Sunday, April 15, 2012

Isn't looking very hopeful for SSPX?

Reportedly, they're holding onto their refusal to surrender to the authority of the Chair of Peter.

Despair is the harbinger of many foibles.

Please God, permit us to always recognize when we sever Your Head to spite our own face. Amen.


Vincenzo said...

That post is from 03/17.

Vincenzo said...

Here are some updates:

04/13/12: SSPX has sent new response to Holy See on 'doctrinal preamble'

04/13/12: "Rome and Écône on the verge of reaching an agreement"

Anonymous said...

SSPX German District ... reports

... the German District of the Society of Saint Pius X released the following comment this [Sunday April 15th] evening:

Currently, neither the [SSPX] General House in Menzingen [Switzerland] nor Rome have yet delivered a statement ...

More at

Carol said...

Thanks Vincenzo - and anonymous for your optimism in the face of my pessimism...and these updates!

Prayed for the reunion on this precious day.

liz said...

Not looking hopeful? Where are you getting your news? Perhaps from a source with an attitude and a bit slanted.

You can keep up and have confidence in the reporting with

Carol said...

a source with an attitude and a bit slanted -'ve got me there! :)

It's total conjecture - based on years of stubborn rejection of the validity of Vatican II - with all it's warts - and doesn't seem like the Vatican was happy with their last submission.

Goes back to something my mother used to repeat quite frequently...a leopard doesn't change its spots.

I really hope and pray my guess is wrong. I keep checking Rorate. If news come in - please come back and gloat! I am (and we all are here) eager to celebrate that reunion.

Carol said...

any news??