Saturday, August 11, 2012

How do you tell Paul Ryan Has Energized the Vote?

The enemies of the Catholic Church recycle talking points from a room full of polyester-pantied heretic nuns.

What exactly to these dames do for the poor?

How is riding around on bus griping doing anything to serve the poor? They are feeding themselves, not the poor.

Why not take the money they are spending and actually give it to the poor?

The humble nuns whose fearless leaders take one million dollars worth of salary for themselves gathered recently at this swanky hotel to talk about how much other people don't care about the poor:

Yes, yes, receive THEM. It's all about them.

Something very, very disturbing about that gesture. Can anyone see who they were saluting?

Can't put my finger on it.

Is it me or does it resemble the gestures in this:

Furthermore, it sure looks like most of them are overeating. They could all give up half the food they're eating and perhaps eradicate poverty.

This is what is left of Obama's Catholic base? He doesn't even have the Catholic Bishops anymore.

Obama's antiCatholic policies were heard from every pulpit, driven by the US Catholic Bishops.

Bishop Lori instructs Catholics that they can't vote for a candidate who supports intrinsic evils - like killing children and the like.

Catholic Bishops vow to resist the totalitarian regime of Barack Hussein.

The Catholic Church sues Obama.

191 Bishops in the USCCB send nastygram to Obama - 100% of Catholic dioceses.

Catholic Bishops vow to continue to fight against Obama.

A bunch of rich nuns living off of their fat driving themselves to swanky hotels is quite a social justice program. The problem is, the starving and poor are not the beneficiaries of the expensive meals, cushy beds and room service. They are.

They don't make very credible complainants.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I'm sure Paul Ryan's being picked for VP has these ladies all in a tizzy. I guess they'll have to get Georgy-Porgy to cough up another few hundred grand so they can hop another bus and gripe about that, now.

Anonymous said...

"Bishop Lori instructs Catholics that they can't vote for a candidate who supports intrinsic evils - like killing children and the like."

Nonetheless, in the same interview His Grace agrees with His Eminence that it's OK to invite them (specifically, the Obamaster) to charitable fundraising dinners:

Archbishop Lori: Obama Invite to Catholic Dinner Is Not Show of Support


Baltimore Archbishop William Lori says an invitation to President Obama to speak at a New York fundraiser alongside Mitt Romney should not be misunderstood as a show of support for the president.

Obama’s expected presence and remarks at the upcoming Alfred E. Smith Foundation dinner “do not constitute an endorsement,” the U.S. bishops’ religious liberty chairman and Baltimore archbishop told Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review Online in an interview published Aug. 9.

Read more:

Maria said...

TOUR DE FORCE CAROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria said...

"The cross. It is frightening how the cross is being dropped.

It has not been dropped everywhere. In evidence of it, I received a telephone call one day from a Jewish jeweler whom I had known for twenty five years. He said, "I have a hundred silver crucifixes. Would you like to have them?"

I went down to see him, and he had them all in a bag. I said, "Where did you get these?"

He said, "From the nuns. They're not going to wear them anymore. They say the crucifixes separate them from the people. And they wanted to know how much I would give them for the silver." And as this Jewish man put it, "I weighed them out 30 pieces of silver."

And then he turned to me and said, "What's wrong with your Church? I thought the cross meant something to you!"

So I told him what was wrong with the Church, what I am telling you. Three months later I received him into the Church.

But now you know the nature of satanic or the diabolic. From a natural point of view it manifests itself in ...from the biblical point of view, it is the hatred of the cross."

Archbishop Fulton Sheen
St. Therese A Treasured Love Story

TTC said...


You find us the most amazing quotes!

Maria said...

They find me ;)

breathnach said...

Yikes!!! LCWR="Leadership Coven of Woeful Relics" (and I don't mean sacred relics)

Carol, Maria: did you happen to see the "Futurist" speaker who keynoted their event? This woman is the queen of psychobabble and gnostic claptrap (video at link below).Her big inspiration: another of those wonderful Jesuit post-Christians: Teilhard de Chardin!

Maria said...

I can't watch these things. BN--This is demonic, satanic, diabolical. People are asleep at the wheel. When Dolan invites Obama to the Al Smith dinner and the Sistas are showing us the Heil Hitler, folks, it is time to buckle up for safety and run for cover. We are now in the vice grip of evil. If you think our Lord is going to turn His eye and look the other way...I keep thinking about that prophecy of Our Lady of Akita

As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by My Son. Each day recite the prayers of the Rosary. With the Rosary, pray for the Pope, the bishops and priests."

"The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres...churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.

There is a reason that we keep encountering this from Akita.

Oh, Breathnach, usually all my comments at America Magzine get deleted. Now they locked me out. Why, you may ask?

I posted the video of the nuns doing the Heil Hitler and suggested that only authorized clerics can bestow blessings and that, you know, until otherwise notified, priests are, well, partial to the sign of the cross.

Dear God, please help me. I cannot take much more...

Maria said...


I just watched it,BN. Oh my sweet and dearest Jesus, is she a NUN????
I know she is the daughter of the Mark toy dynasty. I know she is a "futurist" but is she a NUN? DEMONIC. SATANIC. DIABOLICAL. Where are the exorcists. I am NOT joking. People had better WAKE UP.

Maria said...

Beyond the Dialogue of the Deaf
Posted at: Saturday, August 11, 2012 11:56:18 AM
Author: Francis X. Clooney, S.J.

Go check out the comment. The Jesuits must be drunk, home from the bars. They are enjoying the commentariat as they mock me. Seems their alternative lifestyle as "priests" leaves a little to be desired...

Anonymous said...

A commenter on Fr. Z's blog, wrote the following about the song they're singing:

Here is the text of the song they sang, which is called “Jehovah, the blessing”:

from the Source of Everything
from the Ground of Being
receive strength and light
receive peace, receive love

from our hearts to your hearts
from our souls to your souls
receive strength and light
receive peace, receive love.

I just find that so incredibly sad. To reduce God (who is, of course, the Ground of Being and the source of everything) to vagueness, when we have the great blessing to have the revelation that He is indeed a person — or three persons — how sad! To reduce blessing and grace to “strength, light, peace and love” — like things you get from taking a relaxing bath after a hard day — how sad! It is as if they don’t even notice that they have eviscerated our faith and turned it into a vague pantheism that might at best make you feel good from time to time. And the song says to “receive” these things, it doesn’t actually ask anyone to give them.

TTC said...

Breathnatch, I watched the video of the woman the "nuns on the bus" brought in to their swanky hotel function, Ms. Hubbard.

Let me see if I have this straight.

The group trying to claim Paul Ryan doesn't care about the poor are actually a group of 'nuns on the bus' on the road to protesting the Vatican's announcement THEY are being formally disciplined for doctrinal errors.

These women, who just sent their response to the Vatican telling them to go scratch their backsides with a broken bottle.

The head of this group, the head NUN draws her own salary for which she has decided her services are worth one million dollars. One million dollars. These nuns are the same nuns complaining about the bloated salaries of Wall Street Executives stealing from and are enemies of the poor.

Rather than give their money to the poor, while booking a swanky event at an expensive hotel to eat, drink, dance and be merry, they send out a missive that Paul Ryan is an enemy of the poor.

As they are gorging themselves with food themselves with food, they bring in a mentally imbalanced woman who believes there is going to be a cataclysmic event on the internet on December 21 or 22 of 2012, that will create a new species of humans that "will feed, cloth and house themselves and begin the future as a co-creative and universal species in a universe undoubtedly filled with life". The event scheduled to happen on our computers is going to be the 'birth of a universal humanity'.

This is the 'catholic group' being used to bash the Catholicity of Paul Ryan.

Anything factual I am missing?

TTC said...

I think this deserves it's own post!

TTC said...

Obama and Biden really have the cream of the crop in Catholic thought to combat the lawsuits the USCCB has filed against them for violating the religious freedoms of Roman Catholics.

TTC said...

Anonymous - thanks for the texts of the song. I was trying to read it on the wall in front of them but couldn't.

Sadly, these women are obviously mental. Some kind of debilitating senility has set in and nobody has the decency or courtesy to put them into the nursing homes.

It is very, very sad.

TTC said...

"And the song says to “receive” these things, it doesn’t actually ask anyone to give them."

I am not so sure. Along with this song, we see them all perform eerily similar to 'heil hitler', which appears to be very familiar to them.

They bring in a woman who is versed in the creation of a master race that is going to be created in cyberspace on December 21st or 22nd of this year.

The concerted gestures, the speaker, are praying for the reception of this master race on these dates?

Isn't it a bit freaky the date of this event is 'around' the birth of Christ?

TTC said...

ps. Is anyone able to magnify the content to see if Patrick Whelan and Steve Krueger of "Catholic Democrats" is at this event?

This is a bit like their movement here in Boston a decade or so ago called 'voice of the faithful'!

breathnach said...

Carol, you ask: "Anything factual I am missing?"

You've made a very good diagnosis! I'm something of a sci-fi fan. The ideology of sci-fi is very thin gruel made up of utopian posturing and self delusion.These beings that populate LCWR share the same sort of meaningless ideology. Their "blessing" is pure secularist, New Age banality. It's the moonbat equivalent of the Vulcan "live long and prosper". However, unlike imaginary alien life forms, these ladies actively subvert the Roman Catholic Church and are agents of evil.

Maria, I remember the last class I had with a Jesuit history professor at Boston College, perfectly "nice" chap (this was 1982). He sent us out into the wide world with a suggestion that we all take out a subscription to "America" magazine. I already had eight years of experience with reconstituted "Jesuit spirituality". The subscription card went right into the trash bin right as I exited the classroom door. Hang in their Maria, you have a firm grip on the sources that give us true sustenance. These circus side shows will not abide.

StevenD-Jasper said...

wow, this LCWR needs to be shutdown immediately. They will not change. They've gone off the deep end.

Maria said...

BN--Thanks for your words of encouragement. I am feeling low down about what is happening. Dolan, the Al Smith dinner,Obama and these women and our Bishops who have fallen victim to the enemy. I was reduced to tears last night by all of this.

Carol: I guess we are suppose to salute, you know, as in Heil Sister.

TTC said...

I can think of a salute or two. Mooning?

Maria said...

lol. I had to lie down this afternoon as I was literally exhausted from all of this. Satan seeks to drive us to despair. We resis him "steadfast in the faith"...

Maria said...

We resist him "steadfast in the fast". Bears repeating, huh? ;)

Maria said...

We resist him "steadfast in the fast". Bears repeating, huh? ;)