Thursday, April 26, 2012

That's America Magazine in the Corner, Losing Their Religion

The Congregation of Cacophony at America Magazine sees the writing on the wall. They are not happy campers In All Things.

Consoling themselves by LCRW's announcement that they plan to take their time responding to the CDF's takeover, dissident cleric James Martin, SJ, tweeted for the sisters this summary of their contribution to his state of his soul:

"Catholic sisters teach me what it means to persevere without the benefit of institutional power.”

The dear sisters taught him how to separate himself from the Mystical Body of Christ. Is this supposed to be a compliment?

He goes on to tell several stories that are completely devoid of sanctifying grace. When he thanks sisters, they thank him - and so on. He strokes their ego and they stroke his. Then he invited others to join the cocadoodle do.

Is the reader supposed to conclude that so long as we leverage leading souls away from the Body of Christ and into perdition with saying please and thank you, we are not in need of reformation and conversion?

The passive-aggressive stuff is really creepy.

The good news is, Fr. Martin just can't be a man. He can't say what he'd like to say. Shocked he is, that his tweets were misunderstood as dissent. He was just trying to be nice. That's all.

BTW, I don't know Martin at all and am using a noteboook, is he on the left or the right in the picture?

Claiming America Magazine is leading people to dissent from the Catholic religion is preposterous. Preposterous I tell you. Just ask Raymond Schroth, SJ.:

Would the condemnation of the nuns and the unfortunate sermon in Peoria have happened if these men blessed with authority believed that the Spirit works in the whole church, not just in Rome or chanceries, and had listened? Really listened.

But, they were listened to. For 40 years. The Vatican let a generation of Catholics listen to logic that contradicts Holy Spirit, without intervention. They now see the rotten fruit. They are changing their course. What we all hope now is that the Jesuits are next on the chopping block.

My favorite story was under the heading 'sign of the times' where they express their opinion about another intervention by the CDF on a dissident priest from Ireland: “individual focus on Father Flannery and inevitably, by implication, on the members of the association, is an extremely ill-advised intervention in the present pastoral context in Ireland.” In the past, Father Flannery has called for reconsideration of the church’s teachings on a variety of issues, including the ordination of women, the ban on artificial birth control and mandatory priestly celibacy.

Be sure to read the comments section on this one. They cite another bastion of orthodoxy the National Catholic Reporter as reporting the priest has be gagged: According to national catholic Reporter, he has now been silenced... "the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls..." comes to mind...It is a long winter and getting darker....

We don't mind if their prophets write on subway walls. Knock yourselves out. Potties are another good place. Just keep it out of earshot of Catholics who want to learn their religion.


Maria said...

Fr. James Martin and the folks at America Mag/In All Things Blog won't be happy until they are vanndalizing and buring our Churches to the ground. Then, Fr. Martin will tell us that this is the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us.

Lynne said...

I clicked on the link to look at the're bad! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Yes, Lynne, she is bad. It's that type of nonsense that shows Carol for what she really is and is why she is not taken seriously. Let's see how much of an effect her attack on Fr Unni & St Cecelia's had while they plan another Pride/All Are Welcome Mass this summer. She wants everyone to believe exactly what she believes or they'll lose their souls. Utter rubbish & arrogance. No one with any real power has anything good to say about Carol or het supporters. I have been at diocesan events where she & they are openly mocked. They are not even considered Catholics in good standing.

breathnach said...

Laughable anon, spoken like a true pharisee.

There is nothing more sorrowful than putting on the garb of religiosity in order to chase after "those with real power" and to be welcomed by trendy "mockers" in high places. Despicable.

When next among the Sanhedrin, please assure them that many prayers are being offered for their periagoge.

Maria said...

Anonymous: It is harder to calumniate others when one's signature appends the insult. Neither Carol nor those faithful to the Catholic Church are concerned w/ outcomes. We are concerned about how faithful we are to God. Our God is the one who has all power.

Carol said...

"het" supporters

Is that some kind of new lingo the Unniites use for hetrosexual Catholics who reserve their sexuality for Sacramental marriage?

Hets. How odd.

What kind of effect do we have in exposing Fr. Unni?

This is good shepherd week. Listen to the readings. We expose the wolf. A dishonest shepherd leading his flock to take pride in their debauchery and sin. Fr. Unni's pews are filled to the rafters with poor souls who, through force of their habit are no longer distressed or shocked by their impropriety and the state of their soul.

Everyone in the diocese knows that Fr. Unni is the king of kink and clapping fornicators. Everyone gets to witness his Cardinal lying on the city of three hills completely useless and castrated. We are here to remind them that God sees what they are doing. We shall remind them again this year as they pull the same stunts.

The people responsible for the empty pews, parish closures, drying up of vocations are mocking us and laughing out loud. Surely you mistake us for people who give turd. You don't know what power is. Nor do they. They who laugh last, laugh best. LOL.

Maria said...

We shall remind them again this year as they pull the same stunts.

And your readers will be here to support you ;)

Anonymous said...

If you consider celebrating Mass a stunt, then have at it. People want to gather and hear the Word of God and celebrate the memorial of Christ's Passion, Death, and Resurrection and all you and your followers care to do is mock them. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. And, St. Cecilia's has the full support of the Cardinal.

Anonymous said...

Everyone kniws the Cardibal supports tuning a "Mass" into a validating taking pride in sodomy.

We are here to remind him and you and Fr Unni that it is indeed a stunt.

Why not roll in a matress and you can simulate exactly what you are taking pride in?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Fr Unni woyld be willingto hopon the matress with you and say Mass as you simulate underneath him. Invite the Cardinal so his charade can be played out right in front of him. The transvestites could do a liturgical dance.

Do it up this year.