Saturday, June 9, 2012

Massacres in Syria

Descriptions of the latest carnage in Syria are macabre.

Heinous brutality by the government-operated islamic terrorists. The body parts are strewn about, including children. Nothing in the village, including animals was left alive. The entire village is empty. Burning. Reeking of the smell of the corpses.

Heartbreaking video from the UN envoy is here. UN envoys to assist victims were detained, turned back while Assad's terrorists finished and attempted to clean up, bury the bodies.

The government operated media, which I believe we are close to here in the United States, issued their usual and customary statement of propaganda saying an 'armed terrorist group' killed a handful of women and children before they were able to burst onto the scene, kill the attackers and rescue victims.

That's right, disappointed. Disappointed, I tell you.

I am underwhelmed.

Special UN envoy Kofi Annan said yesterday that it was clear his peace plan was not working but was clueless whether it was the plan or implementation.

One does not have to be the Secretary of State to come to the breathtaking epiphany that Annan is completely out of touch with the execution and ground game of his own plan.

Worthy reading here: Assad, the Butcher

Suffering, penance and prayer offered.


Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Carol, I'm not a cheerleader for any Mid-East leader, bt I have to question the the use of the phrease "government-operated Islamic terrorists". Assad is not an Islamist. He is, whatever his faults might be, not a supporter of any government or non-government Islamic terrorist groups. From what I understand, it's Islamic fanatics who are causing the problems in Syria.
As far as sources go, I don't trust the Voice Of America or the NY Times to tell me the trth about anything. They are both propaganda organs, not objective sources of informatin.

susan said...

Yeah, I'd have to second Steve's sentiments here...from all that I've read in the past months it's the rebels that are the islamists and brutal against the Christians. Don't be sucked into the spin.

TTC said...

I did know what was happening to Christians but looked extensively at these latest acts and could not find a reference to Christianity. I presumed it was not related to the massacre of Christians.

I love it when Carol's readers are more informed on something than Carol. I am in the weeds so thanks for providing some context.

Maria said...

Carol: Who on earth can possibly keep track of all this, or having done so, understand it? I know I don't, except to say we are staring at raw, naked evil...