Monday, March 26, 2012

It Turns out Trayvon Martin was a Thrice-Suspended Gold-Toothed, Tatooed Druggie Who Assaulted Zimmerman from Behind

Here's an updated picture of Trayvon Martin which explains the reason why they aren't using current pictures to community organize racist lynch mobs.

Do you think that's what the maroon in the White House meant when he said if he had a son, that's what he would look like? Covered in tats and gold teeth?

Among other allegations now surfacing. He allegedly has a history for beating up a bus driver, a suspension from school for drug-related offenses - and eye-witnesses reports that it was Trayvon Martin who assaulted Zimmerman from behind. Beat the daylights out of him, pounding his head on the cement broke his nose and wrestled Zimmermann for his gun. According to police and prosecutors, eyewitnesses and evidence corroborate Zimmerman's story.

Zimmermann reportedly comes from a very religious Catholic family.

The assassin group Black Panthers have put a ten thousand dollar bounty to 'capture' Zimmerman.

The village idiots are being manipulated, used to tee up racist lynch mobs. My God...Barack Hussein is systemically destroying our country.

UPDATE - According to this report, the police report that Martin was suspended for having stolen jewelry and a burglars tools.

UPDATE 2 - Oops, make that more than one suspension.

UPDATE 3 - Check out Martin's "tweets". Warning - they are filth, disrespectful and abusive.


susan said...

and did you hear that Jesse Idiot Jackson is using this as a 'call to war'? We are truly heading off a very ugly cliff, and it's all coming VERY soon. Remember Bp. Sheen's great talk on marks of demonic activity...main ones being sexual obsession and nudity, violence, and division?....welcome to hell!

Carol said...

A disgusting display of hatred for whitey percolating under the radar. This poor kid isn't even white - that's the kicker.

They had to admit he was Hispanic, so they switched to calling him a 'white hispanic'.

What does that make Barack Hussein?

A white black man?

What a sick bunch.

Anonymous said...

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Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Fr Pfleger, the infamous Chicago radical priest, is making a fuss about poor Trayvon. See,,0,2307614.story Poop, Fr Flakey is even wearing a hoodie! I wonder if he gave gang signs during the mass?