Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Chicanery from Cardinal O'Malley and His Staff Continues to be Breathtaking

Following up on Cardinal O'Malley's yogagate, the following was sent to Chancery employees last Monday:

Date: Mon, Mar 19, 2012
Subject: "Catholic Yoga" = An Oxymoron
To: Staff at the Boston Chancery


Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am writing to you today in response to Monsignor Deeley's decision to continue to provide yoga at the Chancery in honor of your friend and colleague Richard Ely.

Please know that I am terribly sorry for your loss, and will keep all of you, and of course our brother Richard and his family, in my prayers. Please also know that I have a great deal of respect for Monsignor Deeley but have prayed about this matter, and am concerned enough about the spiritual welfare of all that I felt compelled to write you.

I am sorry too, that your grief has been compounded by the doctrinal and spiritual controversy that has developed in response to the yoga classes being offered. I want to assure you that Catholics raising their concerns are motivated by agape for Richard and for all of you at the Pastoral Center.

I also want to assure you that concerned Catholics do not object to a stretching program offered by an instructor trained in physical fitness by a reputable college, if that is what you wish to do to honor the memory of your friend and colleague. As Catholics, we hope and strongly urge you to arrange a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the repose of his soul and the recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet for those suffering from despair, as these are the invaluable resources done in memory of a loved one that benefit the deceased and those suffering anguish.

Simply put, even if it is your intention to just stretch, Catholics cannot participate in yoga, in any way, for a number of reasons.

The critical substance that separates yoga from a stretching class offered by a professional athletic instructor is the incorporation of seeking enlightenment from spiritual sources other than the Holy Trinity. This practice is a serious violation of the First Commandment which then brings very harmful effects upon the soul who teaches or practices it. It is a summoning of counselors, the source of which is not angelic. Like the angelic, these counselors always respond to an invitation. These forces accompany the yoga instructor wherever he or she may go.

A false enlightenment of the mind is the distinguishing characteristic of "yoga" and an immutable part of the exercise and objectives, evidenced by the invitation sent by Ms. Gustavson that you will increase "the fitness level of your body and mind".

Like a ouiji board, the immutable spiritual genesis and characteristics of yoga cannot be separated from those practicing or present during this dangerous practice. Inviting an at-risk and uncatechized individual teaching yoga to lead employees of a Catholic Cardinal in the practice puts each Catholic attendee in the position of committing a sin of ommission against the yoga teacher. We have a duty to inform that soul of the dangers to himself and others when he teaches outside of the chancery.

We have no way of knowing whether the fruit of the practice contributed to Richard's despair. It is a very hard thing to tell you, but the sad truth of the matter is, the possibility does exist. Furthermore, it is indisputable that the practice did not increase the fitness of his mind. And, while you may be vigilant about the practice of remaining in a state of grace, some of your colleagues may not. They are being put at risk from the disordered spiritual forces that will accompany the practitioner.

Unless the stretching program at theChancery is arranged through a reputable fitness professional and disassociated with the disapproved practice and teachers of yoga, the most honorable response to this offering in Richard's memory would be to forbear your presence.

In Christ, Carol McKinley

Who do they think they are kidding?

Also this week, the thievery of the good old boys was given some publicity in an article in the Boston Herald.

The Cardinal fired 50 employees and brought in 14 cronies of his wealthy donors, paying them each salaries over 150 thousand, increasing payroll costs by close to 1 million dollars. And, the best part of the story is the Cardinal and his secretary Terry Donilon claim that by doing so, they are saving Catholic donors $250,000 dollars in payroll cost.

Catholics are not well-known for their math skills, but this one is a no brainer: If payroll increases by $1,000,000.00, it has not decreased by #250,000.00. In other words, we are paying one million more dollars and we put 50 people with families out onto the street.

Any way the Cardinal wants to slice it, it is baloney.

Which brings us full circle to our religious freedom rallies across the United States. The same people who are funding and politically active in taking away the religious freedom of Roman Catholics are being hired and employed by the Cardinal and deployed in parishes, as evidenced by the Fr. Massaro talk being sponsored by the notorious unfaithful priest, and 'friend' of the Cardinal, Monsignor Paul Garrity at St. Catherine's in Norwood.

St. Catherine's in Norwood is no longer a place that is safe for Catholic's with children. One should no more subject your own children to Monsignor Garrity's debasing of the mind and soul than one would bring your children into a clapping audience of Charlie Sheen or the Kadashians. If you're there - get out. It is anathema. Liar and murderer from the beginning. A danger to the salvation of your family, friends, neighbors. But before you flee, stand up and publicly warn the ignorant and naive whose children are at risk for his propaganda of demoralization.

Catholics are not 'every man for himself'. We are our brother's keeper.

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breathnach said...

Excellent Carol. Sad that the hierarchy's abandonment of their teaching mission has to be undertaken by the laity.

Meanwhile, Cardinal Wuerl is busy squelching faithful Catholics :