Saturday, April 21, 2012

Leadership Conference of Women Religious are Shocked..Shocked I Tell You

...according to a Washington Post article today.

Some nuns in the 55,000-member Leadership Conference of Women Religious characterized the disciplinary action announced Wednesday as an “ambush,” but others — including the leadership — said they couldn’t publicly comment on a system that mandates their obedience.

“People are stunned,” said Sister Pat McDermott, president of the 3,500-member Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, based in Silver Spring. “They’re outraged, angry, frustrated, they don’t know where this came from and how to hold it.
Why can't they be bishops?

Obedience doesn't rely on listening to the Mystical Body that Christ died to leave us but rather, listening deeply to the call of the spirit within themselves.
“Whatever we engage with in ministry . . . we check in with others about it, and together as a sisterhood we make decisions,” she said. “To encounter this kind of action that did not come with that contemplative discernment that I, as a woman religious, am used to engaging with in all of my life was deeply disturbing to me.”
That's right ladies, who needs the Institution of the Holy Spirit when the sisterhood can make decisions.Sister Simone Campbell thinks there is a strong connection between Carol Keehan's collaboration in the killing fields and the coup by the Vatican. No flies on that one.From the last quote in the article, it would appear the golden girls are putting on their iron pants:
But Sister Campbell suggested a difficult time ahead: "It's totally a top-down process and I don't think the bishops have any idea of what they're in for."
Given the number of quotes in different articles all over the world, I'd say Sister Simone Campbell is going to be the spokesperson for the rebellion.

If Archbishop Sartain wishes to lead them out of Dante's Inferno, he best be putting a sock in Sister Simone Campbell's mouth.

By far, the most entertaining reactions are coming out of the National Catholic Reporter, which, by the by, supersleuth Fr. Z uncovered a link between the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and the National Catholic Reporter.

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the pandemonium HERE and HERE.

And, be sure to check out the comments section.

From the bunker, Chittister is recommending they disband and form a secular interest group to retain their influence to mislead souls with canonical survival.

Of all the heartache that 'er I've done. Alas, it was to none but me...

I hope that doesn't happen. But, if it does, so be it.

The overwhelming majority of women who have been forced to listen to and watch and moreover, have their gender and vocation as a Catholic woman caricatured by their antics have one thing to say: Don't let the door hit on the arse on the way out.

It's been akin to the Vatican locking us up with cigarette smokers in a room without windows.

We have been banging on the door of the Holy See, asking them to get these women to put out their cigarettes, for the last 40 years. They have choked a generation of Catholics to death.

"In this way, the Holy See hopes to offer an important contribution to the future of religious life in the Church in the United States," the letter states.

I did not think I would live to see this day.

What a gift!

My God is mighty to save.
He is mighty to save.
Author of salvation.
He rose and conquered the grave.
Jesus conquers the grave.

ADDENDUM: Guess who is completely out of the loop?


Anonymous said...

My guess is that, uh, you're a man !

I'd further guess that you have an authoritarian streak that you've never been able to transcend.

I conclude by suggesting that you'd best not be so confident that your judgement is at all widely shared.

Leave the conscience of the good Women Religious free from your sniping.
With friends like you...

B B Saleeby

Carol said...
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Carol said...

1. To get to truth, you have to rely on more than BB's guesses.Scratch the surface. There's a picture right under your nose. I'm a woman.

2. In this scenario, the women who surrender to God and His Church as their intellectual authority are not the women who struggle with authority. It's the nuns who believe they, and not the Institution of the Holy Spirit are the authority for truth who have the authoritarian streak they cannot 'transcend'.

3. The Truth that leads to salvation does not spring forth by reaching consensus through consultation with the masses, the golden girls, souls steeped up to their necks in sin. It comes from the Church. Catholics surrender to it. Die to ourselves. Rise with Christ. Into God's hands we commend our spirit. You are missing the whole kit and kaboodle.

4. Catholic evangelists are committed to the salvation of souls. We would never let women to the wiles of talking to themselves and each other, and coming up with ideas that conflict with their salvation and the salvation of others.

5. When I take an inventory of my friends, I don't have anyone on my list who led me into rebellion against God and sin. It pains me to see Catholics sucked into that vortex.

The Vatican is concerned about the salvation of women who have spent their lives misleading a generation of souls. With a head full of grays and one foot on the grave, the Pope is interceding in attempt to save them from Gehanna.

The Pope is gathering as satan sifts like wheat and the people who can see what is happening are rejoicing. Choose your friends wisely. Our prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Please go back, Carol, to your old college philosophy books and look up "truth by Authority." That chapter doesn't stand alone, but is preceded and followed by several other "truth by.. " chapters.

Meaning: Truth is at least as complex as the Women Religious intuitively understand it as being, and consideraby more so than is embraced by the scholasticism of the vatican . (Small v intended, one insult replaces the one preceding as issued by the " men in gowns to the women in pants" . Not my cute insight by the way.)

B B Saleeby

Carol said...


LOL. What is Truth? Ok Pilate.

When it comes to sin and salvation,Truth is actually straight forward.

God the Father gave Moses a set of Commandments. People were having trouble understanding substance. God came in the Flesh to estaish His Body which lives here on earth Mystically. His Blood flows. Literally and absolutely. Christ left mystically his head whose purpose is to spell out the explicit substance of the commandments the folks were having trouble understanding.

There is 2000 years of explicit explanation of the Ten Commandments. The truth about thou shalt not commit adultery is sex is reserved for sacremental marriage,obviously between a man and a woman! There are no exceptions.

The Truth about Thou shalt not kill. Abortion, contraception, sterilization are all sins and forbidden.

Everything is spelled out very clearly and can be understood even with a low IQ.

Anyone who loves the Lord keeps his commandments. Anyone who says they love Christ and doesnot keep his commandments is a liar.

Truth is luke the sun. It shines. Sins are clouds that obscure your vision and leave you in darkness. If you find yourself asking what is truth, you are in deep dodoo. Seek a confessor, return your soyl to a state of grace and surrender to the Mystical Head of and Body of Christ.

Hesketh said...


The "truth" is that the LCWR is not concerned with the Truth. They are concerned with deconstructing the RC Church to promote a Leftist secularist agenda.Relativism is central to that project. You agree with that agenda so the Truth is trodden underfoot on the way to achieving a Leftist utopia.

Please spare us the facade that you are interested in the philosophical underpinnings of "truth".

Carol said...

The dear sisters will be given another demonstration on overcoming the complications of pulling the Catechism off the shelf and opening it to read the truth. On every subject matter under the sun.

It's easier than changing the toilet paper.

Anonymous said...


If they wee truly "dear sisters", you might reasonably be expected to simply RESPECT THEIR INTEGRITY, as they would surely RESPECT YOUR OWN. Unless, that is, you'd rather choose to see them as cogs of the paternalistic heirarchy. That would be your choice. It wouldn't be mine.


Anonymous said...


One person's "facade" may be another's genuine openness and quest for enlightenment -- even where some may disapprove of such motives and intent.

By calling such a quest and such an openness, an. "agenda" you've registered your disapproval implicitly.

That would be your choice. It wouldn't be mine.


Carol said...

Cogs of the Mystical Body of Christ is exactly what the vocation of a nun is.

Respect isn't handed out like contraceptives to immoral women. Respect is earned.

It should be painfully obvious to you that readers of this blog do not respect 50 years of the treachery and deception of these nuns. I loathe what they have done to themselves, to our brothers and sisters, to salvation and to our nation which lies in peril because of them.

But, let me be clear. We are not rejoicing over their humiliation. We are rejoicing because the shepherd has sought out the lost lambs, broken their legs and are at long last tending to salvation of the souls of these nuns and all they have misled. We are rejoicing because the counsel of the devil is being silenced.

You are welcome to stay and read. But I regret to inform you that I keep drivel as far away from my animus as possible. I am terribly sad to see that you have been so spiritually abused. But, I don't sponsor the fruit of the loons here. Further posts containing it will be removed.

Hesketh said...


Yes, a quest to transform the RC Church along Leftist secularist lines is the agenda undertaken by the LCWR. I clearly state it.

You, on the other hand, question the gender identity and attribute an "authoritarian streak" to our blogger host. Cant and shibboleths are the trademark of the ideologue. Such attempts to dismiss opponents are a very far cry from the "openness and enlightenment" that so sadly eludes you.