Thursday, August 16, 2012

Milwaukee Irish Fest Takes First Place Blue Ribbon in 2012 Grow A Spine Category

Check this out.

Why didn't they just insert the Word "Catholic" between "Irish" and "Fest"?

Catholicism is as immutable to the Irish culture and character as the freckles on our faces.

Do you think for a nanosecond that the offering free admission at an African festival to attendees of ancient cultural dance would draw civil rights activists?

This is really getting ridiculous.

Next year pull the rug out from underneath the pagans and religious bigots. Make the whole darn thing Irish Catholic. Let them take their cans of soup to the food pantries and other places that feed the poor, like the rest of us.

Better yet, look around your own community and see who is suffering and spend your own time and money taking offering them nutritional substance or shelter. Those of you sitting on your duff at swanky hotels gorging yourself on fine foods, smitten because you've paid a penny on your tax dollars thinking this is social justice - here's a 411: Some of use the money in our own wallets to take care of the poor - something you will never know, have no right to know.

The poverty the government keeps our enslaved to, has gone on generation after generation. It isn't enough money to live on. They need more. It time we give them more.

Irish Catholics have every right and duty to pass down to the next generation our immutable Catholicity that to the next generation.

Folks, we can't be giving away our freedoms like this. Grow a spine. Think smart.


breathnach said...

Ugh....sadly I am not surprised. The ranks of the dissenters, cafeteria catholycs and various other watered down cultural Catholics are swelled with folks of Irish descent.

This isn't a new development. JFK officially "baptized" the sellout of Irish American Catholicism with his cowardly speech to the Baptist ministers in the 1960 campaign. He was merely the agent. The sellout was being prepared for decades and was kicked into high gear post World War II. The ranks of cowardly bishops and clergy, who abandoned catechesis, devotions and liturgy for relevance, were and are predominantly Irish-American Catholics. Irish Americans were/are in the driver's seat when the American Church derailed. There is much to answer for.

The situation in Ireland is even graver. A recent Gallup poll (of 57 nations) places Ireland as one of the most irreligious nations. Irish Catholicism was supercharged by it's usefulness in the national struggle against British hegemony.As modernity and prosperity took hold, the Faith began to be kicked to the gutter. The clerical scandals came along just in time to kick the faith right into the bogs.

A very sad development, but true renewal must take place without having all the supports of cultural prestige. The Irish are now in an even worse position than Patrick found them in.

Maria said...

It is pitiful, just pitiful.
I keep saying that people had better wake up and start standing up to this stuff. We are becoming a police state and what is shocking is how people are cowtowing to the thought police.

BN--I am reading the Suicide of a Superpower by Buchanan, as I think I mentioned, amd the portrait he paints is truly frightening, ie, the stats/demos on what the nation looks like now,i.e., has become, and will look like 20 years from now. The US will soon look like California. We will no longer recognize our country. Irish Catholics? Forgetaboutit! lol