Saturday, May 5, 2012

Georgetown Jesuits Invite Sebelius

Wow. The Jesuits are really inayouface with this one.

I confess that the CDF going after the nuns and not the Jesuits is really a scandal. As a woman, I couldn't be any more supportive of the CDF's hijacking of the nuns. But the nuns got that way because of the Jesuits and the fact that they will not take the ax to the root leads me to logical conclusion they are not doing so because the Jesuits have testicles. God forgive me, but I cannot bring myself to call them men.

For decades now, testicles have given priests freedom to do whatever they wish to our religion and our children. When presenting evidence to testicle clubs at the Chanceries and Vatican, they will shoot the messenger and ignore and sometimes even proactively cover up and protect. Ad nauseum.

We are piecemeal, sending notifications of what the Vatican knows or should know. The Jesuits are rotten and they are feeding our children their poisonous fruit.

I'm delighted about the nuns. But, the ax needs to be taken to the root of the problem. The Jesuits.

Cardinal Newman is sponsoring the petition. Please visit, sign and promote.

Yes, let us send Weurl hundreds of thousands of notifications to apply the teachings, disciplines, protections of the Canon and laws of Christ's Church. He apparently doesn't know them. Let us put all the testicles on notice. God sees what they are doing.

Really, the fact that the Jesuits could get this bold while the Vatican is focusing on 90 year old nuns is exasperating. Pray for me.


Karen said...

I also hope that my fellow Hoyas will send their charitable dollars to the Cardinal Newman Society rather than the alumni fund. The scandals at GU just keep on rolling one after the other...they are also proud of their recent Lavender Graduation, and are taking co-ed living to a new level for a 'Catholic' institution. Really appalling!

Maria said...

How do we cooperate in the sins of others?

We cooperate in other persons’ sins by:

direct and voluntary participation;

command, counsel, praise, and approval;

not revealing or stopping sins when we are bound to do so;

protecting those who do evil.

Let us watch and see what Card. Wuerl and the Bishops do...

Maria said...


One week ago, Pope Benedict XVI appointed Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, as a member of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. One of the most important tasks of this congregation is to “promote and safeguard the doctrine on faith and morals throughout the Catholic world” (
DC Catholic Examiner

So the fox is now guarding the hen house? God help us...

StevenD-Jasper said...

Sebilius was a politically ally and friend of the late George 'The baby killer' Tiller.

GT settled on Sebilius because Satan was busy that weekend.

God help us.

breathnach said...

Like Maria the Jesuits make my blood curdle. One of the saddest experiences of my life was witnessing the suffering of older Jesuits at BC High as a student in the late 70s. The new crop of faddish jebbies had taken over the order and these elder, faithful men were being relegated to the dustbin of history. For four years I watched as the younger, jackass, hip, jebbies ignored and signaled their disapproval of their elders. The elders had served in Iraq, Jamaica, Africa and the Philippines and carried their crosses with dignity and in prayer fulness. I was only a kid but I knew that these trendy wreckers had little to offer. I pray for those in the order who suffered through the spiritual genocide of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Oddly enough I've just been reading a recorded conversation, hosted by J.P. McFadden (in May, 1979)between Archbishop Fulton Sheen and Malcolm Muggeride. Sheen was very ill, he passed away in December, 1979. The conversation turned to Sheen's recent physical suffering and his encounter with a jebbie in hospital:

"Sheen: I found out that there are two kinds of pain. I found out that there was first pain outside of you that you can control, you can manipulate, you can offer up—a sore hand, a sore foot, a bad tooth, an operation: you can offer this up. The other is where pain possesses you. You do not have pain. You are pain. The ocean waves just overwhelm you. There is no consecutiveness of thought. You cannot add one idea to another. There is just pain, pain, pain. There can only be just one blank surrender of the will. And I can remember, vaguely, somebody around asking questions. Well—when I got a little better and was in my room, a woman doctor came in and she said "You don't like me." A young woman. I said "My dear, I don't have anything against you." She said "You don't like me." I said, "What makes you say that?" She said, "I know it." Well, I made inquiries and it developed that while I was in this state, she—a student in surgery—thought that I was going into despair because of being possessed by this pain, and she sent for a Jesuit psychiatrist, who came down dressed in a pink suit and began asking me Freudian questions. [laughter] I can remember vaguely being asked some questions that annoyed me unspeak¬ably. I didn't remember her being around, but it must have been in my subconscious mind. And Bishop O'Mara said afterwards to her, "Listen, if you ever want to make him despair, you just bring him a Jesuit priest
dressed in a pink suit to ask Freudian questions." /laughter/

Muggeridge: I can't imagine waking up to a Jesuit in a pink suit asking Freudian questions. Why do the Jesuits always have this role?

McFadden: Well, they didn't always and they don't always.

Sheen: Well, I think the seriousness of the fall is the height from which you have fallen. And they enjoyed great prestige. But now they have no one with prestige. They are the nemesis of mediocrity. [unintelligible] • . • the Lord is going to give us wisdom that transcends intelligence."

susan said...

"breathnach said...
Like Maria the Jesuits make my blood curdle"

Are you saying sweet Maria makes your blood curdle?????


(I gotta laugh about something or else I'll cry about everything)

Maria said...

BN--Where did you get this?? Jesuits in pink suits but, what, no earring? LOL. WOW. BN--My father went to Georgetown, my brothers went to Georgetown Prep and my parents were great friends w/ the lunatics at Woodstock Theological Center. You don't have to tell me. We took these nutcases on vacation w/ us. It is a miracle, and I mean this, that I believe in God in the way that I do.

A couple of things...

1)We have the "abortion mandate":

2) We have Sibelius speaking at commencement at Georgetown

3) We also have this:NASA Special Agent believes WJU committed five federal crimes

Click here to see the affidavit of the NASA Special Agent who established probable cause for the 2/16/12 massive federal raid on Wheeling Jesuit University.

The NASA agent believes that Wheeling Jesuit University committed five federal crimes: Theft (18 U.S.C. 666);
Major Fraud (18 U.S.C. 1031); Conspiracy (18 U.S.C. 371);
False Claims (18 U.S.C. 287);
and Wire Fraud (18 U.S.C. 1343), [¶ 6, p. 2].

There is some sort of very strange confluence of events going on w/ Obamacare/Fluke/Wheeling West Virgina.

Wuerl appointed to the CDG. I suppose NAMBLA now runs the Vatican. God have mercy on our souls.

breathnach said...

Maria rules! The Jebbies are a ruin.

Sorry for my awkward sentence.


"I'm like Maria, the Jesuits make my blood curdle."


"I like that Maria. The Jesuits make my blood curdle!.

expresses it better.

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam.

breathnach said...


The quote is from a pamphlet of a Sheen-Muggeridge conversation that was published by the The National Committee of Catholic Laymen, Inc. It was recorded in May, 1979, but the pamphlet is copyright 2000. Archbishop Sheen is months away from death but is in very good spirits, and very frank. Malcolm Muggeridge had not entered the RC Church at this time.He is an absolutely devastating wit and much appreciated by the Archbishop.There was an audio made of this conversation. I wish it were available.

My condolences for the demise of Georgetown. My alma mater, Boston College, is a junior partner to Georgetown as they both play the Gaderene sweepstakes.

Maria said...

BN ;)

Maria said...

BN--Thnak you SO much for the souce. I went to Newton College of the Sacred Heart, for while, before it disappeared into the bowels of Hell at BC. lol.

My favorite Muggeridge quotation:

"The modern media are engaged in a Luciferian conspiracy against the truth."

PS They are still persecuting Fr. Hardon, now long deceased. Only the Enemy could orchestrate what we are witnessing. Fr. Hardon would remind us:

The devil is not one person. The devil is an organized battalion of malice. Some of the Fathers of the Church speak of two mystical bodies in the world. There is a mystical body of Christ, which is the Church He founded that we call the Church Militant. There is also a mystical body of Satan, founded by Lucifer, which is literally hell-bent on conquering the mystical body of Christ. This is the main reason why the Church on earth is called the Church Militant. It is most important to recognize the organized character of the legions of the evil spirit. Let us be sure that we recognize the Church Militant as more than an adjective. As the saints tell us, the followers of Christ have one powerful weapon in battling the devil. And that weapon is the Cross. We shall conquer the evil spirit on one condition. That we love the Cross, venerate the Cross, use the Cross to defeat the devil and his followers...

One more recommendation based on St. Peter’s injunction. Be strong in faith. This is not a pious cliché. It means that we exercise our faith, courageously undertaking what we believe God wants us to do and not be afraid of the consequences. The faith we need is the faith of living martyrs in our day. We are to be witnesses of the power of Christ as a divine exorcist and never allow ourselves to doubt that God’s grace in our lives is more powerful than all the demons of hell.

Pray daily to St. Michael the Archangel. He was the first leader of those who led the fallen spirits into their eternal damnation. St. Michael is our chief commander in dealing with the strategy of the master of evil and the prince of this world. Christ assured us He has overcome the world, which means that we have received from Christ to do the same in our demonically plagued society at the close of the twentieth century.

Mary, Queen of martyrs, obtain for us from your Son the wisdom and the power of successfully resisting the machinations of the devil in our lives. Your divine Son told us He has overcome the world and the prince of this world by His life and death on the Cross. Obtain for us the light we need to recognize the instigation of the evil one and the strength to witness to our faith in Christ, the Conqueror of evil until we enter the company of the angels who won their battle against the spirits of evil at the beginning of time." Amen.

Carol said...

All of these comments were priceless to me today. Y'all rock. Thank you, thank you, thank you.