Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cardinal O'Malley on the Sr. Carol Keehan and Obama Divorce

Here's an interesting observation on this 180 from the perspective of Catholic ethics and the usual and customary behaviors of the Bishops and nuns belonging to the Woodstock generation.

Sister was completely on board the abortion provisions of Obamacare when she thought the carrying out of the ethical problems in the mandate would be arms-length enough to absolve her of her own actions to help put it all in place. It was perfectly acceptable for Sr. Keehan to force educated Catholic doctors, nurses, pharmacists, business owners to pass out Obamacare crack pipes to the uncatechized but now that the ethical and salvific choices are hers to make, she wants freedom from the tyranny of the government she helped put into place.

When the chickens they hatch come home to roost and the onus is on them to do harm to souls, they don't want to execute their own policies.

Why do you suppose that is?

Did you see Cardinal O'Malley's statements on the Vatican's intercession of Sr. Keehan and renegade nuns?

He is despondent. Here he is is trying to evangelize and the Vatican has teed up a controversy. The Pope is his greatest distraction.

O’Malley declined to assign blame for what he described as misrepresentation of the church’s attitude toward women, but a spokesman later clarified that O’Malley believes the church hierarchy could do a better job communicating complex subjects and that the media have unfairly characterized the issues and linked matters that are unrelated to one another.

You read that right. It isn't Joan Chittister, Carol Keehan et al, who could do a better job communicating complex theology on human sexuality and the sanctity of life.

When the Cardinal fills our schools and initiatives and Chancery with these nuns and the people they have misled, that is not doing irreparable harm to the community of the faithful.

If you plow through the seven years of the Cardinal's communications, you'll find nothing saying the women misleading a generation of Catholics into promiscuity and murdering their own children are having problems communicating the complexities of doctrine and they are doing great disservice to the Church.

When Fr. John Unni delivers whacked out messages like this one, or the head of the Catholic Schools holds a 40,00 per plate fundraiser for the treacherous dictator who has this country on the trajectory of catastrophic murder and mayhem, these are not the people who need to revamp their message.

Get it?

He and Terry Donilon and the nuns and Jack Connors and John Unni and those they have misled are not the people with communication problems. The Cardinal is despondent because the Pope's communications are a distraction to their impeccable service to Christ's Church.

The Cardinal has fortified the profound and dangerous culture of attacking those who are reporting errors and dysfunction he has the responsibility to correct. It is notIt is never the people pulfering and causing irreperable harm thatare giving the Cardinal the doldrums. It is always the people reporting it and asking him to stop the victimizations. It is not a safe environment for children or any person of good will concerned about the personal or spiritual welfare of the faithful. Reporting the dangerous culture the Cardinal has instituted through the protocol and canonical guidance continues to result in the protection of Episcopal misfeasance and malfeasance by doing nothing or worse, giving them a red cap, rewards and accolades.

Other than continuing to expose it openly, fast, pray, offer up suffering, I'm not sure what else we can do.

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What do you mean about Fr. Unni? His bulletin looks pretty nice to me.