Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Robert Gates Communication Strategy Advice to Tom Donilon

Boston Catholics are captivated by the national security leak scandal in the Obama Administration. Tom Donilon, whose brother Terry is communications director for the Archdiocese of Boston, is now being widely reported as the likely source of the leaks.

Earlier this week, we lit a candle for former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, when reports of his outburst to Tom Donilon issuing a new strategic communications approach, rang a very familiar bell. Every time Boston Catholics open the newspaper and read a quote from his brother, it is murmured in homes and rectories throughout the Commonwealth.

Tom Donilon's strategy, as I see it, was to leak details making Obama's White House operation look like the headquarters of La Costra Nostra. The intention was to make Obama look like a hero.

Republicans kill terrorists: bad
Democrats kill terrorists: good.

Strategy backfired. Bigtime.

The feathers appear to be hitting the fan.

A word to the wise:

If a phone call comes into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with communications advice on strategic damage control, originating from Boston, suggesting the creation of a blog posting hundreds pictures of Obama at pot luck suppers and fru fru events, send out amber alerts with Robert Gates advice and hang up the phone.

The apples do not fall far from the tree.


Lynne said...

"suggesting the creation of a blog posting hundreds pictures of Obama at pot luck suppers and fru fru events"

and mowing lawns

TTC said...

Lynne, Good one! LOL. I forgot about that public relations gem.

Think they'd need to put him on a rider? Nobody would believe the White House lawn is done by a regular lawn mower, would they?

breathnach said...

The Donilon PR spin at work in both DC and the Boston Archdiocese: "the house may be on fire, don't sweat it, just make sure the boss looks good!"

Jo Anne said...

This just in from the Left Coast, in today's L. A. Times regarding the USCCB confab in Atlanta:

"'We need more help and sophistication in our messaging,' said Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston...."

There are so many things I'm tempted to say. None of them are charitable.

Tragic.....that's the best I can come up with......mind numbingly tragic.

susan said...

ok Carol, now you've got me very concerned.....are you alright???? Still on this planet????