Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vatican Threatens Leadership Conference of Catholic Women with DeRecognition

If you look at the church as a hierarchical structure—whether you see that as benign, or something else—ultimately, the pope is the superior,” Levada said.

“I suppose if the sisters said, ‘OK, we’re not cooperating with this,’ we can’t force them to cooperate. What we can do, and what we’d have to do, is say to them, ‘We will substitute a functioning group for yours,’ if it comes to that.”

Levada told US journalist John Allen that it is “premature” to imagine that the current LCWR leadership is to address the “substantive issues” brought up by a doctrinal assessment issued in April.

Allen stressed the point, asking, “So if the response is not satisfactory, the result could be decertification of LCWR?”

“It could be,” Levada responded.


And, there are no flies on Cardinal Leveda, as he appears to know the National Catholic Reporter is the the tool for their propaganda:

Levada, an American prelate with decades of experience in US Catholic politics, knew that in addressing the National Catholic Reporter (NCR), the leading journalistic organ of the American Catholic left, he was directly addressing LCWR and their lay supporters.

If there was a reason for the Pope to continue his vigilance, the magnitude of damage these women have done and continue to do through their 'leadership' will be right under their noses here in the comments of Allen's article.

But, here's the doozy: Nicholas Carfardi thinks the nuns should lead a schism.

If you can wade through Carfadi's Kafkaesque to his balderdash on SSPX, you'll see he hijacks Fellay's statements to draw the disastrous conclusion I've been warning about:

The SSPX leader, the illicitly ordained bishop, and recently un-excommunicated Bernard Fellay, has been telling the press that Rome no longer makes total acceptance of the teachings of the Second Vatican Council a pre-requisite for SSPX’s full reconciliation with the church.

There's no such thing as 'the teachings of Vatican II'. Teachings that come out of a council are not the teachings of a council. They are the teachings of the Church.

The only thing worse than curing the schism caused by the hijacking of Vatican II would be to bring SSPX back in with a license that says it's no longer necessary to accept the teachings of the Catholic Church in totality. Carfadi sophistry is the exact reason why I just can't imagine it happening.

I digress. Back to the nuns.

Evidently, Carfadi can't see the signs and understand their meaning.

The nuns have been leading a schism for the last 40 years. The Vatican has finally deployed a search and rescue mission for its victims.

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