Monday, June 11, 2012

Updates on Sister Farley - Sister Sufferagettes

She said the reason she contradicts the Church's guidance on salvation is because people are suffering. The people who abide by the Church's teachings on sin are suffering. Missing out on the good times. Moreover consciences of people who fall to temptation are suffering. Suffering everywhere. All over the place. What is truth and why should people who have power be the authors of it. She wrote her book about sexual 'norms' contradicting the Catechism because she wishes to alleviate the suffering of the people.


If I understand Sister Farley, loving God entails replacing God with oneself as the adjudicator of truth. And, loving one's neighbor as yourself entails providing them with a manifesto that will lead them to stop resisting sin. She says this is justice.

This is one of those things where being philosophical by nature comes in handy.

Sister Farley believes she was born to set Christ's people free from their sexual oppressor, Who is Christ Himself; The Mystical Body of God; The Institution the Father sent which enlightens us to the Intellect of the Holy Spirit. The Corpus of Christ, which He Sacrificed, and literally continues to Sacrifice daily, so we could consume His Body and Blood to strengthen us on our journey to Heaven.

Not that long ago, a personal acquaintance, a friend really, and one who expressed his faithfulness to Christ and His Church, invited me to a private concerto of Sister Farley's liberty bell. As a single woman, it actually happens quite frequently, but this one took me by surprise because I believed his theology about love of God and neighbor to be sincere.

Love and/or friendship that tells me what I need to hear to get me to act upon or participate in his or her temptations to sin, that kind of love just doesn't gel for me.

If I love someone, I have their best interests at heart. I contemplate, leverage and condition my own actions based upon and unified to love of God and neighbor.

If love of God and neighbor are flourishing in a relationship but they subsequently invite you to help you carry out a robbery at the 7-11, a red flag should go up. Something in your head should say 'whoah doggy'. The same holds true for any other commandment.

When a lively theological discussion took place, this individual resorted to something I have repeatedly heard under these circumstances. He told me I was thinking too much about it. Complicating the simplicity and beauty. Interrupting the momentum.

Why yes, yes I am. That's how true love of God and neighbor operates. I want to keep the relationship pleasing to God. In the Light. If ultimatums are issued, I will forfeit the relationship.

Is there suffering with that?

Sure. But my freedom from that suffering is in Christ.

Who wants to lose someone you care about, love, a friend?

But how much could that person possibly care about me? About Christ?

If the relationship, love, companionship and friendship are being held ransom to get you to take an immoral action, who wants it?

Sanctifying grace means too much to me. I can't function without it. My actions and reactions, my thoughts, my discernment and judgment, my peace, are all fed by the substance of sanctifying grace.

What kind of a friend, who knows the value of the substance of sanctifying grace would provide me with excuses or ask me to forbear it?

Fr. Casey has a spectacular youtube on the substance of love and friendship:

True love, that is true friendship is a precious and rare thing.

Love means wanting what is truly best for your neighbor, the people you love. What could be better than Heaven? It doesn't get any better than that.

What kind of a friend are you?

Do you know who your friends are?

What kind of friends do you have?

Do they lift you up? Are they healthy friendships? Are they morally good friendships? Do your friends lead you closer to Jesus or away from them? Do they support you when you stand up for what is right, for Christ? Help you to get to Heaven?

If the answer to these questions is no, these are not true friends.

If youe friends lead you away from God, if they are an occasion of sin for you, if they lead you away from the temperance and conduct that leads to your salvation...their expertise on love of God and neighbor has been tried and found wanting.

Pray for them but always choose Christ and the temporal and spiritual Gifts He left us until His return. Pay whatever price has to be paid.


susan said...

AWESOME post Carol! And this...

"Not that long ago, a personal acquaintance...invited me to a private concerto of Sister Farley's liberty bell"

has to be the best euphemism of the decade! HA!!!! (it is a euphemism, isn't it??? :):):)

TTC said...

Suzy, Yes, indeed. That's precisely what it was!

Thanks for your encouragement...glad you enjoyed it.

Maria said...

carol: What a great piece! So, you mean "theology" that leads us to a heist at 7-11 is, er, um, a little faulty? lol.

Carol: These people have no faith. Truly. How we must pray for those who have lost their faith. How we must pray...

"Why is the Faith important to a Christian? Because on his faith everything else depends. Faith is not placed first among the theological virtues for euphonic reasons, just because the sequence sounds better. Faith is first in the sense of the fundamental virtues in the life of a Christian. Without faith there can be no hope. What is there to hope for, if we do not believe in what we are supposed to desire? What can we desire unless we first believe in the object of our desires? Without faith, too, there can be no love. Why should we love either God or our neighbor, if God is only an illusion and our neighbor only an object to be used to satisfy our whims and passions? So much for why faith is important for all Christians."

Hardon ;)