Friday, August 3, 2012

You had one eye in the mirror as you watched yourself gavotte

...and all the boys dreamed they'd be your partner, they'd be your partner.

I know what you're thinking!

Where's she going with this?!

If you don't have a glass of wine in your hand or a latte if you're reading this during the day, read no further. I'm in rare form tonight kiddies.I just came back from the Cardinal Sean's Blog.

While the religious liberty and right to earn a legal living of his sheep is being surpressed by the Cardinal's political cronies, what has he been thinking about when his feet hit the floor?

Getting in the car to take pictures of himself with the Jesuits and their traveling fan club from the local parish at Boston College - Our Ladies of Post-Menopause.

Holy crap. Every picture tells a story don't it.

Can anyone under 40 read their latest conspiracy on the power point?

I think I see "Commission for Mission" and "Secretariat for Justice" "Secretariat for Collaboration".

Way to wow 'em with a 411 filled with fresh ideas.

I believe the red and blue people with the swords are the team captians of F Troop at the Chancery or the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. One of these days they'll reinvent those three days in Woodstock. (Remind me to tell you about an upcoming conference at parish in Concord)

The next item is a reminder that yesterday was the Feast of Portiuncula and there's a special indulgence if you visit the replica of the local Basilica in Hanover on the Feast day. Had they run that feature story last week, some of us might have made it to the Basilica. They never stray for from their credo, A Day Late and a Dollar Short. This announcement that we all missed out on the plenary indulgence sure is chicken soup for the soul. Thanks fellas.

Take a short tour through the pictures from last week and you may have a better understanding of title of this post.

Well I hear you flew to Saratoga and your horse naturally won. Then you flew your lear jet to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun. You're where you should be all the time...

Oh, wait...

Why they sit him down at his desk so he can govern his diocese, say and do something meaningful for the salvation of souls as his flock is being ravaged by the wolves?

He just can't be a man.

And, don't even get me started on Cardinal Dolan. The implementation date has arrived. What is he doing? Complying with it and rubbing elbows with Pilate at swanky events.

Disgust does not even begin to characterize their pathetic leadership.

The early Church was married to poverty,prisons and persecutions.
Today,the Church is married to prosperity, personality and popularity.~Leonard Ravenhill

God will not be mocked. They will be dragged, kicking and screaming and chained. Taken to where they do not want to go and they will be forced to make their choice. They are all going to learn what the red cap on their heads means. And, they are taking their flock with them.

There's one thing we can all take to the bank: We won't see those pictures on his blog.


Maria said...

Carol: Cardinal O'Malley. Man oh man. Catholicism is now just an internet wonderland, a pastiche of photos and vignettes. Can't leave out the Jesuits. One wants to believe that he is being held prisoner , with a gun at his head, and that he is not choosing ths idiocy of scrapbook trifles of his own free will.

You couldn't be more correct. Dolan and his confreres will indeed soon learn the meaning of the red. If there is anything that we should have learned from the last forty years, it should be what follows on the heels of Bishops who are silent on weighty matters viz. contraception. It is what led us here. I cannot begin to fathom how Cardinal Dolan could have invited Obama to the Al Smith dinner. Incomprehensible. Why doesn't he just give Obama the keys to all the Churches in the US and ask him to appoint a demolition team to demolish them? Save money on lawsuits.

Maria said...

Call it an unbloody martyrdom. But have no doubt that to live an authentic Catholic life in America today is to live a martyr's life.

This is my fiftieth year in the priesthood, and I can testify to every syllable of the following sentence: Only heroic bishops and heroic priests, heroic religious, heroic fathers and mothers, heroic faithful, will survive the massive persecution of the Catholic Church in our country today. We call ourselves the Land of Liberty. But the only liberty that is given freedom is the liberty to do your own will. Pro-choice is not just a clever phrase. It is the hallmark of a culture in which millions have chosen to do what they want and make life humanly impossible for those who choose to do what God wants."

Servus Dei John Hardon SJ

We now add Cardinal Dolan to the list of those who seek Her destruction. May God have mercy on the United States because what is coming down the pike as the result of this betrayal will leave us on our knees pleading with the God of justice to soften the blows.

StevenD-Jasper said...

Word on the street is that Brian Hehir put a muzzle on O'Malley regarding Chick fil A.

O'Malley, what a weakling...

TTC said...


The only thing more disturbing than cowardice is the manifestation of covering it up by pretending it isn't you, it's the bad, bad, boogie man who tells you what to do, because you have no idea what to do yourself.

What a crock.