Saturday, August 11, 2012

Peace and Freedom

Continuing on today's theme, there's a fantastic post at Redneck Reflections. Hat tip to Chris!

Last week in his homily, the priest said something about peace and freedom that was brilliant. You cannot have Peace and Freedom. It is impossible for peace and freedom to coexist. You can have one or the other.

The era of peace ushered by the Vatican II buffoons took away the freedom to teach the tools for salvation. Somewhere between Jane Fonda and the bongs, the conduct of the priests and nuns and bishop described in Redneck Reflections first eroded the freedom to teach within Christ's Mystical Body. The generation cut off from being suckled on truth were fed the fruit coming from their sexcapades, heterosexual and homosexual, bisexual or whatever have you. The flock took the temptations offered to them by our own nuns and priests and Bishops(and continue to be offered them from the Sanctuary that belongs to Christ Crucified) out into the world. They tempted the objects of their sexual desires. Those people fell and so on and so forth. But the loss of our freedom began and begins in the sanctuary. The flock is robbed and the Bishop sits silent, or worse, makes his own peace with the terrorists.

God sees what Cardinal Dolan is doing. He is saving his own flesh from what he knows is coming down the pike. The New York Times loves it. But those who see with the soul word "class" see another word inside of class. When preceded by the word "horses", one can better caricature his actions of 'peace'.

People who run to the shelter of this kind of peace are fueled by cowardice.

It's true that in this kind of era of peace, we are not incarcerated. We were not hunted by vigilantes out to kill us. But that is not freedom. It's peace of our flesh and blood that was purchased with silence and souls who have been lost by our cowardice.

When the balance between peace from being incarcerated and killed loses souls than Christ can bear, an error of freedom is ushered in. Like anyone who carries righteous anger for a person or person who kills and murders your own children, family members, people we love and care about, the error of freedom is ushered in accompanied with God's vengeance and anger.

The loss of our freedom in this country did not start with occupant of the White House out to kill Christ who is now terrorizing truth and life. It began with the priests and Bishops. The longer and harder they try to hold onto it, the uglier it's going to get.

The boys have been separated from the men and the picture is pathetic.

We're about to find out the true meaning of freedom. It will rise through martyrs who will lay down their lives, who ARE laying down their lives. It is coming to a city near you, faster than you will see it coming.

Get into a state of grace and stay there. Keep anyone or anything away from you who tempts you in any way. Have the discipline and decency to stay away from anyone who is the object of your desires, and whom you may tempt through folly and weakness.

Buckle up kiddies. The ride is about to get rough.

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