Sunday, April 15, 2012

US Bishops are Now Digging the Bloggers?

This is fun.

Church leaders have been angered by the penchant of many bloggers to call them out on their failures to expound and defend controversial Catholic teachings on moral issues like contraception, homosexuality, and abortion.

Pointing out they are starving their flock to death by carving out a vocation of posting pictures of themselves going from one pot luck supper and swanky event to the next hurts their widdle feelings...but now, they say bloggers have a critical role in defending religious liberty.

I guess we're supposed to feel liberated and edified by this nugget of illumination. They are grateful for the critical role we are playing in liberating their flock from darkness and hell hole they have cast them into.

Fr. Z wonders whether they really mean it. Are we really valued, he questions. he challenges the episcopal luminaries to hold a bloggers confab, powwow, blognic.

A couple of problems with rushing to a meeting to make nice with Bishops.

Playing palsywalsies with the Bishops renders you ineffective.

If you take a tour of Catholic blogosphere when any controversy arises, you can pick out the bloggers who are trying to be valued by the Bishops. They refuse to disclose corruption, ineptitude. Where they once would expose, debunk, call the Bishop out on their failures, their blogs become places where they defend misfeasance and malfeasance by attacking those who will always choose to serve Christ and His Church irrespective of whether our actions will be valued by the interlocutors of the US Bishops Conference.

Maybe it's me...but I'm not looking to feel valued by the Bishops. I know the value of servitude to my Beloved and souls the Bishops and priests have abandoned and left for dead. I've known it all along.


Adrienne said...

Not wanting to sound toooooo cynical, but some of them stuck their wet fingers in the air and felt which way the wind was blowing.

A blognic with Bishops? I can think of nothing I'd rather do less.

Maria said...

Paul's second letter to the Corinthians.

"We are in difficulties on all sides but never concerned. We see no answer to our problems, but we never despair. We have been persecuted, but never deserted. We have been knocked down but never killed. Always wherever we may be we carry with us in our body the death of Jesus. So that the life of Jesus, too, may always be seen in our body. Indeed, while we are still alive, we are consigned to our death every day for the sake of Jesus, so that in our mortal flesh the life of Jesus may be openly revealed. So death is at work in us but life in you."

Keep up the GREAT WORK.

Carol said...

Maria, thanks for St. Paul's quote - which I loved - and for the encouragement. I feel so blessed to have such gifted and faithful Catholics for readers and commenters.

Adrienne..I'm with you baby. A blognic with Bishops is my idea of mortification of the senses. :)