Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cardinal George Stands Up Like a Man to the Thugs of Intolerance

Let us be clear about who is intolerant of whom, shall we?

I don't care who anyone else wants to sleep with. Have an orgy for yourselves. Knock yourself out. Demoralize children, encourage young girls to whore themselves to men who don't give a flying fig about anything but what's in their pants. Give them free pills so men don't have to pay prostitutes or be responsible and moral and upstanding in character. Marry whoever you want and how many you want and whatever you want. Cheat on your wives and husbands.

Kill your own children in utero. Kill your mothers and grandmothers and relatives when they get sick.

We're not buying into it. And we're going to explain to our children (or anyone or anything else we care about) all the reasons why they can't buy into it.

You are free to open businesses wherever you want.

When the government starts giving edicts about what opinions people have to have about it or they're not going to work in the city, it's half past time to tell Rahm Emmanuel, Menino and anyone else who wants Catholics or anyone else to be banned from Boston GUESS WHO IS INTOLERANT?

No talking points yet from the Bishop of the See of Boston. Keep refreshing your browser. Hope springs eternal.


Maria said...

He did a good job. Here is the entire article by George:

Totalitarianism is making headway; however, Chik Fil A and the people who stood up are a good sign that people may be waking up.
Meanwhile, Dolan is attending the Al Smith dinner where Obama will be honored. Can't make it up. Not surprised. What on earth could surprise up anymore, lol? I am starting to think that a gooldy number of our Bishops and Cardinals now need testosterone injections.

Maria said...

Carol--I saw this and knew you would appreciate it:


Lynne said...

I'm horrified, shocked and disgusted about the Al Smith dinner. Cardinal Dolan is a hypocrit if he thinks that allowing that dinner to take place is a good idea.

breathnach said...

Over at the Crisis website they try and put a shine on Cardinal Dolan's soiled sneaker.It's the commentators who call on the Cardinal to defend the Faith.