, the state of the economy, gas prices, Iran, etc etc etc

The catholyc Left will be prepared to commit further outrages in order to serve BHO.

breathnach said...


yep the good Sister is in a tough spot because her paymasters are calling her tune.

There is an awful lot on that video clip and Archbishop Dolan is not speaking from a position of "moral authority". It sounds more like the musings of a guy who was just shafted by the boys down in Tammany Hall.

Over the past 50 years the Catholic hierarchy has allowed Catholic institutions to sever their connection with the Magisterium.

The template for this was the Land O' Lakes Conference and Statement (1967) that separated "Catholic" universities from the Church.

The Vatican attempted to put the genie back in the bottle, as regards Catholic Universities, with Ex Corde Ecclesiae in 1990. It has proved ineffectual

We are on the cusp of seeing Catholic social institutions completely separate themselves from the Church and become an arm of the State.

Maria said...

And it is all on display for the world and God to see. Sad satisfaction.

breathnach said...

Excellent article at American Spectator website re: Sister ObamaCare-"The Little Sisters of Limousine Liberalism" By George Neumayr

Maria said...

Great article. What we are witnessing is just simply not to believed, BN.