Sunday, June 10, 2012

Obamacare "Hubs" in Public Schools?

Received the below in an email circulation. Could it be true?

Barack Obama's administration is moving forward with a series of plans that will lock ObamaCare into place forever...unless the Supreme Court decides to uphold the Constitution by striking down the government takeover of your healthcare.

Obama's handpicked Health and Human Services Director Kathleen Sebilius announced that she will establish ObamaCare "Hubs" in public schools across the nation, using loosely written "healthcare" appropriations to pour hundreds of millions of yourtaxpayer dollars into socialized medicine.

This latest expenditure of $75 million will create full-fledged federally operated health care centers in your child's school. And, the medical information data gleaned from your child will be stored by the school and the Feds to make "data driven decisions" on your child's health and learning.

Say goodbye to the school nurse and hello to Dr. Obama.

This insanity must stop. Our only hope is to flood the Supreme Court with our demand that the Constitution be upheld and ObamaCare be completely overturned.

The Supremes will make their decision soon. We do not have a minute to waste!

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